A3 Co., Ltd. “Charisma” POP UP corner will be held from September 17th! New products from the GraffArt and KAOKAO series are now available on the eeo Store!

A3 Co., Ltd. press release (2022.09.17)

A3 Co., Ltd.
“Charisma” POP UP corner will be held from September 17th! New products from the GraffArt and KAOKAO series are now available on the eeo Store!
A3 Co., Ltd. has started holding the “Charisma” POP UP corner and selling new goods.
“Charisma” POP UP corner will be held at GraffArt Shop from September 17th! This time, 33 new goods of 7 types are available at stores and eeo
It will appear in Store mail order.
The superhuman share house story “Charisma” is a two-dimensional character content launched by EVIL LINE RECORDS and Dazed Co., Ltd. “This is a charismatic house.
They are charismatic even today, and they are staring at the charisma within themselves. “
A story of charisma who live together in a charisma house aiming to become “true charisma”.
Every time a teaser movie or drama is distributed, it is a hot topic. In addition to products that use GraffArt illustrations, a new line-up of items from the KAOKAO series featuring round and deformed characters’ faces!
Please check out the cute new goods of the 7 “Charisma” characters. * [Holding information] *
Period: September 17th (Sat)-September 30th (Fri)
Store: GraffArt Shop Ikebukuro Main Store & Namba & Nagoya
▼ You can also purchase goods from the mail order site “eeo Store” ▼ order from here!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/search/product?parent_title_id=2479&utm_source=prt222 * New goods using GraffArt illustrations are cute! *
GraffArt is an A3 original series of “doodle-style design”
illustrations. Finished in a pop and cute atmosphere,
Make each character more attractive.
There are goods that can only be obtained here, so don’t miss it! * Tin Badge / Acrylic Petit Stand *
Can badges and acrylic petit stands are now available in a lineup of 7 types! The illustrations are inspired by the sleeping styles of Fumiya Ito, Chikumi Kusanagi, Iori Motohashi, Kei Sarukawa, Ose Minato, Terra, and Tendou Amahiko, who appear in “Charisma”.
* Character clear case/Character glass case *
The character clear case uses a hard clear case that can store paper within A5 size. tickets, postcards,
Please use it for storing and carrying receipts.
The character glass case has a soft leather look, so it’s perfect for storing glasses and small items! Both are convenient items for everyday use.
▼To mail order site “eeo Store”▼
order from here!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/search/product?parent_title_id=2479&utm_source=prt222 * Products using KAOKAO illustrations *
KAOKAO is a deformed series product that only deforms the character’s face and finishes it with a round character design.
* Tin badges and acrylic key chains *
From the KAOKAO series, standard goods such as tin badges and acrylic key chains are now available! The faces of the 7 “Charisma” characters are cute and deformed.
The large 65mm can badge is characterized by the fact that the facial expressions of the characters are easier to see.
In addition, the 65 x 65 mm acrylic key chain with die-cut processing is finished so that you can fully enjoy the cuteness of the seven deformed people.
For those who say, “I really want a favorite character!”, we also have a complete box, so please use it.
* Leather Sticky Book / Character Tape Cutter *
Leather sticky book and character tape cutter are also available in the lineup! The leather sticky book has sticky notes in 2 sizes and 3 colors bound in a compact cover. It is convenient and easy to carry in your pocket or pen case.
There are two types of character tape cutter designs. The retractable tape cutter makes it safe to use without damaging your hands. In addition, the tape is designed to prevent dust from sticking, Convenience is outstanding, too.
While using both everyday, please be healed by the cute “charisma” characters. ▼To mail order site “eeo Store”▼
order from here!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/search/product?parent_title_id=2479&utm_source=prt222 * The purchase privilege is a postcard! *
For every 2,200 yen (tax included) purchase of a new “Charisma” product, you will receive a random postcard.
Not only when purchasing at the store, but also for mail order purchases are eligible for gifts. The number is limited, so purchase early!
* WEB opening ceremony *
When purchasing on the mail order site “eeo Store”, it is possible to purchase blind products individually.
Furthermore, if you use the web opening ceremony, you can check the contents of the blind products on the spot ♪ Please check the image below for the lineup of blind products.
Only products that are eligible for the web opening ceremony can be shipped together without additional shipping charges even if you order multiple times.
Since its start in 2021, the superhuman share house story “Charisma” has been at the peak of its popularity. Keep an eye on the 7 charming characters!
For those who can’t make it to the POP UP corner, please get the very cute “Charisma” new goods on the mail order.
Let’s continue to support the 7 “Charisma” characters along with the new goods! ▼To eeo Store▼
order from here!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/search/product?parent_title_id=2479&utm_source=prt222 (C) Dazed CO., LTD.
* 【Company Profile】 *
Company name A3 Co., Ltd.
Established September 27, 2012
Location Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 1-11-22 Yamatane Ikebukuro Building 2F
Representative Representative Director Takashi Ozawa
HP https://athree3.com/
Business content
・Joy Creation Platform eeo business
・toB alliance business
・Momentum Base business
* [About the Joy Creation Platform eeo business] *
I’m enjoying myself, you’ll love me
eeo provides “opportunities to enjoy” that match each person’s sense of values, It is a platform that aims to realize a rich lifestyle.
Because we live in a world where information is diversified, “I want to value what I feel is good, not what someone else thinks is good.” I think.
Through eeo, you can find and increase your own personality, I wish I could help make life more enjoyable.
With such a wish, eeo will continue to provide opportunities to enjoy.

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