Tech Wing LLC Professional e-sports team “TEQWING e-Sports” signs a sponsorship agreement with “Itoki Co ., Ltd.”

Tech Wing Limited Liability Company
TEQWING e-Sports, a professional e-sports team, signed a sponsorship agreement with Itoki Co., Ltd.
The e-sports team “TEQWING e-Sports” (https://teqwing-es. com/) is pleased to announce that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with Itoki Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koji Minato).
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TEQWING e-Sports has signed a sponsorship contract with Itoki Corporation. With the conclusion of this agreement, Itoki Co., Ltd. will provide TEQWING e-Sports with support such as high-performance gaming chairs and gaming desks that will not cause fatigue even after long hours of game play.
TEQWING e-Sports will carry out PR activities so that more users will recognize the appeal of Itoki products.
TEQWING athletes visit Itoki’s showroom “Za Salon”
Yossi and SAKI from TEQWING e-Sports visited Itoki’s exclusive chair showroom “ZA SALON TOKYO” and experienced gaming chairs.
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About Itoki Co., Ltd.
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Since its founding in 1890, Itoki Co., Ltd. has set a mission statement of “Designing tomorrow’s work.” ], we have supported the creation of various “spaces”, “environments” and “places” with a wide range of lineups such as office furniture, logistics equipment, ICT / audiovisual equipment, and interior equipment for building materials. In recent years, the entire work space is regarded as a “work environment”, and in addition to products and services for creating an environment where workers “work together”, we also offer “distributed work” such as home furniture for home work and home study. “We support the creation of a “working environment” in any space by providing products that support the environment, as well as surveys and consulting services for corporate work style strategies and work environment improvement.
■ Company name: Itoki Co., Ltd.
■Location: Nihonbashi Takashimaya Mitsui Building, 2-5-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
■ Founded: December 1890
■Representative: Koji Minato, President and Representative Director ■ URL:
What is TEQWING e-Sports?
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A professional e-sports team based in Chiba Prefecture operated by Tech Wing LLC.
as a team activity
・ Active in the competition scene of various game titles
・Hosting esports competitions and events
・ Activities in the field of education such as e-sports instructors and coaching We are putting effort into
As a team mission,
・Creating a society where learning games is the norm
・Contribute to the development of local communities through esports ・Develop e-sports players who can play an active role as players and instructors We are working with the goal of
The team management company Tech Wing provides state-of-the-art education for children in Chiba Prefecture, such as “robot classroom”, “programming classroom”, “e-sports game classroom” and “online e-sports dojo”.
Techwing is working as a pioneer of companies working on e-sports as an education for children in order to establish a culture of learning e-sports (games).
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