The main game of “Tokyo e-Sports Festa presents Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup 2023” is Saturday!

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The main game of “Tokyo e-Sports Festa presents Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup 2023” is Saturday!
Let’s get “Meiji Almond Chocolate” at the venue!
At the JeSU certified e-sports title “Pazdra”, the main battle of the “Pazdra Challenge Cup”, which is the gateway to becoming a “Pazdra” professional player, will be held at the venue of “Tokyo e-sports Festa 2023” on Saturday, January 28, 2023. ) will be held.
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Tournament schedule
The main battle between the top 32 players who won the online preliminaries held in December 2022 will be a tournament battle using “Puzzle & Dragons”. The winning player will be presented with the “Pro License” certification issued by the Japan E-Sports Union and the “Tokyo Governor’s Cup Trophy”.
Please be sure to watch the heated battle between the puzzlers at the “Tokyo eSports Festa” venue. If you watch the “Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup Semi-Finals and Finals” from the audience seats in front of the main stage in the venue to the end,
We will present one box of “Meiji Almond Chocolate”.
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“Meiji Almond Chocolate”
In addition, the venue has a “Puzzle & Dragons competition experience area” where you can experience battles of “Puzzle & Dragons”. Participants will receive a box of “Meiji Almond Chocolate”. Please join us when you visit us.
▼ Gift distribution place / date
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*The above contents are subject to change depending on the situation on the day. *Premiums are limited in number. Please note that the distribution will end as soon as the prizes are gone.
In addition, the semi-finals and finals will also be streamed live on the official YouTube Puzzle & Dragons channel. For those who have difficulty coming to the event, you can enjoy the event online. The “Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup” is finally approaching this weekend. Stay tuned to see who will win the first PAD Pro License certification in 2023.
[Overview of “Tokyo e-Sports Festa presents Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup 2023”]
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YouTube Puzzle & Dragons Official Channel
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“Tokyo e-Sports Festa presents Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup 2023”
Stream the semi-finals and finals
Delivery time: Saturday, January 28, 2023 16:30-18:00
What is “Puzzle & Dragons”?
[Image 4d25063-1482-b6b1efb0fabcc954f710-3.jpg&s3=25063-1482-6f04597e7a0f3e220e56a0d3b4f45d12-2672x1203.jpg
“Puzzle & Dragons” logo
It is a general term for content that includes everything from the standard puzzle RPG “Puzzle & Dragons” for smartphones to games such as “Puzzle & Dragons Battle”, as well as anime, manga, and toys. In addition, “Puzzle & Dragons” is a JeSU certified e-sports title. We hold the “Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup”, a certified professional competition that anyone can participate in, and the “Puzzle & Dragons Open Cup”, a prize-based competition where certified professionals and general players can compete.
The “Puzzle & Dragons Champions Cup” is also being held, where JeSU-certified professionals aim for the highest level of “Puzzle & Dragons”.

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