Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. The “Village Vanguard Award” has been decided for the contest of the art exhibition “Advent Gallery” for creators of the new era!

Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
The “Village Vanguard Award” has been decided for the contest of the art exhibition “Appearance Gallery” for creators of the new age! Works of 30 winners will be exhibited at 10 stores nationwide! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
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Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, President: Kimio Maruyama) will hold an exhibition at three venues in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto in March 2023. We will announce the “Village Vanguard Award”.
Works exhibited at Village Vanguard nationwide!
Creator Award of “Appearance Gallery” Appearance Gallery awards creators who have created particularly excellent works from among all participants. As a benefit of the “Village Vanguard Award”, 30 winners’ works (with POP introductions) will be exhibited at a total of 10 Village Vanguard stores throughout Japan. We are also planning a wonderful goods collaboration, so we will announce it later. ■ Village Vanguard Award
Prize: Exhibition at Village Vanguard store (with POP introduction)    ※3 works will be exhibited at 1 store, and the exhibition will be held at a total of 10 stores.
   ※Exhibition stores cannot be selected
   * Further goods collaborations are also planned (sold at voon:
Number of winners: 30
Judge: Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard Shibuya Main Store
Village Vanguard Shinjuku LUMINE EST
Village Vanguard Umeda Loft
Village Vanguard Nagoya Parco
Village Vanguard Fukuoka Parco
Village Vanguard Sendai Loft
Village Vanguard PLUS Aeon Lake Town mori
Village Vanguard Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin
Village Vanguard Aeon Mall Okayama
Village Vanguard Aeon Mall Naebo
Submission of works is until “Sunday, January 29″! Existing works can also be entered!
The project started in January 2022 with the idea of ​​“Is it possible to discover creators of the new era and create a place where they can play an active role?” Last time, more than 400 creators participated. This time, we will abolish the registration system for online art exhibitions so far, and will hold the creator award that can be entered simply by submitting the work and artist information. The deadline is January 29th (Sun), so please do not hesitate to apply.
Enter here!
Award details VTR
[Image 2d39863-215-22253e26cd054fa1ffbf-0.jpg&s3=39863-215-70e65e92e20f0305c6f858ecf3dc7e77-1200x893.jpg
[Image 3d39863-215-de07b7a7d6a821b67799-1.png&s3=39863-215-634d2cabd0dac2bfeb8446edc3747697-1387x689.png
[Image 4d39863-215-44387d9e4cda76ecd04f-2.png&s3=39863-215-91b5a081cfc82d8f168498ddd45492a6-1228x513.png

Decided to exhibit at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND2023!
[Image 5d39863-215-94214def8d5e3da6c8d4-3.jpg&s3=39863-215-6f93418f65aa613176ddaffcfe9490b6-1920x1080.jpg
JAPAN EXPO THAILAND is Asia’s largest all-purpose event held with the aim of disseminating Japanese content with unlimited potential to Thailand and supporting further economic development and international growth in both countries. Japan event. Introduced traditional Japanese performing arts, music, fashion, anime, manga, games, characters, food, and tourist spots in Japan, recording a total of 500,000 visitors in three days.
[Image 6d39863-215-364bb25fbe1496429e39-4.jpg&s3=39863-215-a98c5d93c9e5a31bc9ad997cda4a4639-1832x960.jpg
[Image 7d39863-215-89cf8d784a9617239fe0-5.jpg&s3=39863-215-e241006f8ebe9871319c0c2abfb207f1-2048x1365.jpg
Image citation:
Appearance Gallery is working to spread the works of new age creators who are active in Japan both domestically and internationally. At the exhibition gallery booth of “JAPAN EXPO THAILAND” this time, we plan to exhibit the works of past winners, sell catalogs, and distribute limited original stickers. In addition, as a collaboration exhibition of overseas illustrators, we will exhibit 4 illustrators who are active in the world, including meyoco, which is extremely popular in Southeast Asia.
*We are currently planning whether the award-winning works of “Appearance Gallery Sonosan”, which we are currently applying for, can be connected to such overseas expansion.
Date: February 3 (Friday) to 5 (Sunday), 2023
Exhibited artists: Kosei Hirono / kokuno / Paisen / Kaikai Ponsuke / Akiyoshi Kurata / Neko Shogun / Oto, etc. *planned
Overseas illustrators: meyoco / Rosuuri / Yue / vinne *random order [Image 8d39863-215-964bc26d896967892214-7.jpg&s3=39863-215-98fc2836571231f6608fbe62f85b70e1-3900x2774.jpg
[Image 9d39863-215-ce8d8cd4637f5b428613-6.jpg&s3=39863-215-2572d3b48560922f0f1f1131463540c9-3900x2774.jpg
“Appearance Gallery Sonosan” Event Overview
Date: (Call for entries) December 6, 2022 – January 29, 2023 (Preliminary screening announcement) Mid-February 2023 WEB
(Announcement of final screening) Saturday, February 25,
24:55-Terrestrial special program
(Exhibition) March 3 (Fri)-March 26 (Sun)
Venue: Nagoya PARCO, Ikebukuro PARCO, Kyoto International Manga Museum (*Kyoto International Manga Museum will be on display until Tuesday, May 9) Official website:
Organizer: Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Tajik Co., Ltd. Official Twitter account: BOOTH:
Chukyo Television Broadcasting Business Development Group HP
Chukyo Television Broadcasting Business Development Group note

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