Suzu Hirose and Park Eun Bin appear on the interview page! The March issue of “25ans”, a stylish spring plan featuring the beloved Hawaii, will be released soon!

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Suzu Hirose and Park Eun Bin appear on the interview page! The March issue of “25ans”, a stylish spring plan featuring the beloved Hawaii, will be released soon!
Popular project revival! Infiltrate the dream ball where the world’s daughter makes her social debut
Class magazine “25ans” (published by Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd., head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Nicolas Floquet), widely supported by elegant women of all generations, is “25ans”. The March issue will be released on Friday, January 27, 2023.
[Image 1

25ans March 2023 cover
■Enjoy the new season with a new style! Spring’s best stylish plan [Image 2

25ans March 2023 issue first special feature Spring’s most fashionable plan Recommended items based on the trends of spring and summer 2023 are gathered for the full-scale arrival of spring that makes you want to go out!
We have a lineup of contents that are useful for spring fashion plans, from gorgeous pastel colors with a sense of exhilaration to dresses that are indispensable for the elegant school, and accessories that create seasonal styles. We will also deliver trend news that has been featured on the runway of each city.
◇ Click here for details of the March issue of 25ans, such as the most fashionable plan in spring –
* The site will be released on the morning of January 27 (Friday), the day the March issue is released.
■[Book in Book, Part 2 of the February/March issue series] Full of new and nostalgic charm! Tokimeki Hawaii Address
[Image 3

25ans March 2023 Bookinbook Tokimeki Hawaii Address
In 2023, when overseas vacations are likely to resume, the first place I want to head to is my beloved resort, Hawaii! You can spend an elegant time staying on a neighboring island, or you can enjoy being active on Oahu. We will deliver plenty of hot information!
◇ Click here for convenient book-in-book content that can be cut out and carried around
Part 1 Adult Vacation on a Neighboring Island
Part2 Updated gastronomic information on Oahu!
Part3 A beloved hotel where you can enjoy a “marama” stay
Column 1 A series of brands that embody the “thoughts” of local people Column 2 Focus on adventure tourism!
Column 3 “Made in Hawaii” Souvenir List

■ [Good serialization] Focus on the cover heroine who decorates the cover! Actress Suzu Hirose “New ‘I'”
[Image 4

25ans March 2023 issue cover girl series vol.2 Suzu Hirose
In 2023, Suzu Hirose will celebrate her 10th anniversary as an actor. New drama starts from this January! As an actor and as a woman, we asked about Mr. Hirose’s “now”, who is showing a new appearance with more and more brilliance.
[Interview excerpt]
– Out of all your experiences, which one has helped you grow the most? “Meeting people. When I was a teenager, I thought everyone around me was a scary person (laughs). Once I was able to think about it, I felt very comfortable.”
―What kind of “new me” will appear this year in the 10th year of the reset? “Unconventional, composure, momentum, determination, and courage!

■Brand New Days Series 3rd Dior x Park Eun Bin
[Image 5

25ans March 2023 issue Brand series 3. Dior x Park Eun Bin
The existence of a “brand” that always stimulates our sense of fashion and pushes us to a new side of ourselves. Wear clothes that make you feel bright and gentle, and go on an unknown adventure tomorrow. In the third installment of the series, Park Eun Bin, an actor who has been attracting more and more attention this year as the heroine in the Korean drama “Woo Young Woo Lawyer has Genius Skin”, will appear in Dior’s latest look. [Interview excerpt]
“(Omitted) I am happy that I was able to discover a new side of myself during this shoot in Japan.
From the perspective of “beauty,” I always keep in mind that “you shouldn’t have an obsessive notion that you have to be beautiful.” It is important to let yourself go with the flow of time and age naturally, and I want to accept that. (Omitted)”
■ A basic item that fits your mind. We need “three shirts”!
[Image 6

25ans March 2023 issue “3 shirts” we need!
The new year has started, and it’s time to enjoy everyday fashion from a new perspective. First, why not pick up a shirt? Featuring 3 types of well-tailored simple shirts that give you confidence, feminine shirts that bring out your femininity, and playful shirts that demonstrate your playfulness. How do you feel today? Face your own heart.
■Both city and resort groups want to go on a trip right now! Easy and stylish latest flight style
[Image 7

25ans March 2023 Easy fashionable latest flight style
Overseas travel has finally begun to resume in earnest. I want to start planning for the GW and summer vacation season, and now I want to start searching for a travel wardrobe. We will introduce stylish items that will enhance the fun of traveling by plane, depending on your stay style.
We will also show you the flight style that gives the impression of celebrities who fly around the world and are paparazzi, and the travel goods that the editorial department’s best jet setters always bring on their trips.
■ The popular report project is back! The night when the
next-generation heroines shine, the longed-for ball “Debutante Bar” [Image 8

25ans March 2023 issue “Debutante Bar”
In November 2022, “Le Val de Debutante” was held for the first time in three years. From 15 countries around the world, 18 selected girls aged 17 to 22 with special backgrounds will make their debut. 25ans has been reporting for many years on a one-of-a-kind ball that fuses tradition and modernity, and the new heroines who are born there will fully introduce the glorious night pattern.
■ Interview: Suzuki
[Image 9

25ans March 2023 interview: Suzuki
A talented actor who has brought various roles to life in a realistic way, he is breaking new ground with the film adaptation of Makoto Takayama’s autobiographical novel. It makes you look at yourself through the boundaries of love and egoism. [Interview excerpt] ―What do you think is the boundary between love and ego?
“It’s difficult. I’m the type of person who thinks that human beings are nothing but ego, and I think that loving people is ultimately ego. (Omitted) But that’s why love is Maybe it’s beautiful. Because your own desires lead to the happiness of others. Now I feel that what makes a person feel ego determines their virtue.”
―There are many people who use their smartphones instead of watches, but I heard that you like watches enough to wear them at home. “One is that I feel that time is precious, so maybe I have a habit of thinking about the rest of my life and the rest of my day. I feel safer when I wear it.(Omitted)”
■”Backjoy” relief grip is now available as a subscription set item for the March issue of “25ans”!
[Image 10d8128-488-713259b0e47884298f6a-9.jpg&s3=8128-488-d826e732e5d7b5456f32b76a5b3e025d-628x417.jpg
25ans March 2023 issue “Backjoy” 25ans subscription set
The rumored pelvic support seat “Backjoy” that can be used in the office or while driving is now a subscription set product. Not only at home, but also in the office and when driving. The size and color can be used casually, and you can choose from 3 colors on a first-come, first-served basis. We will give it to those who have applied for a new subscription to this magazine or by extending the contract.
* The site will be released on January 27 (Friday), the release date of the March issue.
◇25ans (Vincent Quan) Released on the 28th of every month March issue 880 yen (tax included)
25ans, which was first published in 1980, celebrated its 42nd anniversary. The target is consistently the same, elegant people of all
generations. We continue to propose elegance that is updated with the times, expressing it under the name of “elegant school” that transcends gender and generation. We deliver a variety of content every month, from celebrity information such as overseas royals, to information on outings from the perspective of “25ans”. It is a fashion magazine that draws attention to the lifestyles of unique readers. “25ans Digital” develops the elegant view of the world that is characteristic of “25ans” from a different perspective than the magazine.
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