Bushiroad Co., Ltd. TV anime “D4DJ All Mix” episode 3 synopsis and preceding scene cut released! Episode 3 will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television and others from 23:00 on Friday, January 27!

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
TV anime “D4DJ All Mix” episode 3 synopsis and preceding scene cut released! Episode 3 will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television and others from 23:00 on Friday, January 27!
Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Takaaki Kidani) is the third episode of the TV animation “D4DJ All Mix” broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television, etc. from 23:00 on Friday, January 27. We will inform you that the synopsis and the preceding scene cut have been released.
From 23:00 on January 27 (Friday), the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the third episode of the TV animation “D4DJ All Mix” broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television and others have been released. -Press release first release precedent scene cut-
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-Preceding scene cut posted on the official website-
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-Episode 3 Mar. “Jiu Jiyuu?” Synopsis-
[Image 3d14827-6449-13d62c3faea7a7e2c51d-4.jpg&s3=14827-6449-c754a39e3cb8bfdca0ebf76c53f14df5-1920x1080.jpg
Although Muni should have succeeded in spreading awareness of the regional revitalization “Manekineko Strategy” on SNS through the production of the short film, when the hurdle was raised due to the great response, Muni’s expression was unimpressed.
Therefore, Lyrical Lily took the initiative and ran for the next stage as a return of gratitude to everyone.
While working hard to create a new song with the theme of March, all units will gather and enjoy the Hinamatsuri with all their might. ■ Broadcast/distribution information

・Broadcast every Friday from 23:00: TOKYO MX/BS NTV/AT-X
・Broadcast every Friday from 25:00: KBS Kyoto
・ Broadcast every Saturday from 22:30: Sun TV

・ Every Sunday at 23:00 latest episode distribution start (advance distribution): DMMTV
・ Every Friday 23:00 latest episode distribution start (latest episode free for 1 week): Nico Nico Douga
・ Every Friday 23:00 latest episode distribution start: Hulu / Amazon Prime Video / U-NEXT / d Anime Store / Hikari TV / Anime Times / GooglePlay / Bandai Channel / FOD / Video Market / Music.jp / GYAO! Store
・Every Saturday at 10:00 latest episode distribution start: Videx ・Every Saturday at 12:00, the latest episode will be delivered: HAPPY! movie ・ Every Monday 24:00 latest episode distribution start: TELASA / J: COM On Demand / milplus (Miru Plus) / au Smart Pass Premium
*Broadcast dates and contents are subject to change without notice. Please note. TV anime “D4DJ All Mix” official website: https://anime.d4dj-pj.com/all-mix/ TV animation “D4DJ All Mix” work information
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■ Synopsis of the work
Miyu Sakurada, Haruna Kasuga, Kurumi Shiratori, and Miiko Takeshita, who attend Arisugawa Gakuin, a school with a tradition of serving the spirit of service, have been recognized for their activities as a DJ unit “LyricalLily” as one of the services that make everyone smile. . One day, Haruna is called to the chamber of commerce and industry, and will receive a request for regional revitalization events throughout the year from the new year. We were worried about whether we could make it happen on our own, but what came to mind was the smiles of the people who made their first live together a success.
The spirit of service, LyricalLily’s thoughts, are connected one after another to each unit that was honored together at the DJ festival “D4 FES.”
Finally, a new stage suitable for the new year begins――――
PV: https://youtu.be/6lV8IJoDhB4
Original: Bushiroad
Story draft: Wataru Nakamura
Character draft: Yachie
General Director: Seiji Mizushima
Director: Daisuke Suzuki
Series composition: miscellaneous industry
Animation Character Design: Takuya Chanohara, Yuka Hachimori Modeling Director: Daisuke Haraoka, Shinya Takaoka, Takao Yokoyama Rigging Director: Natsuko Yashiro
Color design: Aiko Matsuyama (Typhoon Graphics)
Director of Photography: Shunsuke Kobayashi
Art Director: Yusuke Ikeda
Art setting: Eiko Tsunato
Editing: Misaki Enokida
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Music: Sataka, Hideyuki Gushimiyagi
Animation production manager: Hiroaki Matsuura
Animation production: Sanjigen
Lyrical Lily
Mimu Sakurada: Hazuki Sanda
Haruna Kasuga: Amane Shindo
Swan Walnut: Ruka Fukagawa
Miiko Takeshita: Yuzuki Watase
Happy Around!
Aimoto Link: Yuka Nishio
Masahide Akashi: Kari Kagami
Onaruto Muni: Haruka Mimura
Rei Togetsu: Maiko Irie
Peaky P-key
Kyoko Yamate: Aimi
Inuyose Shinobu: Miyu Takagi
Sasago, Jennifer, Yuka: Moeka Koizumi
Picture sky Shimizu: Rei Kurachi
Photon Maiden
Saki Izumo: Risa Spinoki
Niijima Kimono: Kanade Nanagi
Otowa Hanamaki: Youki Iwata
Noah Fukushima: Hinata Sato
Rika Seto: Natsumi Hirashima
Marika Mizushima: Yui Okada
Saori Hidaka: Himari Hazuki
Dahlia Matsuyama: Ai Negishi
Rin Dance
Camellia Aoyagi: Riho Kato
Tsukimiyama Beach: Sae Otsuka
Yano Hiiro: Peach Haruna
Aoi Miyake: Tsunko
■ Song information
Opening theme: “Maihime” Released on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 [Image 5d14827-6449-4c97c667c78ed82f621a-2.jpg&s3=14827-6449-d0ec878bc904e48f94b1e128049a4964-800x800.jpg
Vocals: Lyrical Lily
Lyrics: Wataru Nakamura / Composition: TAKU INOUE / Arrangement: TAKU INOU Ending theme: “Around and Around” Released on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Vocals: Rinku Aimoto (CV: Yuka Nishio), Kyoko Yamate (CV: Aimi), Saki Izumo (CV: Risa Spinoki), Rika Seto (CV: Natsumi Hirashima), Tsubaki Aoyagi (CV: Rihona Kato), Mimu Sakurada (CV: Hazuki Sanda)
Lyrics: Ameko Kodama / Composition: Sataka (Hifumi,inc.) / Arrangement: Sataka (Hifumi,inc.)
D4DJ project overview
Media mix content “D4DJ” with the theme of “DJ”!
With the theme of “connecting”, we will deliver in various forms such as animation, games, and live performances by voice actors.
We are transmitting a variety of music, including original songs by 24 characters in 6 units and remix covers of famous songs.
Connecting many famous songs of the past to the present, connecting people beyond gender and age, connecting characters to reality… Now, let’s connect to the new world that starts with D!
D4DJ official website: https://d4dj-pj.com/
D4DJ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/D4DJ_pj
D4DJ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/d4dj_official/ D4DJ Official YouTube Channel:
*Please include the following information when posting.
(C)bushiroad / D4DJ2 Production Committee
Details about this release:


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