ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd. KEIO x ZAUNTED Diversity Horror Attraction “HUGHUG STRANGERS”-An adventu re to overcome the unknown and fear and get close to “ourselves” who wanted to be-

ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd.
KEIO x ZAUNTED Diversity Horror Attraction “HUGHUG STRANGERS” ~ An adventure to overcome the unknown and fear and get close to
“ourselves” who wanted to be ~
A guided mission clear tour will be held [at Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG after closing]
Keio Corporation (Headquarters: Tama City, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Tomura; hereinafter referred to as “Keio Electric Railway”) and ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koichi Naruse; hereinafter referred to as “Keio Corporation”) , “ReGACY”) is ZAUNTED Co., Ltd. (headquarters : Suginami Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Michael T. , hereinafter “ZAUNTED”), we will conduct a demonstration experiment of a horror attraction.
KEIO x ZAUNTED Diversity Horror Attraction “HUGHUG STRANGERS” will be held at Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG for a limited time on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays from February 3rd (Friday) to April 22nd (Saturday). Strangers)” will be implemented.
This event is a guided mission-clearing tour, in which a guide guides customers around the museum while clearing various missions. Together with ZAUNTED, which handles haunted house production and special makeup modeling, we will use the Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG after closing as a venue. It is a story aiming for the coexistence of humans and monsters who could not appear in the game.
Through this initiative, we aim to discover and disseminate
attractiveness that contributes to the creation of a new flow of people, which is one of the themes of the “KEIO OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM”.
[Image 1

1. Overview of “HUGHUG STRANGERS”
(1) Overview
 As a guided mission clear tour, the guide guides the guests, and it is a horror attraction in which they go around the building while clearing various missions.
Official site:
(2) Demonstration experiment period
Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays from February 3 (Friday) to April 22 (Saturday) *Business days are subject to change.
(3) Place of implementation
Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG 3-36-60 Hodokubo, Hino City, Tokyo Immediately after getting off at Tama Dobutsuen Station on the Keio Line  Official site:
(4) Implementation time
 19:00-21:30 (every 30-minute replacement system)
Start time: 5 times at 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00
(5) Usage fee (including tax)
[Table 2: ]
*Admission is for high school students and above. Junior high school students and younger cannot participate even if they are accompanied by high school students or older.
* Group discounts do not apply to pairs of general public and students. *Various discounts cannot be used together.
*For other detailed terms and conditions, please check the reservation site. (6) How to use
Please apply from the reservation site below.
 Reservation URL: Reservation start: January 28th (Sat) from 12:00
*Payment will be made online. Please check the reservation site for details. 2. others
In the future, we are also considering special events and the sale of original goods by Mr. Michael T. . Details will be announced on the official website as soon as they are decided.
3. Customer contact information
(1) Inquiries about this demonstration experiment
 Keio Customer Center TEL 042-357-6161
 Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays 9:00-18:00 (excluding December 30th-January 3rd)
(2) Inquiries about reservations
Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG-TEL.042-591-8989
Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays 9:30-17:30 (except Wednesday) that’s all
Due to the corona crisis, the railway business has come to a time to review the nature of the business itself, and we are taking on the challenge of transforming into a business that creates new flows of people through open innovation through co-creation not only with our company but also with external companies such as start-ups. increase. Seven proposals were adopted at the final review meeting held in October, and we are aiming to commercialize them by sequentially starting demonstration experiments in the future.
Official site (
Facebook ( [Reference 2] About ZAUNTED Co., Ltd.
(1) Company name: ZAUNTED Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative: Michael Tee
(3) Location: 1-31-5 Asagaya Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
(4) URL:
(5) Business description: Providing services in Japan and overseas such as attractions, events, production of haunted houses, special makeup modeling, etc. with the mission of “contributing to society through horror”
(6) Established: December 2018
[Image 2

[Reference 3] About Michael Tee
Dedicate your life to a haunted house, with original production and reality Not only for amusement parks and theme parks, but also for all kinds of facilities and TV programs
Everything from planning design to actual production such as real haunted doll modeling
The only haunted house specialist to work on.
Real abandoned haunted house, world’s youngest haunted house, costume haunted house,
Amazing originality such as zombie house, VR haunted house, etc. shook the world We are creating unprecedented horror attractions one after another. [Image 3

≪Mr. Michael Tee ≫
[Reference 4] About ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd.
(1) Company name: ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd.
(English: ReGACY Innovation Group Inc.)
(2) Representative: Koichi Naruse
(3) Location: 2-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(4) URL:
(5) Business: Innovation strategy formulation/execution management, innovation organization/system, establishment of CVC, new business incubation, open innovation, venture investment/M&A, product development/laboratory business, private equity business
(6) Established: February 2, 2022
[Image 4d99287-20-97d57def464860403dad-3.jpg&s3=99287-20-d19405364eb4b5c017b962cc13386970-360x162.jpg

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