Warehouse TERRADA Art gallery cafe “WHAT CAFE” to hold joint exhibition with three Tokyo-based galleries

Terada Warehouse
Art gallery cafe “WHAT CAFE” holds joint exhibition with three Tokyo-based galleries
Bohemian’s Guild, GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE, TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY and a total of 22 young artists will be introduced
The art gallery cafe “WHAT CAFE” operated by Warehouse TERRADA Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kohei Terada) will open from February 15 (Wednesday) to February 26 (Sunday), 2023. We will hold “WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.24” until.
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WHAT CAFE, Bohemian’s Guild by Natsume-Books, GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE, and TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY jointly introduce 22 artists working on challenging works. This collaboration project was realized because three Tokyo-based galleries, which are pursuing new galleries based in Tokyo, sympathized with WHAT CAFE’s activities. Along with the diverse styles of up-and-coming artists, we are planning an exhibition structure that allows you to enjoy the individuality of each gallery. Title: WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.24
Planning cooperation: Bohemian’s Guild by Natsume-Books, GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE, TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY
Exhibition period: February 15 (Wednesday) to February 26 (Sunday), 2023 Exhibiting artists (honorific titles omitted, alphabetical order) WHAT CAFE: Ameiro Aoki, Kumiko Ito, Kaho Kinoshita, Satoshi Sugamoto, Aoi Honjo, Yunori Yamamoto
 Bohemian’s Guild by Natsume-Books: Naohiro Ueda, Yuki Sakuta, Ayaka Shirota, Takanori Suga, Tomoko Hasuwa, Yoshihiko Yamazaki
 GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE: Momoka Ota, Kurumi Ono, Kevin Lee, Reiki, MANA HIRAI, Shisai Yoshimi
 TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY: Kenji Agata, Sosuke Ueda, Koichiro Takei, Kohei Fukushima
URL: https://cafe.warehouseofart.org/exhibition/507
Venue: WHAT CAFE (2-1-11 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002) Business hours: 11:00 to 18:00 (closes at 17:00 on the last day) Admission fee: Free
*The event may be canceled due to the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, and some contents and times may change. *During the exhibition period, the museum may be closed due to exhibition changes, rental events, etc. Please see the official website for detailed business days
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Kaho Kinoshita “Gingham check -layer-”
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Aoi Honjo “Where are you?”
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Naohiro Ueda “Doubt is”
[Image 5

Takanori Suga “Invade the skin”
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Momoka Ota “Bright Forest”
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Kurumi Ono “garbha-griha”
[Image 8

Sosuke Ueda “PCS”
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Koichiro Takei “lines2”
[About WHAT CAFE] https://cafe.warehouseofart.org
A facility that exhibits and sells contemporary art works by artists who will lead the future of the Japanese art industry. It is characterized by spaciousness and brightness of 800 square meters. By changing all the works every exhibition period, many artists will be able to show their works and create opportunities for sales. We always provide visitors with a place to meet new art. In addition, workshops and events linked to the contents of the exhibition, and networking events for art fans will be held. It is a space where you can enjoy and experience art with all five senses. In addition, in the cafe space, you can enjoy meals and drinks surrounded by art. From August 2022, the concept of “ART IS…” is planned with the desire to provide a space where visitors to WHAT CAFE can reconsider their own “what is art” and create new discoveries. We are developing an exhibition. [About Bohemian’s Guild by Natsume-Books] https://www.bohemiansguild.com Bohemian’s Guild is a second-hand bookstore located in Kanda-Jimbocho, the city of books. Established in 1924 as Natsume Shobo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It has continued as an antiquarian bookstore for over 90 years, and in recent years it has developed a gallery space with a particular focus on postwar art and contemporary art. We handle a wide range of books from rare books to contemporary art, and you can actually touch art and culture such as paintings, prints, rare books such as limited editions and first editions, and handwritten works. In addition, as a permanent exhibition, we plan to focus on one piece of work, “Collection Ichigei”. Sponsored by Tokyo Culture Auction, an auction that transmits culture from Jimbocho, the city of books.
[About GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE] https://g-hayashi-artbridge.com In 2008, he opened Gallery Hayashi in Ginza. Widely active in 20th century modern painting. In 2018, he started the side project ART BRIDGE, which holds exhibitions of young contemporary artists who challenge new expressions. Currently, as GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE, we focus on the exhibition activities of young contemporary artists who have the artistic flow that Japan has built up since the modern era, and who challenge new expressions and leave their names in the history of the future.
[About TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY] https://takusometani.com
Since its opening in 2018, it has actively introduced a wide range of artists by holding solo exhibitions at galleries and exhibiting at art fairs in Japan and abroad, focusing on unique young artists active in Japan who are rich in expressiveness and talent. doing.
[About Warehouse TERRADA]
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Company name: Warehouse TERRADA
Representative: Kohei Terada, President and Representative Director Location: 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Established: October 1950
URL: https://www.terrada.co.jp
[Inquiries about exhibited works and WHAT CAFE]
Warehouse TERRADA WHAT CAFE Team E-MAIL: what_cafe@terrada.co.jp Details about this release:


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