Global Hearts Co., Ltd. Professional sauna group TTNE will release collaboration items with COIN PARKING DERIVERY, Cota Mori, and PRAN.

Global Hearts Co., Ltd.
The professional sauna group [TTNE] will release collaboration items with COIN PARKING DERIVERY, Cota Mori, and PRAN.
Bucket hats and sauna mats made of CORDURA(R) material are available. ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Pre-sale on February 3, 2023 (Friday) from 12:00 at the
state-of-the-art sauna facility SAUNA PASSION Shibuya, and TTNE online from February 6, 2023 (Monday) from 11:00, both in limited quantities. [Image 1

Located a 1-minute walk from Shibuya Station, SAUNA PASSION is an authentic Finnish-style completely private sauna with a limited number of eight rooms that opened in November 2022. Based on the concept of [Art x Sauna = Extraordinary Space], each private room is decorated with a unique artist’s work.
TTNE, which has continued to lead the sauna world since its opening, has participated as a curator.
COIN PARKING DELIVERY’s graphic inspired by the Blue Grotto, Cota Mori’s graphic drawn with “color flow” which can be said to be synonymous, PRAN’s “SAUNA WATER WIND REPEAT” which is one of TTNE’s creative designs. Graphics drawn with graffiti are followed as embroidery.
There are two types of items to be released: a bucket hat that uses CORDURA (R) fabric that can be used both in the city and in the sauna, and a sauna mat that is becoming commonplace in the sauna industry these days. Both pre-sale and general sales will be limited in quantity.
This time, we will also carry out a special project that is
irresistible for saunas, with a 20% off sauna passion fee for each item purchased for purchasers only.
In addition, customers who use the sauna get free admission to the DJ BAR on the 9th and 10th floors of our building. We recommend homemade Moscow mule with homemade ginger syrup and refreshing feeling max, and mojito with lots of mint as a side dish. Please come by all means at this opportunity.
DJ BAR Bridge
Official images can be downloaded and used from the following.
Inquiries from the press regarding this matter
Global Hearts Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-6823-7595
Person in charge: Nomoto
What is
TTNE is a sauna specialty brand presided over by Dai Matsuo, also known as Master Totonoe, and Daisuke Akiyama, also known as Sauna Master. Established in 2017 with the desire to establish a sauna culture designed to be accepted by a wide range of people, especially young people, in Japanese saunas like in Northern Europe.
Established November 11th as “Totonoe Day”, the anniversary of the sauna (certified by the Japan Anniversary Association). Selling fashion and goods with the “Saunner” logo design. Through activities such as producing saunas and holding events, he aims to rebrand saunas in Japan. TTNE Official Site:
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