Sony Music Entertainment Inc. The first original vertical reading comic “Copy Skill’s Strongest Magician” delivered by the powerful tag of Sony Music Entertainment x Sorajima is now available!

Sony Music Entertainment Inc. press release (2022.09.19)

Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
The first original vertical reading comic “Copy Skill’s Strongest Mage” delivered by the powerful tag of Sony Music Entertainment and Sorajima is now available!
E-book store “Reader Store” operated by Sony Music Entertainment Inc. ),
The serialization of the new work “The Strongest Magician of Copy Skills” by Sorajima Co., Ltd., a vertical reading comic production studio, started today, September 19th (Monday).
This work is an exhilarating different world fantasy that comes from a fallen life with cheat power. At the coming-of-age ceremony at the age of 15, the main character was given by God,
A mysterious “skill: [Ctrl key]” that no one has ever heard of in this world. However, it was the strongest thing that could freely copy and paste other people’s “skills”.
Currently, you can read 4 episodes including the prologue for free. Including paid episodes, we have delivered up to 12 episodes, and we plan to update the latest episodes every week.
A vertical reading comic is a digital comic that scrolls from top to bottom and is suitable for reading on a smartphone or computer. From now on,
The Reader Store is planning to distribute new original series of vertical reading comics one after another.
Sorajima Co., Ltd., which produces vertically read comics, has a mission of “creating content that represents this century.”
Aiming to become a global hit, we produce and develop original vertical reading comics.
We are producing popular works one after another, such as vertical reading comic works that are hits in Japan and overseas.
After the first original vertical reading comic “The Strongest Magician of Copy Skill” by Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Sorajima Co., Ltd.,
We are working hard on a new product. Please look forward to future works. * ・Work Introduction*
“The strongest mage of copy skills”
Original: Yacchabashi Rack
URL: This is a world where everything is determined by the “skills” given at the 15-year-old coming-of-age ceremony.
Alfred, who belongs to the kingdom’s premier court magic division, was given the mysterious [Ctrl key] skill, and due to the unknownness of that skill, he was treated as incompetent and banished.
He fell from a glamorous career and lost everything, but surprisingly, the [Ctrl key] was the strongest skill that allowed him to freely copy and paste other people’s skills!
Alfred realized that he could acquire unlimited skills,
With that ability, you can make peerless and reliable companions and rise to become the strongest adventurer in the kingdom…?
* About Reader Store *
Reader Store is the largest e-book and e-comic store in Japan operated by Sony Music Entertainment.
・Inquiries about “Reader Store”
Please check if there are any examples in “Q&A / Inquiries”.
If you cannot solve the problem, please contact us from here. “Reader Store” window
* “Reader Store” and the “Reader” logo are trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
* About Sorajima Inc. *

The mission of Sorajima Inc. is to create content that represents this century. We are creating and developing original webtoons aiming for global hits. We carry out the “Alphabet Project” that produces 26 works a year, and have released 10 webtoons so far.
It has a track record of winning the first place in the bookstore ranking. In addition to domestic works, there are also works overseas such as Thailand, the United States, and France.
It also ranked number one overseas.
We will continue to distribute many of SORAJIMA’s works, so please look forward to it.

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