Earth Star Luna new book released on Wednesday, February 1

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
-Working hours 3 minutes a day-Earth Star Luna new book released on Wednesday, February 1
Every morning, if you show off the masked couple for just 3 minutes, the rest is up to you! ?
Now that I am freed from my work-filled days, I can enjoy my dream Gutara life! Yay!
A new issue of the novel label [Earth Star Luna] published by Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will be released on Wednesday, February 1.
On the Earth Star Luna official website, you can try and read new works and some already published for free ⇒ The life of a 3-minute saint’s happy goutara Since the serious next duke told me, “I will never love you,” I am grateful to be a wife for just 3 minutes a day. Free otherwise! (1)
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Author: Yui Regina Illustration: Hijiri Akatsuki List price: 1,320 yen (tax included)
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Saint Noisha, who was on the verge of dying from overwork, was betrayed by the young next Marquess Lunan and presented with the conditions of a contract marriage.
“Every morning, I will produce a couple who hang out for three minutes.
–Yah ho! ! Noisha continues to live her dream “Gutara life” at her own pace. She was abused at the church because she possessed extraordinary saintly powers, and while she was clumsy, she deepened her
relationship with the overly serious Runan.
Wrapped in a warm futon, making ice cream, wearing a jersey, going on a date… On the other hand, at the church that lost Noisha, the management of the church is getting suspicious! ?
[Image 3d101562-86-455c875be313de8ad0cf-5.jpg&s3=101562-86-80ff62c3fc9e147b42b0e0e8121bd46b-1494x782.jpg
March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) release lineup
“Transferred to another world and became a teacher, but was feared as a witch ~Let’s make her come back from being a hikikomori~” (4) Author: Mitsuru Inoue Illustration: Suzuno
“An unfaithful child finds its true worth in the upstart baron who was sold to him by his father. A genius magician dotes on a young lady with black hair.”
Author: Chisa Misaki Illustration: Nagisa Hanazome
Earth Star Entertainment Official Site
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