Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd. Gacha is always on your back. Why don’t you go out with that gacha machine on your back? The 2nd “Let’s Play Gacha (R) Project” “Showy Gacha” will be released in July!

Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd.
Always Gacha on the back. Why don’t you go out with that gacha machine on your back? The 2nd “Let’s Play Gacha (R) Project” “Showy Gacha” will be released in July!
Orders will be accepted from 12:00 on January 25 (Wednesday) at Takara Tomy Arts e-class
Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroyuki Usami / Location: Katsushika-ku, Tokyo) of the Takara Tomy Group is the second official goods of the “Let’s Play Gacha (R) Project” that conveys the appeal of capsule toys (Gacha). As a gacha machine motif backpack “Showy Gacha-” -9,900 yen (tax included)- will be released on our own EC site “e group” as a made-to-order product. The reservation acceptance period is from January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00 to February 26 (Sunday) 23:59.
[Image 1d9185-225-946064f91ec6db7cf53a-0.jpg&s3=9185-225-a2730b9f850140142ff0b8c74ccf1c4d-2000x1482.jpg
Capsule toys were imported from the United States on February 17, 1965 by Penny Shokai (now Penny Co., Ltd.). Yujin Co., Ltd., the
predecessor of Takara Tomy Arts, was established in 1988 and entered the capsule toy business. Our capsule toy brand is familiar with the trademark “Gacha (R)”, and currently we release about 30 to 40 types of new products every month, and more than 400 types of new products per year, which are enjoyed by many people of all ages. It has received.
[Image 2d9185-225-07a3b93de3766db42571-1.jpg&s3=9185-225-53d3ffebc039b3d73ef671ad1e25e0fb-1311x2000.jpg
The “Let’s Play Gacha (R) Project” started in December 2022 for users who love this gacha and for everyone who wants to like it in the future. In the first project, we ordered and sold “Gacha (R) T-shirt” as official goods.
The second official goods to be announced this time is a backpack “Showy Gacha-” with the motif of our gacha machine “Gacha 2Ez (Easy)”. It is a backpack that reproduces the shape of a gacha machine in each part, and you can freely display illustrations and photos or put your favorite items in the transparent window of the main body like a real gacha machine. In addition, it is equipped with a gimmick that turns the handle peculiar to the gacha machine. You can actually spin it while enjoying the same ticking feeling as the gacha machine. (*Capsules will not come out) In addition, 10 empty gacha capsules are included, so you can enjoy it in various ways depending on your ideas, such as using it as an accessory case or decorating it with your favorite items.
[Image 3d9185-225-bad1e17fd1020a3e66e9-2.png&s3=9185-225-80628c7bfb04d287ef9b7a2cf47714ea-2000x1367.png
“Showy Gacha-” will be made-to-order and sold on Takara Tomy Arts’ EC site “e-gumi” from 12:00 on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday). The product will be delivered in July.
Why don’t you go out and spin the gacha with your favorite item in the gacha machine on your back?
[Image 4d9185-225-635b1e3d44d369713f86-3.png&s3=9185-225-8b861c5d6d8fac19a1baeb6dee36eaef-2400x1180.png
Left: A transparent window like a gacha machine. How to charm and arrange is free depending on the idea.
Right: The main compartment opens and closes wide, and is sized to fit A4 documents and a 13-inch laptop. It also has an inner pocket with a zipper and a divider pocket for storing small items, so you can easily put in and take out your luggage and keep it neat and tidy.
[Image 5d9185-225-6b64d2c043b21e857443-4.png&s3=9185-225-65e2a54a594687ccf14a7780887fd9b6-2400x1180.png
Left: A handle gimmick where you can enjoy the same ticking feel as the gacha machine.
Right: The capsule outlet is a pocket with a zipper. You can keep your favorite gacha and accessories quietly hidden.
≪Product Overview≫
Product name: “Showy Gacha”
Price: 9,900 yen (tax included) *Shipping service
Product contents: Main body, 10 empty capsules, instruction manual Product material: Outer PVC / Lining polyester / Handle ABS / Empty capsule PP, PS
Body size: W300mm x D200mm x H440mm (capacity about 22 liters) Country of Origin: China
Sales: Takara Tomy Arts official shopping site “e-gumi”
Sales method: Made-to-order manufacturing with advance application (*) Application period: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00 to February 26 (Sunday) 23:59
Product delivery: Scheduled for July 2023
Rights notation: (C) T-ARTS * “Gacha (R)” is a registered trademark of Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd.

[Image 6d9185-225-571b398f32ef2906b219-5.png&s3=9185-225-6b98787891ce6a357b99cc66977d5b35-1736x1600.png
[Image 7d9185-225-9695f60a2a4ed6d6b927-6.png&s3=9185-225-261e6f7a9307160915e83c1313dd3cb6-2400x1600.png
Main unit side/main unit back
[Image 8d9185-225-0d4f82f56e833228dc19-7.png&s3=9185-225-056c3460428d408c35b2420d68dcf915-2000x933.png
Includes 10 empty capsules
*The photos shown are under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.
*This product cannot be purchased at stores that carry our products. *Product delivery may be delayed due to unfavorable weather, delivery convenience, or other reasons.
*In the unlikely event that a product that is made to order is canceled, there is a possibility that the canceled product will be resold at a later date. In addition, there is a possibility that some specifications will be changed and resold in the future.
[Image 9d9185-225-568bbf7ed770e4b13fd8-8.jpg&s3=9185-225-bbcf4646524c0365b14785600892f878-1335x2000.jpg
Image of carrying a shoi gacha
[Image 10d9185-225-9ce909b331a331a6ad81-10.jpg&s3=9185-225-8472c1270872c5180dd5ee38451afe7b-1571x2000.jpg
Right: Motif gacha machine (Gacha 2 EZ)
An event to commemorate the release of “Showy Gacha” will be held on Gacha Day! In commemoration of the product release, on February 17th (Friday) and 18th (Saturday) on Gacha Day, “Shoi Gacha” will be held at the south exit event space on the 1st floor of Yamada Denki “LABI1 LIFE SELECT Ikebukuro” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. -Showy Gacha- Release Commemorative Gacha Day Festa” will be held. Those who purchase gacha for 600 yen or more will win a lottery gacha and gacha T-shirt. Please see our website for details.
Special event site – https://www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/campaign/e/115/ February 17th is the day that Gacha was born in Japan, and it is the anniversary that Penny Co., Ltd., a Takara Tomy Arts Group, has established as “Gacha Day”.

About Takara Tomy Arts Official Shopping Site “e-gumi”
“Takara Tomy Arts e-Gumi” is an e-commerce business that we are working on. “e-Gumi” utilizes the mobility and flexibility of Internet sales to deliver “items that can only be purchased here” and “buying methods that can only be done here” with various ingenuity unique to Takara Tomy Arts. . In addition, we aim to operate the site not only for shopping purposes but also for finding something fun and pleasing.

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