Yoshida Gakuen School Corporation AMG original / draft “Because I’m refreshing” A talk show and live painting by a manga artist who graduated from the Manga Illustration Department will be held on December 18th (Sunday)!

Yoshida Academy
AMG Original / Original Draft “Because I’m refreshing” A talk show and live painting by a manga artist who graduated from the Manga Illustration Department will be held on 12/18 (Sunday)!
Amusement Media College (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Shogo Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as AMG), which trains professionals in the entertainment industry, is an AMG original work created by an industry-academia joint project “Because I’m fresh” A graduate manga artist. A special event will be held on Sunday, December 18th. The original story was written by Torafugu, and the manga was written by Manga Illustration Department graduate Shin Eguchi (graduated in 2015).
Gradually, “self mackerel woman” became a hot topic on SNS and media, and it became a long hit. In 2021, “Mecha Comic” won the second place in the “best-selling comprehensive comic ranking”. A paper comic will be released in May 2022, and a drama will be made from January 2023. At AMG Publishing, we collaborate with external companies to produce a wide range of works, mainly manga, illustrations, and novels, and actively support the debut of current students and graduates. [Image

https://www.amgakuin.co.jp/ssl/setsumeikai/detail.html?gk=cmc-list#n31601 Manga illustration graduate Shin Eguchi (graduated in 2015), who worked on this work, was invited as a guest, and aimed at those who want to become a manga artist in the future, or those who want to make use of their manga skills and knowledge for a job. Special events will be held both online and in person.
* Since the artist is not allowed to appear, please view the pre-recorded recording data.
■ Work title “Because I’m refreshing” Book information
“I wish everyone could live like me!” Nami Amihama (28 years old) works in the editorial department of a women’s magazine. Using the excuse of “I’m lazy,” he repeatedly makes biased claims and is disliked by his colleagues. One day, when Nami is behaving arrogantly, her natural enemy, Honda Asa (26 years old), appears. Nami can’t hide her frustration with Maki, a beautiful woman with a high level of femininity. The battle between the runaway self-proclaimed saba-saba woman (commonly known as self-saba-saba woman) and the true saba-saba woman begins!
Publisher: DPN Books
Original: Torafugu
Manga: Kokoro Eguchi (Manga Illustration Department/Graduated in 2015) Distributed in Mecha Comic
Work URL: https://sp.comics.mecha.cc/books/137519
[Paper Comics]
Publisher: Shogakukan (BC Paperback Collection)
Original: Torafugu
Manga: Kokoro Eguchi (Manga Illustration Department/Graduated in 2015) Release date: Friday, May 20, 2022
List price: 540 yen (tax included)
Scheduled to be released at convenience stores and some bookstores nationwide Work URL: https://www.shogakukan.co.jp/books/09861361
■ Click here to request materials for Amusement Media Sogo Gakuin https://www.amgakuin.co.jp/ssl/shiryou/
■ About the Department of Manga Illustration
Debut awards have exceeded 550 people. AMG is the only company that can update one-shot publications in popular comics and award-winning achievements one after another in a short span of months while in school. Utilizing the unique strengths of AMG, such as the
introduction of “classes that match the times” such as electronic comics, individual corrections and guidance on work submissions by “active professional manga artists and editors”, and “environment with a publisher” within the school. , building a curriculum. Every year, about 70% of students get the chance to have an editor in charge. https://www.amgakuin.co.jp/contents/comic/
School name: Amusement Media Sogo Gakuin
Location: -Main Building- 2-29-8 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Representatives: Shogo Yoshida, President / Yuji Nagamori, President Founded: 1994
Sister school: Osaka Amusement Media College (3-12-19 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka)
Department: Game Creator Department, Game Programmer Department, Game/Animation 3DCG Department, Animation Department
Character Design Department, Manga Illustration Department,
Novel/Scenario Department, Voice Actor Department
URL: -Tokyo School- https://www.amgakuin.co.jp/
-Osaka school- https://www.amg.ac.jp/
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