biz・Creave Co., Ltd. Concluded a strategic partnership with Web3.0 game-specific media “NFT GAMER’S” a nd blockchain game “Reta Wars”

biz・Creave Co., Ltd.
Formed a strategic partnership with Web3.0 game-specific media “NFT GAMER’S” and blockchain game “Reta Wars”
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biz Creave Co., Ltd. (Reading: Biz Creave, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Chiba Ayumu, hereinafter “biz・Creave”) is Realital LLC (head office: Seoul, South Korea, CEO: Lee JungPyo, hereinafter “Realital”), a developer and operator of the blockchain game “Reta Wars”. and entered into a strategic partnership.
Through this partnership, NFT GAMER’S will support the domestic and international promotion of the blockchain game “Reta Wars” and contribute to the expansion of this project and Realital’s blockchain business. Please look forward to future developments.
As the first step of partnership tie-up measures, NFT GAMER’S develops and operates the “Reta Wars” game strategy wiki
(, “Reta Wars” By disseminating content to Japanese users, we will work to improve the experience value of users playing “Reta Wars” in Japan, and by extension, we will work together to expand the Japanese blockchain game market. In addition, we are still waiting for inquiries from companies that want to collaborate in the WEB 3.0 area.
“Reta Wars” Game Strategy Wiki: About biz・Creave Co., Ltd.
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biz・Creave was established as a company that mainly develops web media business and asset management business. In the web media business, we operate Web 3.0 information media “NFT GAMER’S”
( and game strategy wiki “NFT GAMER’S strategy wiki” as vertical media specializing in blockchain games (, etc., and in 2022, we will work with ForN Co., Ltd., the operating company of “YGG Japan”, in the blockchain game media area. We have concluded a strategic partnership for marketing. The logo of biz・Creave Co., Ltd. expresses that it is the key to providing impressive experiences to customers and business. pixel group.
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NFT GAMER’S is a Web3.0 game-specific information media operated by biz Creave Co., Ltd. We are distributing strategy information for popular blockchain games. This media logo uses a key as a motif, and has the meaning of aiming to be a media that will be a hint (key) for users looking for blockchain games. Advisor is Mr. FOS who is active in many Web3.0 projects. We are still waiting for inquiries from companies that want to collaborate in the WEB 3.0 area.
■ NFT GAMER’S related URL
Service site:
Walkthrough Wiki: Official Twitter:
Mr. FOS Twitter:
About Reta Wars
[Video 2:] The new generation Game-Fi “Reta Wars” is a strategy NFT “War-to-Earn” blockchain game in which two DAOs strategically compete for profit. This work can be said to be a simulation game that adds strategic elements to DeFi. Players can hire NFT heroes and strategically place them in buildings within their realm to produce resources. Heroes have various skills and stats, and there are various buildings such as barracks, secret bases, mines, lumber mills, and farms in the player’s territory. When players deploy NFT heroes to buildings, the heroes will produce resources according to their abilities. Players should carefully consider how to use this resource, whether to supply it for war or sell it on the market. It doesn’t require the fast and busy hand movements of action games, but it does require thinking and determination to effectively control your hero. Players can plan long-term strategies, place heroes in the right positions, and earn rewards based on their performance.
To get bigger rewards, you’ll need to work with other players in your faction and gather your opinion through voting. Factions that work well together can win wars and earn more rewards. Exactly this game is “like two giant DAOs fighting each other”.
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Official website:
About Realital
[Image 5d113707-2-182aff460f39ba11c641-1.png&s3=113707-2-d30d78884ae64859d1d2f4eeb69ea154-289x62.png
Realital is a game development company that leads a new trend in the turning point of the era represented by blockchain and NFT. In order to realize the important value of the new era, Lee JungPyo, a full-stack developer from Tencent, gathered talented people from the future game industry such as Netmarble and Vespa to establish a company.
Company Profile
[Image 5d113707-2-182aff460f39ba11c641-1.png&s3=113707-2-d30d78884ae64859d1d2f4eeb69ea154-289x62.png
Company name: Realital LLC
Location: 10F 216, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea CEO: Lee Jung Pyo
[Image 6d113707-2-aafaaa292cf5dcc15e99-2.png&s3=113707-2-7510eaa6a00d11a9f8c74979eb5886bc-812x205.png
Company name: biz Creave Co., Ltd.
Established: July 2018
Location: KDX Shimbashi Ekimae Building 3F, 1-9-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
Representative Director and President: Ayumu Chiba
Business description: Web media business, asset management business Details about this release:

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