KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. The “Sentendo” series, which has sold over 4 million copies in total, is very popular! Reiko Hiroshima’s “Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu” goes on sale today!

The “Sentendo” series, which has sold over 4 million copies in total, is very popular! Reiko Hiroshima’s “Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu” goes on sale today!
Perfect for nurturing diversity and self-esteem from an early age Recommended for beginners to read!
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will publish “Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu” (written by Reiko Hiroshima and Yuki Hoshitani) on January 25 (Wednesday). (E-book also released on the same day)
[Image 1d7006-11899-c6dc223301adde3e383d-5.jpg&s3=7006-11899-031ca2cf85ad9a6f0d841a9d9d327d8c-1000x1466.jpg
The feelings of the main character, Nako, who says, “I’m not afraid to make different choices” and “I want to live my way,” are in line with modern children’s thinking and educational trends. A book recommended for girls in the lower grades of elementary school to accept differences from others and raise their self-esteem. Reiko Hiroshima, who is extremely popular in the “Sentendo” series, is recommended as her “first book”!
-Three Highlights-
1. Lots of cute illustrations!
The illustrations have been renewed for the publication of the book. Nearly 40 illustrations by Mr. Yuki Hoshitani, who works on the “Tamago no Mahouya Towa” series, are included to create the perfect expression of Nako and Bonbon.
[Image 2d7006-11899-5e12c782b2010d02aaa3-2.jpg&s3=7006-11899-56307d800fc40465fae0fbf19c042b51-2480x1666.jpg
Full of color illustrations!
2. Enjoy in all colors!
All pages are in color, making it a visually enjoyable book for children who are reading “reading material” for the first time. [Image 3d7006-11899-04f2bd3336061c666ee3-6.jpg&s3=7006-11899-ca16b292a7aa7d796fd880c6f33797ca-3013x2204.jpg
Text page sample
3. The newly written page is also gorgeous!
“Bonbon’s Diary”, which reveals what Bonbon was thinking in the story, which is not in the Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko version, is in full color and contains 4 pages and 1 page of the book’s original postscript. -Comment from Reiko Hiroshima-
The model for the bonbons in this book is my dog, Donna. I also hope that the number of children who like corgis will increase as a result of “BonBon the Witch Dog”.
* Excerpt from the text “Afterword”
– Win a book signed by Reiko Hiroshima! A gift campaign will be held! – [Image 4d7006-11899-0b04df045a383c2b12bb-0.jpg&s3=7006-11899-c6d94f02ebdf187c69067313c4ba58ed-1200x501.jpg
In commemoration of the publication, we are holding a campaign for 5 people to get “Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu” signed by Reiko Hiroshima!
Application deadline: Until 23:59 on Thursday, March 9, 2023 Click here for details: https://yomeruba.com/campaign/present/entry-13771.html -We also deliver wallpapers using illustrations! –
On KADOKAWA’s children’s book portal site “Yomerba”, in commemoration of the release of “Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu”, we are distributing wallpaper for web conferences to Yomelba members (free). Please download it and make use of it.
[Image 5d7006-11899-6e81aa88da13af6fff2a-4.png&s3=7006-11899-8ee2f96a40942fc22c476d2d14f2eaca-1200x630.png
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Yomelba distributes downloadable content such as wallpapers, coloring pages, drills, etc. using illustrations from popular picture books in addition to “Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu” to members. There are also articles and serials that only members can read!
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-Book overview-

[Image 6d7006-11899-c6dc223301adde3e383d-5.jpg&s3=7006-11899-031ca2cf85ad9a6f0d841a9d9d327d8c-1000x1466.jpg
Book Title: Witch Dog Bonbon Nako Meets Koinu
Written by Reiko Hiroshima Illustrated by Yuki Hoshitani
Specifications: 168 pages of exact size
Body price: 1,100 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-04-112403-1
Target: From the lower grades of elementary school
Publication: Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Issued by: KADOKAWA
A witch’s partner is supposed to be a cat, but what Nako chose is a dog!? Everyone around me is against it! “What’s more, the little dog, Bonbon, is just mischievous…!?”
Even if I’m different from other people, this girl is my only partner! The slapstick days of Nako and Bonbon begin♪
(From Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko “The Witch Dog Bonbon Nako and the Fateful Dog” includes “Prologue”, “Nako Brings the Puppy Home” and “First Shopping”. The Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko version of the “Witch Dog Bonbon” series was released in 2012. It started in 2015 and was a success as a fantasy for the lower grades, gaining a strong fan base until it was completed in 2015 with eight volumes.It continues to be reprinted today.)
Serialized trial reading: https://yomeruba.com/serial/novel/majyoinubonbon/ Click here for bibliographic information:
Click here for other Reiko Hiroshima works:
Details about this release:


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