Edia Co., Ltd. New Situation CD series “Hana smile with him” vol4 is now on sale! A collaboration shop with HARADA FLORIST will be held!

Edia Co., Ltd.
New Situation CD series “Hanawaru Kareto” vol4 now on sale! A collaboration shop with HARADA FLORIST will be held!
A subsidiary of Edia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshinari Kashima), Team Entertainment Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshinari Kashima) is a CD label for women. We are pleased to announce that the new situation CD series “Hana Smile He and” vol.
[Image 1

This work is based on the theme of “Four Love Stories Connected by Flowers”, and depicts the love pattern between him who works at a flower shop and his lover, along with episodes related to flowers. Four different flowers are motifs for each character, and the story develops from the relationships between juniors, work partners, childhood friends, and classmates! We will deliver a relaxing time. Atsushi Tamaru played the role of “Tenya Minami”, who is quiet and cool but has a passionate passion inside, in “Hanawaru Kare to vol.4 ~Nandina~ Tenya Minami” which was released today. We will also introduce the interview article of Mr. and the release commemorative gift campaign.
Also, today, vol.1 Tamaki Tori (CV Kimura), vol.2 Ginnosuke Sugawa (CV Ryota Suzuki), and vol.3 Hokuto Ichige (CV Shin Furukawa) from the “Hanawaru Kaneto” series are available on the iTunes Store. / Amazon Digital Music Store / Recochoku / MORA and other major distribution sites have started download sales.
vol.4 Tenya Minami (CV Atsushi Tamaru), which was released today, will also be released sequentially.
In addition, a collaboration shop of “Hanawaru Kareto” x HARADA FLORIST will be held!
We will also deliver breaking news of shops that will be held for a limited time.
“With Him Who Smiles” Introduction
[Image 2

He who works at a flower shop and you who is a lover.
I drew the days with him who pours sweet and sour love like a flower smiling. Situation CD series that delivers healing to the mind.
We will deliver four love stories connected by flowers.
That was the beginning of a long, long unrequited love of mine– Tenya Minami works as a staff at a flower shop.
What sparked my interest in flowers and plants was an unforgettable encounter in high school.
In front of Tenya, who couldn’t sublimate the love that had been growing in his heart even after he became an adult,
The time to reunite with her comes suddenly.
Not wanting to miss this chance, Tenya takes a certain action… Because you existed, I exist now.
As the two spend more time together, their warm feelings grow. CD product overview
Title: With him who laughs at flowers vol.4 ~Nandina~ Tenya Minami Cast: Tenya Minami (CV. Atsushi Tamaru), Tamaki Tori (CV. Kimura) Product number: XFCD-0212
POS: 4580722637044
Price: ¥2,750 (tax included)
Release date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Publisher: Team Entertainment
Copyright: (C) MintLip
[Enclosed privilege]
“Application lottery serial code”
For those who purchase each CD, we will present the autographed colored paper of the cast by lottery!
The application serial code, application form URL, and QR code are listed on the back of each CD, so please apply.
Cast interview with Atsushi Tamaru, who plays the role of Tenya Minami [Image 3d21592-579-f8ab5768f23fa4a1a657-1.jpg&s3=21592-579-9d5d2c714a1e5857bba107d0c312ddc5-1109x1479.jpg
[Q1. Please give us your impressions after recording.
Tenya has a personality that doesn’t show ups and downs of emotions very much, so I played him while measuring the adjustment for each scene. If I suppress it too much, it will make the story less interesting, and if I overdo it, it will not match his character. I was able to hear the voices of other characters, so it was easy to imagine the tension of the conversation.
In vol.3, there is a dialogue part with Hokuto, who is his boss, and in vol.4, there is a part where he interacts with his junior Tamaki. Conversation is also frank, and it is a good workplace with a homely atmosphere. I had a lot of fun playing it.
Q2. Please tell us about the charm of the character you played. I think everyone at the shop who spends a lot of time with Tenya will be fine, but I felt that because it’s hard to see his emotions, he might be easily misunderstood.
So, in the scene where I interact with customers, I played while thinking about the degree of friendly expression one by one. But even Tenya has emotions that come out unintentionally, and I think those emotions must be real. As much as it is usually difficult to see, I think the people around you will be happy if you can see that side of him. Tenya often talks indifferently, but I think his charm lies in the way he puts his heart into such moments.
Q3. In this work, you are depicting encounters and love patterns that are connected by flowers.
According to a story that actually happened before, when SNS started to become popular, I once ran into a friend who moved away when I was in elementary school. I never met him in person, but I found him by chance and had a little exchange with him.
I personally don’t have many chances to meet people, but now we live in an era where we use SNS on a daily basis, and I think it’s modern to use SNS to meet people. I find it scary to meet people I don’t know on social media, but it would be interesting to meet people I already knew.
Q4. In this work, a flower shop is depicted as the shop where he works. I had many opportunities to stop by flower shops, and it was very easy to imagine the scenery of the shops that appear in this work. When it comes to actually displaying live flowers, you have to take care of them regularly, so when I stop by, I often just look at them. I learned that there is also a flat-rate service that arrives. There are various shapes of flower bases, and it’s interesting not only to decorate flowers but also how to display them. It’s a difficult world to try to decorate in a serious fashion, but I can’t help but look at it when I pass in front of the flower shop, even though I’m envious. Q5. Lastly, please give a message to your fans.
Since the stage of the work is a familiar flower shop, there are people who want to decorate the room with flowers after listening to it, or want to take a peek into the store, just like me who was always curious about the flower shop. Isn’t there?
Of course, those who pick up from vol.3 and vol.4, where Tenya appears, will enjoy it, and I think it will be a more enjoyable story if you listen to it in order from vol.1.
It’s a wonderful work, so I’d be happy if you could pick it up. “Hanawaru Kareto” × HARADA FLORIST collaboration shop held
A collaboration between “Hanawaru Kareto” and the flower shop “HARADA FLORIST” in Omotesando will be held!
In addition to flower bouquets devised by the characters as a branch store of the flower shop “Fill Flower” that appears in the work, goods such as flower picks using newly drawn SD characters are also available!
Bouquets are also available online, so be sure to check them out! Collaboration special site:
http://www.team-e.co.jp/mintlip/hanakare/special/collabo.html Related Sites
■ “Hanawaru Kareto” Official Site
■ “Hanawaru Kare to” Official Twitter
■ “Hanawaru Kare to” Official Instagram
Announcement of “Hanawaru Kare to vol.4” Announcement Commemorative Gift Campaign
In commemoration of the release of “Hanawaru Kare to vol.4 ~Nandina~ Tenya Minami”, a campaign will be held from 1/26 (Thursday) to win autographed colored paper by Atsushi Tamaru, who plays the role of Tenya Minami, and gifts related to the work. !
For details, please check the campaign post on the official Twitter (@hanakare_ml).
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