Hyde & Luke Co., Ltd. Limited quantity available “Commemorative plate” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Girls & Panzer! Pre-orders for the 3rd goods using newly drawn illustrations have started!

Hyde & Luke Co., Ltd. press release (2022.09.17)

Hyde & Luke Co., Ltd.
[Limited quantity available] “Commemorative plate” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Girls und Panzer! Pre-orders for the 3rd goods using newly drawn illustrations have started!
Merchandise of illustrations drawn by Isao Sugimoto, the character designer and chief animation director!
Hyde & Luke Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Oarai-cho, Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture, Representative: Yuji Hirooka) has announced that on the Oarai-machi portal site “ARISE GIFT” operated by the company, New goods to coincide with “Girls & Panzer 10th Anniversary” have been announced.
Under the concept of “goods that would have been released in commemoration of the 10th anniversary” of the theme park “Boko Museum” of the character “Boko” that appears in the play,
We are developing various goods.
* This year marks the 10th anniversary of the TV anime “Girls und Panzer”! * At ARISE GIFT, a mail-order site that sells special products from Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, which is the stage of the work, as well as “Girls und Panzer” goods,
As a project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Girls und Panzer”, we are developing 10th anniversary goods for the facility “Boko Museum” that appears in the play!
We have started accepting reservations for the third series of goods featuring newly drawn illustrations by Isao Sugimoto, the character designer and chief animation director of the work! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of
An acrylic block plate as a “commemorative shield” and a super BIG size acrylic stand with a height of 30 cm are now available! September 27th (Tuesday) reservation deadline. It will be delivered at the end of October.

– * Boko Museum 10th Anniversary Acrylic Block Plate [Limited to 100] * 6,600 yen (tax included)
Product page: https://www.arise-gift.jp/goods/170387044/
While developing a lot of Boko Museum 10th anniversary goods, I really wanted to make a “commemorative shield”. However, the so-called “commemorative shield”
Hampered by high production costs and the wall of the minimum lot, I had no choice but to give up. However! Something similar,
I searched for something that would commemorate the 10th
anniversary… and arrived at this “acrylic block plate”.
It didn’t look like the “shield” I envisioned, but it’s not that big, but it’s solid.
In addition, the illustration has been finished as a characteristic goods that “looks good anyway”.
The “background image” is placed on the back, and the “character” is placed on the front. Because it is 2cm thick,
Not only can it be used as an interior decoration, but it can also be used as a book stand or paperweight.
It’s a commemorative shield… *Limited to 100 pieces*.
Please note that if all pre-ordered tickets are sold out, there will be no general sales.

– * [Reserved product] Boko Museum 10th Anniversary Super BIG size acrylic stand (2 types) *
5,280 yen each (tax included)
Product page: https://www.arise-gift.jp/goods/170386832/
A “super BIG size” acrylic stand that boasts a height that is more than twice the normal size!
This is a comparison image, but it’s really big overall, not to mention the height!
If you put it in your room, it will definitely give off an
overwhelming presence!

– * [Reserved item] Boko Museum 10th Anniversary Mini Tapestry (2 types) * 1,760 yen each (tax included)
Product page: https://www.arise-gift.jp/goods/170399862/
Decorate around your desk! Introducing a mini tapestry with a good size! With a size of 140 x 100mm, which is easy to turn around, we have prepared two types, vertical and horizontal.

– * [Re-ordered product] Boko Museum 10th Anniversary Acrylic Stand [2 types in total] *
2,400 yen (tax included)
Product page: https://www.arise-gift.jp/goods/169350252/
Acrylic stands are by far the most popular among goods that use newly drawn illustrations!
The entire frame is 15 cm high, making it a “reasonable” size for displaying on a desk or shelf.
This product was pre-ordered in July, but we will accept re-orders for September in line with the BIG size reservation period. Although the product is already on sale,
If you place an order with other “reserved items”, it will be shipped at the end of October. note that.
If you want a regular size acrylic stand now, click here:
[Illustration used for products] Original drawing: Isao Sugimoto / Finishing: Sachiko Harada / Special effect: Hiroshi Furuichi —————————————————————-
[For those who have booked products of 10,000 yen (tax included) or more per account,
“Nishizumi Miho or Shimada Airiju Sticker (random distribution)” “New Boko Museum 10th Anniversary Can Badge” present & free shipping! ] * The sticker will end as soon as it is gone.

―Oarai’s mail order is “ARISE GIFT”
(C) GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt
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