Shinchosha Co., Ltd. Hinatazaka 46 Manamo Miyata’s first novel collection “Kirakirashi” The 3rd picture of the postcard included is a figure relaxing in a fluffy loungewear!

Shinchosha Co., Ltd.
Hinatazaka 46 Manamo Miyata’s first novel collection “Kirakirashi” The 3rd picture of the bonus postcard is a figure relaxing in a fluffy loungewear!
Comment from the person “I’m looking forward to seeing an adult-like one” ……………………………………………………………………………………………
2nd generation Miyata Manamo (24) announced her graduation from the idol group Hinatazaka46. From the first novel collection “Kirakirashi” (released on February 28, 2023, Shinchosha), the 3rd design of the enclosed bonus postcard will be released in advance.
[Image 1

Enclosed bonus postcard design 3rd photo/Yu Kumaki
All 3 types of enclosed postcards are cuts that have not been published in the book, and 1 type will be randomly included for each book. On the back of the postcard, a different handwritten message is written for each picture, and it is full of unique points of view unique to Mr. Miyata.
This time, we have released a photo of her relaxing at the inn, taken with the theme of “a trip to Nara”. This is an impressive piece of nails that Mr. Miyata himself loves. The same nails that Mr. Miyata himself has selected from his favorites also appear in the novel he wrote. Mr. Miyata himself said, “I haven’t had the opportunity to paint such dark colored nails so I was very excited. I think the facial expressions and clothes have turned out to be mature photos, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.” .
The book “Kirakirashi” is a hot topic with one of the works included in the February issue of the monthly novel magazine “Novel Shincho” (released on January 20).
On the book’s official Twitter account (@manamo_manyo), comments have also been received from Mr. Miyata himself. Please also pay attention to the attempt linked to the novel, such as Mr. Miyata calling for a tanka after the Manyoshu. In addition, Miyata, who became famous as a “Burikko” character of Hinatazaka46, is also popular for her “Burikko” appearance.
== “Kirakirashi” book information ==
[Image 2

Photographed by Yu Kumaki
A series of short stories based on the beloved Manyoshu
 Mr. Miyata met his favorite Manyoshu when he was in high school and was fascinated by its freedom, fun, and depth. This book is a series of short stories in which five favorite waka poems are selected from the Manyoshu and the imagination is freely expanded from the songs. Mr. Miyata has prepared more than 20 new books in addition to the large amount of materials he already has at home. “Usually, my family tells me not to increase the number of books, but this time I was happy to be able to buy a lot of materials for Manyoshu.
■Fully open the charm of novels and photos! A book full of
ever-changing expressions.
Based on the novel, the filming was done in Nara, the stage of the Manyoshu, and Mr. Miyata packed everything he wanted to do. In particular, the Manyo Bunkakan, which has a lot of materials from Manyoshu, was the first to be named.
Based on the novel, the photos taken under the theme of “Journey to Nara” will make you feel as if you traveled with Mr. Miyata. Miyata-san, who has a strong impression of a “beautiful older sister” among the 2nd-gen members, has a strong impression of being an older sister, such as innocently playing in the flower garden, a grown-up expression painting nails, and eating a cake at the afternoon tea that she often goes with the members. The highlight is the rich expression that changes round and round.
This time, at the request of Mr. Miyata, he recreated the rare hakama with the long-sleeved kimono he wore at his university graduation ceremony two years ago, which his parents bought for him. A book commemorating her graduation as an idol.
[Comment from Manamo Miyata when the book information was lifted (December 26, 2022)]
Have a nice day. My name is Manamo Miyata. I wrote a novel on the theme of my favorite Manyoshu, which I learned at university. With this as an opportunity, if the Manyoshu is so interesting, why don’t you read it…? I would be happy if you thought. In addition, I was allowed to go to Nara, which I longed for, for the shooting. I enjoyed the history of shrines and temples, and enjoyed the second-hand bookstore and Manyo Culture Museum, forgetting that it was work. I was very happy to receive the goshuin, and it remains in my memory. Also, I found a lot of interesting books in the library of Manyo Bunkakan, but I didn’t have time to read them slowly, so I’d like to visit you again in my private life!
I’m sad that the writing that I’ve been working on little by little since autumn is coming to an end, but I thought it was my graduation work, so I wrote here and there the essence of my favorite things. I hope that even people who don’t usually read books will be able to pick it up. I hope that the idol Manamo Miyata will take the first step towards becoming just a normal Miyata Manomo.
[Image 3

Photographed by Yu Kumaki
[Author profile]
Manamo Miyata
Born April 28, 1998 in Tokyo. In 2017, he passed the Keyakizaka46 additional member recruitment audition and debuted as a second generation member of Keyakizaka46. After renaming the group to Hinatazaka46 in February 2019, they will continue to work vigorously. She announced that she will graduate from the group in September 2022. Activities are scheduled to end at the end of January 2023.
[Photographer profile]
Yu Kumaki
Belongs to io. Born in Aichi prefecture. Graduated from Aichi Shukutoku University. Graduated from Nippon Designer Art College, majoring in photography. Studied under Jun Imagi in 2011 after working at Daikanyama Studio. Independence in 2014.
[Synopsis of “Kirakirashi”]
Kinami, who is in the third grade of elementary school, met Karen of the same age when visiting a ballet class. The two were good friends even after they became high school students, but after meeting Karen’s older brother Kei for the first time in a while, Kinami intentionally approaches him (“Happiness”), and Toko, who is about to move, meets him on a slope. It was a boy stroking a cat. The distance between the two shrinks through the cat. The day before the move, Toko asks the boy for the last time (“Slope leading to the Library”), and Eri is a college student majoring in Japanese Literature. She becomes friends with Asaki, the type of boy who would never talk to her until now, because of waka poems. However, he pissed off Asaki (“Kobai-iro”). In addition, all 5 volumes.
On the book’s official Twitter account (@manamo_manyo), comments have been received from Miyata himself, and are welcomed by fans. Attempts linked to the novel, such as Miyata asking for a phrase to add a tanka after the Manyoshu and announcing his favorites, are also popular. In addition, Miyata, who became famous as Hinatazaka46’s “Burikko” character, is also popular for her “Burikko” appearance.
■ Book overview
[Bookbinding] 46 size 128 pages (including 48 color pages)
[Body price] 1,800 yen
[Release date] Tuesday, February 28, 2023
[ISBN] 978-4-10-354941-3
[Bonus] 1 out of 3 types of postcards included, special leaflet included [URL]
[Official Twitter] @manamo_manyo
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