Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. Encountering books in an area with few bookstores Tohoku’s first “LAWSON Machi no Bookstore” February 1 (Wednesday) “LAWSON Tagomachi store” reopened after renovation

Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd.
Encountering books in an area with few bookstores Tohoku’s first “LAWSON community bookstore” reopened on Wednesday, February 1st after renovation
Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. (President: Keiji Okumura, abbreviated as Nikkei) will collaborate with Lawson, Inc. (President: Sadanobu Takemasu, hereinafter “Lawson”) on February 1, 2023 (Wednesday). In addition, the “Lawson Tagomachi store” (located in Tagomachi, Sannohe-gun, Aomori Prefecture) will be reopened as a “LAWSON town bookstore.”

“LAWSON Machi no Bookstore” is a bookstore brand that will be developed in collaboration with Lawson from 2021. The first store will be opened in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture in June 2021, and this store will be the 7th store and the first store in the Tohoku area. In the store, in addition to the usual convenience store product lineup such as bento boxes, rice balls, desserts, bakery products, and beverages, we will handle about 6,000 titles of books and magazines. With the number of bookstores declining year by year, Nippan is committed to creating a landscape of bookstores in town under the group management philosophy of “delivering richness to the hearts of all people by cherishing the connection between people and culture.” We are working to protect an environment where everyone can freely interact with books.
One of these efforts is to collaborate with Lawson, which supports the infrastructure of daily life, to open “LAWSON Machi no Bookstores” nationwide, with the aim of providing many people in the community with the opportunity to encounter books. I’m here.
 Tago-machi, where the “Lawson Tago-machi store” is located, is an area with very few bookstores. The number of bookstores in Sannohe District, Aomori Prefecture, where Tago Town is located, is also decreasing year by year, and the number of bookstores per 1,000 population is about 1.0 tsubo, compared to the national average of about 9.7 tsubo (*). Against this background, we expanded and renovated the “LAWSON Tagomachi store” and reopened it as a “LAWSON community bookstore”. We believe that we can deliver abundance. In the future, Nippan and Lawson will continue to work on opening unique “LAWSON community bookstores” rooted in the region, mainly in areas where there are few bookstores, with the aim of improving convenience for local customers.
(*) Figures for Sannohe County are calculated from the population in 2020 and the number of bookstores as of September 2021 (according to our research).
    National average figures are based on the May 2020 survey by the bookstore research company “Almedia”
   Calculated from the figures in the article “Bunka Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.” Outline of “Lawson Tagomachi Store”
[Table 3: ]
■ Reference (“LAWSON Machi no Bookstore” opening status)
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