Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. Spring is here! The most gorgeous “Easter event” ever held Flower Festival ~Easte r of Flowers and Lights~

Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.
Exceptionally cute spring is here! The most gorgeous “Easter event” ever held Flower Festival ~Easter of Flowers and Lights~
This year, Easter Town with cute decorations of colorful eggs and rabbits will appear for the first time! February 25 (Sat) – April 28 (Fri)
At Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, the “Flower Festival ~Easter of Flowers and Lights~” will be held from February 25 (Sat) to April 28 (Fri). Special site:
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Points of interest in spring when Huis Ten Bosch becomes the most gorgeous of the year
New! ◆ A photogenic “Easter Town” will appear for the first time in a European town where spring flowers are in full bloom!
Check! ◆ Enjoy the superb view of spring! One Million Tulips Festival Check! ◆ For 10 years in a row, Japan’s best illumination “Kingdom of Light” will also be available for a limited time in the spring version.
Check! ◆”Silver World Lighting Ceremony” will be extended! It is only during this period that you can enjoy two major events at the same time!
The season when Huis Ten Bosch becomes the most gorgeous of the year is coming. This year, a new spot “Easter Town” will appear in the exotic cityscape full of spring flowers. Colorful Easter eggs and rabbit objects and photo spots will color the town, and the parade and popular mystery solving will also be an Easter version. At night, the “Kingdom of Light,” which has won the number one spot in Japan*2 for 10 consecutive years, transforms into a spring version reminiscent of colorful flowers. In addition, the currently popular “Silver World Lighting Ceremony” has been decided to be extended * 3, and you can enjoy a fantastic space that is completely different from the daytime scenery.
A special two-month period in which a cute world view of Easter is added to the European cityscape filled with 1 million tulips. How about wearing a headband with rabbit ears or a flower crown, and fully enjoying the coming of spring that is unique to Huis Ten Bosch? *2 Illumination Award in the “Comprehensive Entertainment Category” *3 Until April 9 (Sun)
NEW! First appearance this year: Easter Town with a cute world [Image 3

New this year is Easter Town. The streets of Europe are filled with colorful Easter egg objects and big flower trees, making it a gorgeous and photogenic space that will make you excited just by being there. In addition, there will be a parade where characters and cast members dressed in Easter rabbit costumes will be held, and the round-trip attraction “Detective Ten Bosch and the Mysterious Kingdom” will also offer puzzle-solving like an egg hunt unique to Easter. increase. In addition, restaurants around Easter Town will offer cute and delicious Easter gourmet with colorful Easter eggs and rabbit motifs.
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Easter Parade *Scheduled to be held until early April
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easter riddle

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Easter gourmet
Check! “Enjoy the spectacular view of spring!” One Million Tulips Festival 2/25 (Fri) – 4/9 (Sun)
One million tulips color the streets full of exoticism. The Flower Road, a collaboration between windmills and tulips, is full of European scenery.
In Bastion, 100,000 original varieties named “Huis Ten Bosch” are in full bloom, and pink flower fields spread all over the area. Please enjoy the exciting spring scenery unique to Huis Ten Bosch.
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flower road
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Bastion Flowering period: Mid-March to early April (planned)

Check! “Spring only!” Illuminations of the aurora garden of light turn cherry blossoms
A new spot in the art garden, “Light Aurora Garden,” will be wrapped in cherry blossom-colored illuminations.
The fantastic scenery is truly a masterpiece! In addition, spring-only illumination shows will be held at various spots in the hall. The spring-like heart-throbbing illuminations are a must-see.
In addition, moving lights that are perfect for taking pictures will appear in Easter Town, giving off a magical light that instantly transforms the atmosphere into an enchanting one. Enjoy the different faces of the city during the day and at night.
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Light Aurora Garden Spring ver.
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easter town

Check! 95% satisfaction! The lighting ceremony of “Silver world” where the voice of admiration does not stop will be extended
“Silver World Lighting Ceremony ~White Snow Fantasy~” is currently being held at “Silver World ~Winter Europe~” which is being held until February 24th. 95%*2 of the customers who visited the exhibition were satisfied with the event. ‘ and ‘I’m wondering if it’s the silver illumination in winter or the tulips in spring’.
In response to the voices of these people, we will extend the “Silver World Lighting Ceremony-White Snow Fantasy-” until April 9th ​​(Sun) so that you can enjoy it on the night of the spring season.
You can enjoy the most popular illumination throughout the year while enjoying the spring mood of Easter and tulips only for these two months! Please enjoy this special season.
*The Aurora Garden of Light will also be available in two versions, a silver version and a spring version, until April 9 (Sun).
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At this time, fireworks will also deliver a special version limited to spring. 2,000 fireworks are set off with a grand laser production that matches the music, and the mood is at its peak.
Enjoy the powerful fireworks display in the illuminated European streets. Make sure to get your special viewing advance ticket early so you can see the fireworks show up close!
Time / 20:30-20:45 Launch location / Harbor Town Sea
Special site: A hotel stay to fully enjoy spring is also recommended
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Directly managed hotels “Hotel Europe” and “Hotel Amsterdam” also have guest rooms decorated with floral patterns, creating an elegant space reminiscent of a room in a European castle.
Please enjoy a luxurious hotel stay where you can enjoy the feeling of spring throughout the day.

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