Yoji Yamamoto Co., Ltd. Doll artist Aimi “Kogaga no Kyokai” started at Y’s Omotesando, and the installat ion view was released.

Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd.
Y’s Omotesando, doll artist Aimi “Hega no Kyokai” starts, installation view released
[Extension of exhibition period] Due to popular demand, the exhibition period has been extended to Tuesday, October 18th.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=55HdaZa2guc]

An installation “Hega no Kyou” by Aimi, a doll artist who started at Y’s Omotesando, mainly composed of doll works wearing Y’s clothes. At the same time, “Y’s Ayumidoll Collection” was announced and is currently being developed at Y’s Omotesando.
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Resignation, enlightenment, unbearable sorrow, or light—the dolls seem to stare beyond them.
A space where the dolls in the photos appear in Y’s Omotesando, where the clothes that sway like illusions intersect with the girls who actually stand in the space and stare at something.
Y’s clothes, selected from past and present collections and recreated for doll works, are different from dolls that contain various emotions such as sadness and sadness, love, kindness, strength. giving a sigh. [Extension of exhibition period]
– “Hega no Boundary” was scheduled to end on Tuesday, October 11th, but has been extended to Tuesday, October 18th due to favorable reception.
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[Image 6d34350-329-84bbc619c9eca75c08ff-5.jpg&s3=34350-329-5f02e7aea7dd21563411239a8ff6dfa1-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 7d34350-329-90e5953dff23aebc2a05-6.jpg&s3=34350-329-7e551aa302f8798125d28383007cb88c-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 8d34350-329-da18427d704cb145aa18-7.jpg&s3=34350-329-91ddd33b521544f869d6446958db7100-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 9d34350-329-7182b37b537c1a1ec680-8.jpg&s3=34350-329-555db41bb348150a71ef26b76eb04bbc-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 10d34350-329-ef4f511a0def45d01dc8-9.jpg&s3=34350-329-e8e13e514ba308a4a9a8c7c810db758a-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 11d34350-329-c292762088c4d8159fd9-10.jpg&s3=34350-329-a4d1654c41f7a5b60458423e2de6d17a-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 12d34350-329-8a22adcca8507bc71e03-11.jpg&s3=34350-329-9103dfe0b0f90ccbcaa5fdee30e25c1e-2732x1536.jpg

[Image 13d34350-329-3df968f49a19e7524958-12.jpg&s3=34350-329-b2e04e58a4379ca699ca92ce27bac493-2732x1536.jpg
Y’s Ayumidoll Collection:
https://www.yohjiyamamoto.co.jp/news/detail/ys-ayumidoll-collection/ boundary between us
Installation: Friday 30th September to Tuesday 18th October 2022 free entrance
– In addition to the capsule collection, doll works and Y’s clothes worn by dolls can be purchased. (Some items are not for sale) – For details such as the price of the work, please refer to the handout distributed at the store.
Y’s Omotesando
4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Omotesando Hills West Building 1F/B1F TEL 03-6455-4302
Y’s Omotesando information is available on the official LINE: – Become a friend and get updates https://page.line.me/goq8612u Y’s
Y’s is the first brand created by Yohji Yamamoto in 1972, along with Yamamoto’s thought and philosophy for making clothes. Based on the concept that women wear men’s clothes, the origin is making clothes for independent women who have values ​​that are not swept away by the times. Functional and classy everyday wear. Within its own category, Y’s creations are shaped by universal values ​​and unique pattern making. He is particular about cutting and silhouette, makes the best use of the texture of the material, and creates clothes that cherish the feeling of air, volume, and balance between the body and the clothes that are created by wearing them. Y’s embodies the brand’s identity, a collection that proposes functional and high-quality ready-to-wear, through the expression of the current atelier team that inherits the philosophy.
Y’s has online boutiques tailored to your country of residence: Japan/Japanese https://theshopyohjiyamamoto.jp/shop/c/c30/
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