JCG Co., Ltd. Total prize money of 500,000 yen “BS Nittele FACE Apex Legends presented by JCG” will be held!

JCG Co., Ltd.
[Total prize money of 500,000 yen] “BS NTV FACE Apex Legends presented by JCG” will be held!
JCG Co., Ltd. (located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Junichi Matsumoto, hereinafter referred to as JCG), which provides an e-sports online competition platform, has BS Nippon Co., Ltd. (commonly known as BS Nittele) as a media partner, The online tournament “BS NTV FACE Apex Legends” (hereinafter referred to as BS NTV FACE) for the popular battle royal game “Apex Legends” (PC, PS5, PS4 version) will be held on Thursday, February 9 and February 10. It will be held on Sunday (Friday) and February 22 (Wednesday).
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February 9 (Thursday): OPEN Qualifying Tournament
80 teams, 4 groups, and 5 matches will be competed based on total points for rank and kills, and the top 5 teams in each group, for a total of 20 teams, will advance to the final qualifying tournament on February 10 (Friday). In addition, 80 teams (240 people) are available for general public participation in the OPEN qualifying tournament. February 10 (Friday): Final qualifying tournament
In addition to the 20 teams that passed the OPEN qualifying
tournament, we plan to invite 20 teams that are active in official tournaments. A total of 40 teams and 2 groups will compete. The top 10 teams from each group in the final qualifying tournament will advance to the final tournament on February 22 (Wednesday).
February 22 (Wednesday): Finals
The top 10 teams from each group in the final qualifying tournament, a total of 20 teams, will compete for the championship.
In addition, the final tournament will be delivered live with commentary and commentary by gorgeous performers.
All the above competitions will be held completely online.
We are accepting entries from today, so we are looking forward to your application. In addition, when we receive entries that exceed the capacity, we will either increase the capacity or decide the participating teams on a first-come, first-served basis.
Enter here → https://face.j-cg.com/competition/yBWM1zBUt0
For tournament information, please check the FACE Apex Legends official Twitter. Official Twitter is here → https://twitter.com/face_apex
[About broadcasting on BS NTV]
BS Nippon Television, a media partner, plans to feature and broadcast the appearance of the BS Nippon Television team participating in the finals in an “e-sports program (tentative title)” that will be broadcast at a later date.
competition summary
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/50085/table/53_1_c322b05f2465062dcafd0bd01a5ab3fd.jpg ]
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/50085/table/53_2_735d61a26c309a77ef9ee96428cf54f3.jpg ]
Finals contestants
・ Program MC / live commentary: abara [e-sports caster]
・ Assistant MC: Mr. Ncho [Streamer belonging to the e-sports team Meteor] (https://twitter.com/photogaki1126)
・ Commentator: Shuhei Yamato [e-sports caster]
media partner
・BS Nippon Co., Ltd. (common name: BS NTV)
BS NTV has many programs of various genres that adults can enjoy! Don’t miss the travel programs with themes such as railways, overseas, and the Showa era! We will deliver a rich lineup of news, sports, anime and more!
[Image 2d50085-53-e906f2a44b841476c30a-1.jpg&s3=50085-53-fc5ae310e809674a1e3df33472f8c02d-523x147.jpg
This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.
This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts or its licensors
About JCG
[Image 3d50085-53-ffdf60e50b2881a2e2be-2.jpg&s3=50085-53-96726f5f3eb3bc12c25d00b252532e57-1920x1080.jpg
JCG is one of the largest esports providers in Japan that provides an esports online competition platform.
We organize and manage more than 1,000 esports online/offline tournaments and events annually, with a total of 292,000 people participating annually.
In addition, based on the social philosophy of providing a place where everyone can become absorbed in esports, we support the formation and activation of user communities through esports competitions and events.
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