KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Yugo Aosaki, Ritsuto Igarashi, and Lalande Nishida’s three major New Year’s luxury readings. There are plenty of serials by gorgeous serials such as Riku Onda and Shun Ioka. The latest issue of the literary magazine “Novel Wild A

Yugo Aosaki, Ritsuto Igarashi, Lalande Nishida’s three major New Year’s luxury read-only publications. There are plenty of serials by gorgeous serials such as Riku Onda and Shun Ioka. The latest issue of the literary magazine “Novel Wild Age”, where you can read the most interesting and seasonal novels, is now on sale!
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will release the February 2023 electronic version of the monthly literary novel magazine “Novel Wild Age” (No.231) on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday). Delivered from
[Image 1

〇Ritsuto Igarashi “Secret Room Code”
Youth legal mystery long-awaited latest work!
Challenge the mystery of the “closed room” that happened at the law school. [Image 3

〇 Lalande Nishida “Hot stone”
I was in charge of cleaning the men’s sauna room at the super sento where I worked part-time.
It seems that it is the first time that a young female part-time job is in charge of men’s.
[Image 4

2. [Final]
〇Satoshi Konno “Pulsation”
Sakai, who planned to overthrow the police and reform the world, Defeated by gathered magicians. The final episode of attention. 3. “Novel Wild Age” Kakuyom advances!
“Novel Wild Age” participates in the official serialization page of the web novel site Kakuyomu!
“Tanjichi”, in which a monster raccoon dog revived in the present age cuts down the complaints and evils of this world, and “Asatoho,” a full-length horror mystery about “a story that erases the reader”, are being released.
Don’t miss it!
4. You can read popular works in note!
Recommended novel information is also posted on note. This is also a must-see! https://note.com/yaseijidai
◆ Recommended series
〇 Riku Onda “Sando Haze”
Let’s create our “KYOMU”!
The myth of mystery revives in the world of Reiwa.
〇Kyo Nagaura “Sister Ray”
Rei Nojo, a cram school teacher, is said to be a former Special Forces member. Various troubles are brought in from past career –.
〇 Ryosuke Kakine “Takeda’s Gold, Mouri’s Silver”
The party aiming for Kai Province by Nobunaga’s order,
I meet a prodigal who calls himself “Jubei”, the same as Mitsuhide. ――――
“Novel Wild Age” electronic version
・ “February 2023 issue” distribution start date: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) ・ Delivery date: 25th of every month
・ In addition to downloadable e-books, works are planned to be developed on sites such as “Kadokawa Bunko / All-you-can-read light novel”, “Kadobun”, “Kakuyomu”, and “note”.
・ Suggested retail price: 350 yen
Details about this release:


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