PICK UP PRESS Co., Ltd. This is the origin of cooperation between Japan and Taiwan! A manga depicting an unknown historical incident “Ranjin Ibunroku – The Hamada Yahei Incident -“

Press release of PICK UP PRESS Co., Ltd. (2022.09.17)

This is the origin of cooperation between Japan and Taiwan! A manga depicting an unknown historical incident “Ranjin Ibunroku – The Hamada Yahei Incident -”
PICK UP PRESS Taiwan manga translation project first
PICK UP PRESS Co., Ltd. (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Kida) will release a digital comic “
Ranjin Ibunroku: The Hamada Yahei Incident” (written by Kinono, translated by Natsuji Kuroki) will be distributed.
– * Work Introduction *

The world is the Edo period… The European and American powers advanced to the world and advanced the colonial rule of Asia. Taiwan was also swallowed by the big wave and was being ruled by the Netherlands.
At that time, when the influence of the great powers had to be accepted, there was actually an unknown incident in which Taiwan and Japan cooperated and defeated the Netherlands.
The name is also … “Hamada Yahei Incident” (also called “Hamada Yahei Incident” or “Tiowan Incident”)
Yahei Hamada, a Japanese from Nagasaki, played a central role in defeating the impending domination of the great powers with Taiwan and Japan.
Yahei Hamada became a hot topic after being featured in the NHK Taiga drama “Seiten wo Tsuke”.
However, the name of the person and the incident that bears his name are not well known, and few books that dealt with him have been published in Japan.
Taiwanese cartoonist Kinono drew the details of this unknown incident, and the noteworthy work that won the Japan International Manga Award in Japan and was nominated for the Golden Man Award for Newcomer of the Year in Taiwan has finally been translated into Japanese! Here is a must-read historical manga for us Japanese who live in a time of turmoil! !

– * Work information *

Title: Ranjin Ibunroku: The Hamada Yahei Incident
Author Kinono
Price 1,540 yen (tax included)
Release date September 17, 2022 (Sat) … PICK UP PRESS sales site October 1, 2022 (Sun) … Other e-book sites

– * Distribution URL *
https://pick-up-press.stores.jp/items/631fcd33a323943cae25eeae A trial reading is possible from the following page.
https://corp.pick-up-press.com/portfolio/91050200c00000000138/ ・Amazon kindle (10/1~)
* Distribution will start on other sites as well.

– * Author Profile *
○ Kinono (Author)
Received the 2008 Kodansha Morning International Rookie Manga Award. In 2016, in Taiwan, he was nominated for the Golden Cartoon Award for Manga Rookie of the Year,
In 2017, he won the 11th Japan International Manga Award. In Taiwan, the second volume of Ranjin Ibunroku will be published in 2020. One of the Taiwanese cartoonists who are expected to be more active in the future.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kinonote
〇Natsuji Kuroki (Translation)
BL novel “Lost Control ~Void Hypothesis~” (Frontier Works 2013), Book “Green Prison”
Memories of Taiwan Sleeping in Okinawa Iriomote Coal Mine” (May Shobo Shinsha, 2021), Manga “Hokujo Hyakupico-Cafe Hyagadou-Volume 1” (Digital Catapult, 2019),
Many traditional Chinese publications such as “Kitan Hana Monogatari” (Thousand Books, 2022) have been translated into Japanese.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/heimuxiaer
– * Recruitment of cartoonists & distribution works *
As PICK UP PRESS focuses on comics, we are looking for manga artists and distribution works not only in Japan but also globally.
Please contact us if you have a manga manuscript.
HP: https://up-comic.studio.site/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UP_comics

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