Impress Group Understand the magic of Flutter! “Re-implementation Flutter Create your own UI framework from scratch” Published Technology Fountain series, new issue in January

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Understand the magic of Flutter! “Re-implementation Flutter Create your own UI framework from scratch” Published Technology Fountain series, new issue in January
Impress R&D Co., Ltd., which is involved in the electronic publishing business of the Impress Group, will publish “Re-implemented Flutter UI framework from scratch” (Author: Yuuki Hayakawa).
The “Fountain of Technology Series”, which transmits the latest knowledge, is a technical doujinshi distributed at various spot sales events such as “Technical Book” and “Technical Book Doujinshi Expo”, as well as study groups and LT meetings. We aim to contribute to the spread and development of technical doujinshi by publishing commercial books based on
“Re-implemented Flutter”
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Author: Yuuki Hayakawa
Suggested retail price: E-book version: 2,500 yen (excluding tax) / Printed version: 3,200 yen (excluding tax)
E-book version format: EPUB3
Printed book version specifications: B5 / color / text 312 pages ISBN: 978-4-295-60174-6
Published by Impress R&D
–Purpose of publication and introduction of content–
Flutter can create various screens just by combining widgets, but why is that possible? Flutter can easily rewrite the screen with “setState () magic”, but why is such a thing possible?
In this book, I will re-implement Flutter from scratch and create a new UI framework called “Flume”. Through re-implementation, we aim to understand the complex world that supports UI frameworks and the differential update system that supports Flutter’s high-speed operation.
Flutter itself is already a large and complex piece of software that is difficult to implement end to end. Therefore, in Flume, we will pick up only the essential functions and explain and implement them. We will also learn about the relationship between Flutter’s engine and framework, how to update the screen efficiently, and implement them. Ultimately, you will be able to create a ○× game using setState() in your own framework.
Of course, it is not possible to create a framework that is practical enough to narrow down the functions. However, UI management methods are commonly used not only in Flutter, but also in web frameworks, browsers, and native apps such as Android and iOS. First of all, by understanding the simple Flume specification, we aim to help you understand the code of the original Flutter and other frameworks. (This book is published using the next-generation publishing method “NextPublishing”.)
–table of contents–
Chapter 1 Screen display and drawing with Skia
Chapter 2 Play with Skia
Chapter 3 Implementation of TaskRunner
Chapter 4 Layer tree implementation and display
Chapter 5 Building a Layer tree from the Render tree
Chapter 6 Various RenderObjects
Chapter 7 Element tree/Widget tree construction 1
Chapter 8 Element tree/Widget tree construction 2
Chapter 9 Text display
Chapter 10 runApp and WidgetsFlutterBinding
Chapter 11 Engine Concealment and Screen Update Timing
Chapter 12 Engine key input support
Chapter 13 markNeedsPaint()
Chapter 14 markNeedsLayout()
Chapter 15 Applying Generics to Widgets
Chapter 16 Widget Tree Difference Calculation 1
Chapter 17 Widget Tree Difference Calculation 2
Chapter 18 Implementation of StatefulWidget and StatelessWidget Chapter 19 Let’s make a ○× game
Chapter 20 Handling Pointer Events
Chapter 21 Implementation of animation
Chapter 22 Implementation of InheritedWidget
Chapter 23 ○× Let’s evolve the game
–Author introduction–
Yuuki Hayakawa
Born in Saitama in 2001. Graduated from Keio Shiki High School. Currently enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University. In 2020, he will represent the technical circle Computer Society (KCS). At the Keio University AI and Advanced Programming Consortium (AIC) sponsored by the Keio University Advanced Research Center, I was in charge of two courses: “Web application development with Flutter for beginners” and “Let’s create a web application with Flutter”.
–Sales Store–
 Amazon Kindle Store, Rakuten kobo eBook Store, Apple Books, Kinokuniya Bookstore Kinoppy, Google Play Store, honto e-book store, Sony Reader Store, BookLive!, BOOK☆WALKER, BOOK TECH
Printed books:
Sales at each store will begin as soon as they are ready.
You can also order from general bookstores nationwide.
–About the Fountain of Technology series–
The “Fountain of Technology Series” is a technical book series launched in 2017, based on technical doujinshi, which is the output of engineers’ knowledge. With NextPublishing’s speedy editing production and print-on-demand print binding from one book, it features a sustainable publishing model that follows technological changes and does not return or run out. Through this series, we aim to provide an opportunity for more people to come into contact with the world of technical doujinshi, which are the “crystals of knowledge” of engineers.
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[Impress R&D]
Impress R&D Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masanobu Iseri) is a company that operates the digital-first next-generation electronic publishing platform “NextPublishing”. We are also developing our own IT-related media business, such as publishing “Internet White Papers” using NextPublishing.
*NextPublishing is the name of the electronic publishing platform (or method) developed by Impress R&D. We are solving the problems of traditional publishing, such as simultaneous production of e-books and printed books, and elimination of out-of-stock items by
print-on-demand (POD). As a result, we aim to distribute the diverse knowledge of excellent individuals and organizations by making it possible to publish a wide variety of products in small numbers, which is economically difficult with traditional publishing.
[Impress Group]
Impress Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Matsumoto, Securities Code: TSE Standard Market 9479) is a media group with a holding company. We are developing highly specialized media & services and solution businesses with the main themes of “IT”, “music”, “design”, “mountains and nature”, “aviation and railroads”, “mobile services”, and “academics and science and engineering”. In addition, we are also involved in the development and operation of content business platforms.
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