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BELLSYSTEM24 Holdings Co., Ltd. / BELLSYSTEM24 Co., Ltd.
Bell System 24 Releases the First Book of the Physical Condition Management App “Headache Ru” Based on Barometric Pressure Forecasts “App Used by 1 Million Monthly Users! How to deal with a painful low pressure presented by Headache” will be released on Thursday, February 16
– Full of illustrations, easy-to-understand explanations of how to deal with low pressure –
BELLSYSTEM24 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shunsuke Noda, hereinafter: BELLSYSTEM24) provides a physical condition management application based on atmospheric pressure forecasts, “Headache” (hereinafter: this application). From, the first book “App for 1 million monthly users! Headache presents how to deal with a painful low pressure” (Shinchosha) will be released on February 16 (Thursday) at bookstores nationwide and online bookstores. The Headache-ru editorial department, which develops this app and distributes information about weather diseases on the Headache-ru official website, provides information on how to deal with low pressure and how to deal with it for people who are suffering from depression due to changes in atmospheric pressure. It is a useful book that summarizes the methods.

Background and Purpose of Publication
BELLSYSTEM24, which operates a contact center outsourcing business nationwide, has been the point of contact for client companies for 40 years since its founding. In recent years, customer contact channels have diversified from telephone to e-mail, chat, and apps.
Absorption-type merger of subsidiary POCKE Co., Ltd.
This app was born in April 2013 at Pocke Co., Ltd., when an employee who was a weather forecaster became interested in the relationship between weather and health. At that time, the concept of “discomforts caused by changes in weather and barometric pressure” and the term “meteor disease” were not well known. We developed this app because we believe that by using this app, we can find out the cause of poor physical condition and create an environment where people around us can understand it, which will enrich the lives of many people. . So far, this app has provided functions such as checking the time period when you are likely to feel unwell due to changes in
atmospheric pressure, and easily recording pain and taking
medications. In making this book, the “headache editorial department” will provide app users and other people who are actually feeling unwell, how to deal with “weather disease” that the app cannot provide We interviewed doctors, Chinese medicine advisors, acupuncturists, and other specialists for information on methods, etc., and summarized them in one book as tips to protect your mind and body from depression caused by atmospheric pressure.
BELLSYSTEM24 will continue to aim to realize its corporate philosophy of “Supporting the prosperity of society through innovation and communication” through the provision of new value to society, including this initiative.
book outline
Title: An app used by 1 million people a month! A gift from a headache How to deal with a painful low pressure
Publisher: Shinchosha
Author name: Headache Ru editorial department
Release date: Thursday, February 16, 2023
Bookbinding: 46 size
Price: 1540 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-10-354891-1
Inquiries about books
Shinchosha Nonfiction Editorial Department Megumi Shimazaki
TEL: 070-3798-9585 / E-mail:
71 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8711
About the author
Headache editorial department
“Headache” is a physical condition management app based on atmospheric pressure forecasts devised by a weather forecaster, focusing on pain such as headaches caused by changes in atmospheric pressure, which is called “weather disease”. Received the 2017 Good Design Award. More than 1 million monthly users. Cumulative number of downloads exceeded 10 million. The “headache editorial department” publishes on its website information on methods and countermeasures to prevent low-pressure headaches and weather diseases, as well as about the weather and daily life.
・Headache official website:
About Bell System 24 Corporate URL: With more than 30,000 employees nationwide, since the launch of Japan’s first full-scale call center service in 1982, we have developed a variety of services as a point of contact between companies and consumers. In 2020, under the Medium-Term Management Plan 2022, we will promote home contact centers, promote DX including data utilization, and strengthen alliances such as strategic alliances as key measures.
As a leading company in the industry, we will continue to pursue our mission of “innovation and communication” through the development and provision of various solutions based on the operational knowledge we have cultivated by combining the power of “people” and “technology.” We will realize our goal of supporting the prosperity of society through
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