Parco Co., Ltd. The popular exhibition “Keiichi Arawi’s Imagination, Delusion, Imagination and Creation Exhibition” will be held in Nagoya!

Parco Co., Ltd.
The popular exhibition “Keiichi Arawi’s Imagination, Delusion, Imagination and Creation Exhibition”, which is overcrowded every day, will be held in Nagoya!
PARCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter PARCO) will hold an exhibition by cartoonist Keiichi Arawi, “Keiichi Arawi’s Imagination, Delusion, Imagination and Creation Exhibition” on February 10, 2023 (Friday). )-February 26th (Sun), it will be held at Nagoya PARCO.
[Image 1d3639-2322-b8c9d6abfae3fbf6d35b-8.jpg&s3=3639-2322-d4da4e52bf917c10fe2d3ca032f47160-3900x3900.jpg
(C) Keiichi Arawi 2023
The popular exhibition “Peeping into Keiichi Arawi’s head” will be held at Nagoya PARCO!
Keiichi Arawi is active in a wide range of fields, not just manga. This is an exhibition where you can take a peek at what is going on in Keiichi Arawi’s head, and how his numerous creations are born from the three axes of manga, illustration, and animation.
This exhibition, which is currently being held at Shibuya PARCO (until February 5th), will include a reproduction of the workshop, the first costume adaptation of Keiichi Arawi’s self-portrait, and various treasured items such as hand-drawn original drawings and idea notes. do.
At the venue, we will sell a lot of products to enjoy the exhibition, such as pre-sale of Keiichi Arawi x Sanrio collaboration, original goods drawn for the exhibition, and official pamphlets.
Also, on the same day, February 10, 2023 (Friday), a collaboration cafe “Nichijou Restaurant” will be held at THE GUEST cafe & diner on the 8th floor of the Nagoya PARCO West Building! We will also plan a linked stamp rally, so please look forward to it!
Overview of Keiichi Arawi’s Imagination, Delusion, Imagination and Creation Exhibition
-Duration: February 10 (Fri)-February 26 (Sun), 2023 *Closed on 2/15 (Wed) ● Venue: Nagoya PARCO South Building 7F event space
●Opening hours: 11:00 to 20:00 *Admission until 30 minutes before closing time *Closes at 18:00 on the final day, 2/26 (Sun)
●Admission: 500 yen (tax included) *free for elementary school students and younger
● WEB:
● Cooperation: Shogakukan / KADOKAWA
*Advance reservations and numbered tickets may be distributed depending on the congestion situation.
*Business hours are subject to change from the perspective of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. For details, please check the Nagoya PARCO business hours.
*Event details are subject to change without notice.
 Nagoya PARCO official website:
Exhibition official pamphlet
[Image 2d3639-2322-11aa290df190ae8b3b34-0.jpg&s3=3639-2322-304e86256f95fbb58ed10995e69ec1d9-1077x1077.jpg
Exhibition official pamphlet
● “Keiichi Arawi’s Imagination, Delusion, Imagination and Creation Exhibition”: Official pamphlet: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Official pamphlet for this exhibition. In addition to information on exhibits such as illustrations, manga, and animation, a special recording of “Arawi Keiichi chronology”, which traces the history from debut to the present, is also included.
It is a book that will make you look forward to the future as well as the work of Keiichi Arawi.
Exhibition original goods
A lot of goods drawn for this exhibition are now available!
[Image 3d3639-2322-c82593bfee760c488303-1.jpg&s3=3639-2322-131f47cd7f9dc9de66a8f28e2c6e4927-1754x1240.jpg
“Keiichi Arawi’s Imagination, Delusion, Imagination and Creation Exhibition” original goods
● Short-sleeved T-shirt (2 colors): 3,850 yen each
● Long-sleeved T-shirt (3 colors): 5,280 yen each
● Mug cup: 2,200 yen
● Masking tape 3 piece set: 1,650 yen
● Tenugui (2 types): 1,980 yen each
-Die-cut stickers (3 types): 660 yen each
-Acrylic stand: 1,320 yen
● Clear file 2 pieces set: 1,320 yen
– Worldly desires acrylic key chain: 500 yen
-Canvas Art Magnet: 660 yen
● Acrylic clock: 5,500 yen
*All prices include tax.
※The image is an image. Specifications, prices, release dates, etc. are subject to change.
*The number of products is limited, so please forgive us when we are out of stock.
Keiichi Arawi × SANRIO CHARACTERS collaboration goods
The collaboration between Keiichi Arawi and SANRIO CHARACTERS has finally come true! A must-see item for both Sanrio characters and Keiichi Arawi’s unique illustrations!
[Image 4d3639-2322-b43b29c96f5195477003-9.jpg&s3=3639-2322-475bb396f251422dbba255433ace26f6-1754x1754.jpg
Keiichi Arawi x SANRIO CHARACTERS collaboration goods
-Acrylic stand (7 types): 1,650 yen each
-Acrylic key chain (7 random types): 770 yen
● Can badge (7 types random) 495 yen
-Die-cut stickers (7 types): 440 yen each
● Tote bag: 3,080 yen
-Hand towels (4 types): 880 yen each
●BIG T-shirt (2 types): 4,290 yen each Canvas pouch (2 types): 2,420 yen each Fluffy cushions (3 types): 3,850 yen each
● Folding mirror: 1,760 yen
– PP mask case (4 types in total): 770 yen each
-Mascot (4 types): 1,650 yen each
– Stuffed animals (4 types): 2,970 yen each
*All prices include tax.
※The image is an image. Specifications, prices, release dates, etc. are subject to change.
*The number of products is limited, so please forgive us when we are out of stock.
“Daily restaurant” will be held at the same time in Nagoya!
Exhibitions and linked projects!
“Daily Restaurant”
[Image 5d3639-2322-869a51c12dec9b9e52d1-3.jpg&s3=3639-2322-cb264f8b420f5b96e99d012ca66eea2c-1251x884.jpg
everyday restaurant
Expressing the “pop and cute” world view of the manga “Nichijou”, we have prepared a collaboration menu that reproduces the gag scene as it is, a menu inspired by popular characters, and a traveling local menu. At the venue, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of “everyday life” with newly drawn illustrations and gags that appeared in the manga.
The attached goods shop offers a large number of original goods exclusive to the restaurant. Please enjoy the limited-time “everyday restaurant”, be careful not to overeat or laugh too much.
Stamp card/can badge
* Applicable only during the campaign period
* Not applicable for cafe product sales only
※The image is an image
New publication information
Daily life (eleven)
[Image 7d3639-2322-d84802bd04c842112417-5.jpg&s3=3639-2322-4a276d4ea3ef7a215468e0ebf964d8d2-754x1074.jpg
Daily life (eleven)
A revival for the first time in 7 years! ? “Everyday life” is back! The definitive version of a pop and cute gag comedy that everyone can enjoy as soon as they pick it up!
List price: 704 yen (tax included)
Release date: December 26, 2022
Mr. Amemiya (1)
[Image 8d3639-2322-bb065b4570e553ec49b0-6.jpg&s3=3639-2322-885c88ffdd809d0ae33c604841888032-1531x2197.jpg
Mr. Amemiya (1) Special Edition
[Image 9d3639-2322-c3f1e20d96a7196f5faa-7.jpg&s3=3639-2322-6c679558f4da1cc3696c04d90bab7e81-1501x2126.jpg
Mr. Amemiya (1) Normal version
I can’t help but love it! I can’t stop!
The main character is Mr. Amemiya, who has a secret that he cannot tell anyone. Her daily life is always above my imagination!
Another everyday comedy presented by Keiichi Arawi of “Nichijou”! A luxurious hardcover special edition that completely reproduces the color at the time of serialization will also be released at the same time!
Special edition price: 1,683 yen (tax included)
Regular version price: 715 yen (tax included)
Release date: December 26, 2022
Published by Shogakukan
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