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About the “TOKYO GIANTS TOWN” Concept
– Japan’s first fusion of sports and entertainment that integrates a baseball stadium and an aquarium –
The Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters, Yomiuri Giants, and
Yomiuriland have decided on the concept of “TOKYO GIANTS TOWN”, which is planned in an area adjacent to the Yomiuriland amusement park in Inagi City, Tokyo. I will let you know. Miuri Land will newly participate in the construction project of the new GIANTS stadium promoted by the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office and the Yomiuri Giants, constructing the first aquarium integrated stadium in Japan, and establishing restaurants and sports related facilities in the surrounding area. I am also planning to
The Tamagawa Ground, which the Yomiuri Giants once used as a training ground, was a place of gathering and exchange where people from the neighborhood could casually stop by and talk to future star players. Tokyo Giants Town reproduces and develops the “hometown of the heart” of such giants. By adding an aquarium that nurtures the lives of living creatures and passes them on to the next generation, we aim to create a new flow of people and create further prosperity in the area. Together with other leisure facilities in Yomiuri Land, such as amusement parks, botanical gardens, golf courses, and hot spring facilities, we hope to contribute to the creation of a city filled with greenery that fuses sports and entertainment.
[Image 1

“Tokyo Giants Town” is surrounded by greenery and a wide sky. The stadium and aquarium will come together to create a new liveliness (image)
■ Overview of Tokyo Giants Town
The new GIANTS stadium, which is the center of the concept, is a stadium with a sense of openness that blends in with the nature of the Tama hills overlooking the Kanto Plain. From the outfield seats with expansive lawn seats, you can go straight to the aquarium through the concourse.
[Image 2

Panoramic view of Tokyo Giants Town that blends into the greenery of the Tama Hills (image)
The new GIANTS baseball stadium is expected to open in March 2025, and the grand opening, including the aquarium, is expected in 2026. Restaurants and sports-related facilities are also planned to be invited.
[Image 3

〇 Location: Inagi City, Tokyo (under development in a land readjustment project) 〇 Total site area: about 76,000 square meters
〇 New facility
1. New GIANTS Stadium
(main ground, sub ground)
2. Aquarium
3. Sports-related facilities, eating and drinking facilities 4. Parking lot (total of 600 cars)
〇 Total project cost 25 billion yen or more
〇 Access
・About 15 minutes on foot from Keio Yomiuriland Station (about 45 minutes from Shinjuku and Shibuya in total)
・Shuttle bus from Keio Yomiuriland Station to the new baseball stadium will be operated
・ Odakyu route buses connecting Odakyu Yomiuriland-mae Station and Keio Yomiuriland Station will also be available
Overview of the new GIANTS Stadium
The artificial turf baseball field will be used for the official games of the Eastern League and the Yomiuri Giants’ practice, and it will also be used as a rental ballpark to meet a variety of needs, such as university/professional baseball, women’s baseball, and high school baseball preliminaries. The official games of the Eastern League will be held at two stadiums with different characteristics: the Yomiuri Giants Stadium, which has natural turf and is adjacent to Yomiuri Land, and the new GIANTS Stadium, which has artificial turf. [Image 4

The “New GIANTS Stadium” inherits the spirit of the Tamagawa Ground. You can see the aquarium on the left side (image)
Like the former Tamagawa Ground (*2), the distance between the players and fans is close, and there are outfield seats and counter seats on the lawn with a sense of openness. It is designed so that the liveliness of the stands can be felt even from outside the premises, and on days when there are no matches or rentals, the concourse is open to the public, allowing not only visitors to the aquarium but also residents living nearby. It will be a park-like place where people can drop in casually. The subground will also be open to nearby kindergartens and nursery schools for walking courses and athletic meets, etc., and will also be used as a place for community formation such as festivals and events. In the future, the team will make it one of the bases of the “Giants Academy” where the team teaches baseball to children, and will contribute to the healthy development of children through baseball.
〇Opening date: March 2025 (planned)
〇Facility scale
Site area: 35,131 square meters
Construction area 5,300 square meters
Total area of ​​the entire building: 7,670 square meters
3 floors above ground, reinforced concrete construction, partly steel construction
Center field 122m, both wings 100m, artificial turf
LED night game lighting
Capacity: about 2,700 seats
Subground 4,800 square meters, artificial turf
[Yomiuri Giants Stadium] A practice stadium for the Yomiuri Giants completed in 1985. The outfield is natural turf, and the stands have a capacity of about 2,600. An indoor practice field and a clubhouse will be installed, and in December 2023, a new player dormitory and a training building with the latest equipment will be installed. ■Overview of the aquarium
It will be the only (*3) inland aquarium in the Tama area, with the themes of “living creatures playing the leading role” and “people visiting the world of living creatures and spending time together.” The natural underwater environment will be reproduced with artificial seawater in the Tama Hills, and there will be an underwater corridor where people can walk in a large tank and a zone where you can observe the ecology of sea lions and other animals up close. The story of how water, the source of life, flows from rivers to the sea, and from shallow waters to the deep sea, will deliver unforgettable experiences and impressions.
In addition, there will be a special exhibition hall where various events will be held throughout the year. We will also focus on exhibits of the Tama River water system and provide a place where you can enjoy learning about the local ecosystem. In cooperation with schools, etc., we will create opportunities for children to think about local nature and life.
Artificial seawater will be reused in the latest water treatment equipment, minimizing water supply and drainage, and designing equipment to reduce CO2 emissions.
Operated by Yomiuri Land, it aims to be an aquarium that contributes to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
〇Opening period: During 2026 (planned)
〇Facility scale (planned)
Facility area: 8,600 square meters (total floor area + outdoor area) 3 floors above ground, 1 floor underground
[Image 5d41300-225-f815b76e9ee10abfaf22-5.jpg&s3=41300-225-9219c073465f3a9a4983e9030c336cef-1920x1600.jpg
Underwater corridor where you can experience walking in the sea (image) ■Facilities around Tokyo Giants Town
・Yomiuri Land Amusement Park
・Yomiuri Giants Stadium
・Flower Park “HANA・BIYORI”
・New hot bath facility (scheduled to open in March 2024)
・Yomiuri Golf Club, Tokyo Yomiuri Country Club
[Image 6d41300-225-31a623915eb13a0eb6be-6.jpg&s3=41300-225-c7adb7020ad410dc2c6938301aff668e-1920x1229.jpg
“Tokyo Giants Town” will become a new bustling base. Yomiuri Land Amusement Park and other attractive facilities are also available in the surrounding area, so anyone can enjoy themselves all day long. *1 *3 Out of 51 facilities affiliated with the Japan Association of Zoos and Aquariums (as of January 2023, in-house research)
*2 A baseball stadium on the riverbed of the Tama River in Ota Ward, Tokyo. It was known as a “sacred place” where V9 warriors sweated, but closed in 1998 after 43 years of history.

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