Zoushindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Co., Ltd. A new “Kanji / Phrases 3000” that summarizes 3000 frequ ent high school entrance exam questions that are often used as a score source for entrance examinations, which is not un common with a score ra

Zoshindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Institute
It is not uncommon for a score ratio of 10% to be used in entrance examinations. -Kanji and phrases- / “Kanji and phrases 3000”, which summarizes 3000 frequently used high school entrance exam questions that are the source of scores, is now available!
Easy-to-carry portable size with a question-and-answer format. You can aim to increase your score until just before the entrance exam for public high schools.
Complete coverage of 3000 kanji and phrases
(idioms/proverbs/four-letter idioms, etc.) frequently used in high school entrance exams!
●The 3 steps you should definitely keep in mind, the difference in the entrance exam, and the difficult school breakthrough. Efficient learning according to time and level of understanding
●The question is a question-and-answer format. You can try repeatedly until you learn using the disappearing filter!
●Benefits of learning kanji that don’t end with improving your vocabulary. Learn more words and improve your reading comprehension naturally!
Education Publishing Co., Ltd. Zoshindo / Examination Research Company (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Representative Director: Akiyoshi Okamoto) has compiled 3000 kanji and phrases that frequently appear in high school entrance examinations into one volume, “High School Entrance Examination Kanji / Phrases 3000”. (Wide version / Mini version) will be released from January 30, 2023.
[Image 1d43401-114-f9931f41a8ff7dfea171-0.png&s3=43401-114-0ad8dc29684897e05d391565e7c6c4a5-1876x1434.png
* Left: wide version (B6) / right: mini version (A6) lineup
About 10 to 20% of the questions in the Japanese language of general high school entrance exams are questions about kanji and phrases. The percentage of points allocated is surprisingly large, and you can definitely use it as a score source by studying on a regular basis. Also, by acquiring vocabulary, you will be able to improve your ability to read and express yourself.
●Efficient learning by level!
All learning items are categorized into three levels, from “kanji and phrases that you definitely want to know”, “kanji and phrases that make a difference in entrance exams”, and “kanji and phrases for breaking through difficult schools”. You can study according to the period until the exam and your level of understanding.
[Image 2d43401-114-c8c9e1376dd884615fff-1.png&s3=43401-114-8a58d09629001439c22dcf253d6fb813-888x1260.png
A question-and-answer type question with a disappearing filter The answer is printed in red, so you can check it again and again until you memorize it with a disappearing filter.
[Image 3d43401-114-b299563e561dae19cf82-2.png&s3=43401-114-f409953d6360f76a4b98a868652a6a6c-1932x1376.png
●Train a wide range of vocabulary!
In addition to reading and writing kanji, you can improve your Japanese vocabulary from various angles, such as synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and homonyms.
[Image 4d43401-114-55d612b760ccfa7964c1-3.png&s3=43401-114-c3f6c2c1ed60c4a7ac480ed50df44448-970x1375.png
[Image 5d43401-114-83352c0d5a2b5eed407a-4.png&s3=43401-114-d9fd5148e33080415f2bff0b1c934136-966x1375.png
* The image on the page may differ from the actual product, such as the color scheme.
■ Book overview
High School Entrance Exam Kanji/Phrase 3000 Wide Version
Format: B6 192 pages
Scheduled release date: January 30, 2023
List price: 880 yen (tax included)
High School Entrance Exam Kanji/Phrase 3000 Mini Version
Format: A6 192 pages
Scheduled release date: January 30, 2023
List price: 715 yen (tax included)
■ Click here for details of the book
wide version
https://www.zoshindo.co.jp/junior/340or345/9784424637646.html mini version
https://www.zoshindo.co.jp/junior/340or345/9784424637639.html ■ “manavi” educational information site for parents
[Image 6d43401-114-348734a8ee815a0c1ce1-5.jpg&s3=43401-114-ad3edbbb0357c6814e648ff0d1e9309c-650x315.jpg
I want the children who will live in the future to encounter the excitement of “!” in their learning and experiences. And I want my life to shine. “manavi” is an educational information site for parents who want to navigate their children’s learning.
We also introduce topics that explain important learning themes for each subject of Japanese, English, and mathematics, so please take a look.
■Company profile
Zoshindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Institute
An educational publishing company founded in 1890. We have established a new genre of thick reference books based on the concept of “understanding anything you want to know” and the long-selling “Jiujitsu” series, which has sold 26 million copies and reached its 70th anniversary. Over the years, we have developed teaching materials that are always ahead of the times. With the mission of “delivering the best learning to all learners”, it is currently not limited to publishing, but also various learning projects such as digital business, overseas business, children with developmental
characteristics and children of foreigners. Promoting education business from various angles. It also operates NEXT LEARNING Labs, which conducts demonstration research on the latest technologies such as AI and VR, and develops content in new fields.
Location: 3-3-6 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Representative: Akiyoshi Okamoto, Representative Director
■ Coverage and inquiries regarding this matter
Zoshindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Institute
Person in charge: Yamamoto, Public Relations and Marketing Section, General Affairs Department
E-mail: info@zoshindo.co.jp
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