Valentino releases the latest video of a project in collaboration with six voice actors | Ayane Sakura appears

Valentino Japan Co., Ltd. press release (2022.09.18)

Valentino Japan Co., Ltd.
Valentino releases the latest video of a project in collaboration with six voice actors | Ayane Sakura appears
A special video of Ayane Sakura reading a text by Emily Ratajkowski As part of the text-only campaign ‘Valentino The Narrative II’, Valentino We created a special video work in partnership with six famous voice actors active in Japan.
In September, the third month, Valentino is known for her role as Ochako Uraraka in “My Hero Academia”.
At the 12th Seiyu Awards, we will present a work produced in partnership with Ayane Sakura, who won both the Best Supporting Actress and Personality Awards. Ayane Sakura is
A video reading a text work by Emily Ratajkowski, who is also active as a model and actress,
It was released on Valentino’s official YouTube channel on Sunday, September 18th.
[YouTube work public page]

In addition, in late September, a video of a reading of a text by American author Fatima Faline Mirza will be released.

*About ‘Valentino The Narrative II’*
Valentino will release ‘Valentino The Narrative II’ in March 2022 as the second chapter of ‘Valentino The Narrative’ announced in 2021. announced. In this second chapter, Valentino once again ran a text-only campaign,
It brought a new expression to the method of communication in the fashion industry.
Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli builds a polyphonic community, Continuing to convey the value of authenticity and individuality by creating polyphonic dialogue. In this text-only project,
Pierpaolo invited 17 world-famous authors to create 17 unique and impactful campaigns with their words.
The campaign’s fill rouge is ‘love’ in all its forms and in all its meanings brought to life by writers and poets. different kinds of love Colorfully laid out. Alok Vaid Menon, Amir Srinivasan, Andre Aciman, Andrew Sean Greer,
Britt Bennett, David Sedaris, Douglas Coupland, Elizabeth Acevedo, Emily Ratajkowski,
Fatima Fareen Mirza, Hanif Kureishi, Leila Sulimani, Melissa Broder, Michael Cunningham, Mieko Kawakami,
Murathan Moongang and Jeong Serang are participating in this experimental campaign across genres.
In a video project in partnership with six voice actors, from July to December 2022,
A voice actor wearing the latest collection of Valentino will appear every month and read the love sentences written by the authors for Valentino wholeheartedly.
First work Natsuki Hanae x Douglas Coupland
Second work Natsuki Hanae x Melissa Broder
Third work Yuki Kaji x Britt Bennett
4th work Yuki Kaji x Michael Cunningham
Fifth work Yuki Kaji x Mieko Kawakami

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