YG ENTERTAINMENT boy group TREASURE’s official character “TRUZ” pouch will be released on 1/25

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.
YG ENTERTAINMENT boy group TREASURE’s official character “TRUZ” pouch will be released on 1/25
A large capacity pouch that can be used for multiple purposes with a chic and cute design!
[Image 1d5069-1727-50538ec46250b3195c8e-0.jpg&s3=5069-1727-3953fa65c5dd7e1be1cc59f10087bdb9-1298x1298.jpg
LINE FRIENDS and YG ENTERTAINMENT’s boy group “TREASURE” created a multi-use pouch “TRUZ multi-use pouch BOOK” with the character “TRUZ” drawn on January 25, 2023. It will be released on (Wednesday) at bookstores, convenience stores, online bookstores nationwide, Takarajimasha official mail order site Takarajima Channel.
The pouch has a chic and cute TRUZ character that peeks out from the black body, making it a design that can be worn by anyone. It has a large capacity with a handle and a double zipper, and when opened, it is equipped with a clear zipper pocket and an open pocket on the inside, making it extremely easy to use. It’s a truly multi-use pouch that can store cosmetics, gadgets, and promotional goods all at once. A look that combines cuteness and adultness!

[Image 2d5069-1727-d6cc263c112171a3046c-13.jpg&s3=5069-1727-35d20446d0f9b91d8183c67f4a6523c6-1556x1008.jpg
[Image 3d5069-1727-2f1a38ffbf06965f702f-14.jpg&s3=5069-1727-0ef084a8263c8103e4d690602a216db6-1592x1001.jpg
[Image 4d5069-1727-00789a2d43e969d1b139-15.jpg&s3=5069-1727-219ad626dab3ad8b108cdc0527514867-1583x994.jpg
The character that surrounds the black synthetic leather body is cute. The simple handle and gold-colored double zipper give it a mature finish.

The lining and pockets are also easy to use with some ingenuity!

[Image 5d5069-1727-af905542f2ec440ac15b-18.jpg&s3=5069-1727-5bb05f347406df089d295fd261714470-1631x1044.jpg
The lining is stylish with a bright pink all-over pattern that makes it easy to see the contents. It has a large capacity with a zippered clear pocket and an open pocket.

It can be used in a wide range of ways depending on your ideas! [Image 6d5069-1727-0df05ba4db656945ce68-16.jpg&s3=5069-1727-da7623ec9a1a716606abf1e6311d2dfc-1595x1013.jpg
[Image 7d5069-1727-8727bea51b372e58c78e-17.jpg&s3=5069-1727-9bdd03e98577fb23a343bc1174184f34-1552x1004.jpg

With specifications that can organize and store a lot of things, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as storing cosmetics and gadgets, as well as promotional goods.
*Since the lining is all-patterned, the position of the pattern is different from the photo.
* Items other than the pouch are not included in the product. Size (approx.): W21 x H11 x D10cm
“TRUZ multi-use pouch BOOK”
Release date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Price: 2915 yen (tax included)
Released at bookstores nationwide, convenience stores, online bookstores, Takarajimasha official mail order site Takarajima Channel

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