ALL DAY GALLERY We are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Mr. Priscilla Lei, an artist who creates photo art under the theme of “Palette of Light and Color in the Heart”.

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We are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Mr. Priscilla Lei, an artist who creates photo art under the theme of “Palette of light and color that lights up the heart” – Palette of light and color that lights the heart ~ Soul Journey ~.

An artist who creates fantastic landscape photo art under the theme of “Palette of light and color that lights up the heart”.
We are pleased to announce Priscilla Lei’s solo exhibition – A Palette of Light and Color – Soul Journey -.
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[Period]: February 20 (Mon) to February 26 (Sun), 2023
[Hours] : 10:00-19:00-Admission free-
4-8-3 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0023 ALL DAY B1

2022. I went on a trip around Japan and achieved this with the support of many people.
The theme is “#Rainbow smile, delivering smiles and happiness to the whole country with art”.
That experience gained in a year’s journey is a deep and rich time as if you spent 10 years.
It seems like it was a dream, but it’s definitely real, not a dream. There were people who connected and met because I set off.
Because I set off on my journey, I was able to encounter beautiful scenery that surpassed my imagination. As the seasons change from spring, summer, autumn and winter, the heart pattern also draws a gradation.
The nameless road that took a step of courage became a Soul Journey that made me realize various happiness.
While enjoying the climates of each region with all five senses, I will take pictures of the scenes that resonate with me in each prefecture.
The ever-changing emotions are expressed in a palette of countless lights and rich colors as visible art.
This exhibition will display the artwork that was born in this Soul Journey. Please try to rediscover “your color” with a fresh feeling.
“Soul Journey”
The journey of the soul is a trial to realize happiness
I try to open it with the key of purity and courage
Enveloping and expanding Beautiful resonance
Words of thanks that will guide you to eternity

[Image 2d70277-28-3e49c51e3cd15c2d9c08-7.jpg&s3=70277-28-12b571283b4903d63e4622a91833b22e-1280x854.jpg
[Image 3d70277-28-98c3a9457cffccec101a-1.jpg&s3=70277-28-e71b53985b315b0588e3d40c996ef6ef-1280x960.jpg
[Image 4d70277-28-fff639a671215d57440e-9.jpg&s3=70277-28-996f8e5a6c37145e53c7766a1a882156-1280x853.jpg
[Image 5d70277-28-97b6cd1d4ef6cf6ab812-6.jpg&s3=70277-28-082ce237e3cfd72fc53e1cbade6f873b-1280x853.jpg
[Image 6d70277-28-709f8fd8e2fc70f7e051-5.jpg&s3=70277-28-887ecfb2506e052e158916d95e913c95-1280x853.jpg
[Image 7d70277-28-7b034ca742ebd9555ae9-8.jpg&s3=70277-28-e7d217f57cc9d92c97a63fdd6558d9ca-1280x853.jpg
[Image 8d70277-28-e96aa2c2bcf4e4b2653c-4.jpg&s3=70277-28-33f134db06c78fac3a6655d1407619e0-1280x853.jpg
[Image 9d70277-28-acf97b365aa2e925b20e-2.jpg&s3=70277-28-245b3987cb69184ff4afe960a26d6853-1280x853.jpg
[Image 10d70277-28-c0ad1d6590ef13643151-11.jpg&s3=70277-28-0dc6a618af510cd1b12a3e0ef9992fcf-1280x853.jpg

Priscilla Lei
[Image 11d70277-28-a01bbe1a874f04c8cd9a-10.jpg&s3=70277-28-1c270c5c136fd78ba3cf4a3e52bd4a7c-1280x1600.jpg
1991 Born in Osaka Prefecture. Inspired by the original experience of being healed by art and impressionist paintings, in January 2016, he started creating a fantastic mental landscape: photo art with the theme of “Palette of light and color in the heart”.
The technique of layering “the magic of faint light and rich colors” in a single photograph like a mille-feuille conveys to the viewer a different beauty and peace of mind in everyday life.
Held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Hokkaido (12 times in total).
Succeeded in crowdfunding, published the first author “Palette of light and color in the heart” in September 2021.
In 2022, while staying and creating in each prefecture, he traveled around Japan and achieved #Rainbow Smile to deliver smiles and happiness to the whole country.
Her nickname is Puri-chan.
Conducted art classes as a special lecturer at an elementary school in Hokkaido Borgo Trade Co., Ltd. “kahogo soap” package design adoption
Art work published in the August issue of ELLE DECOR
BS-TBS “Sound Inn S” Art production as a program logo for the June episode

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