The student group mof., which supports girls traveling alone, has published a free paper “Tabijo vol.25”!

Student organization mof.
The student group mof., which supports girls traveling alone, has published a free paper “Tabijo vol.25”!
Still, I love traveling.
The student group mof., which supports girls traveling alone, will publish “Tabijo vol.25” on October 1, 2022.

The student group mof., which supports girls traveling alone, has issued a free paper “Tabijo vol.25” on October 1, 2022.
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[What is the student group mof.]
We are working under the group philosophy of “creating a world where traveling alone is a natural choice for all girls.” We aim to be a support for many girls who are interested in traveling alone but have never actually been there. As part of these activities, we have been publishing the free paper “Tabijo” for 12 years since October 2010. [What is Free Paper Tabijo]
In the first place, a trip is a girl who is cute, stylish, playful, and loves to travel alone. About 10,000 copies are published twice a year, in April and October, to support girls who want to travel alone. From fundraising to planning, editing, design and distribution, everything related to the publication of “Tabijo” is done only by students. We also create tie-up articles with the support of companies and create model courses for tourism associations. Click here for back issues.
[About Tabijo vol.25]
“I still love traveling.”
Sado -A trip to Sado that makes you want to live-
Tabijo Hajime Monogatari – Asking a Weekend Landscape Photographer Who Loves Cameras –
Kobe – Easy girls’ trip in Kobe Sannomiya and Mt. Rokko –

Hida Takayama – A nostalgic travel time in Hida Takayama –
Wakayama – Let’s travel in Wakayama in our own way –
Setoda – If you want to fully enjoy the Seto Inland Sea, visit Setoda

Toyama – The western part of Toyama Prefecture is now available! ?ー Kawagoe – Enjoy kimono and cuteness! Kawagoe girls’ trip
Torii -Travel with the purpose of the torii-

Old Maps -Edo-Tokyo Town Walk-
How to travel alone -Let’ prepare for your trip about PACKING- Free Paper -Welcome to Free Paper Swamp-
The concept of the latest issue is that each member freely enjoys it, “I still love traveling.” It is a unique book that touches on nature, history, and the warmth of people. In addition, we have included articles from various viewpoints, from maniac content to pages about free papers that only we can write.
[Example of article No. 25]
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[Image 3

↑ “Free Paper” (top) and “Hida Takayama” (bottom) articles are like this. [About the future of Tabijo]
Each person has a different purpose and way of traveling, and I was able to realize that the charm of traveling alone is that you can travel in a way that is unique to you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a trip… but I still love traveling. I would be happy if everyone could start traveling alone through “Tabijo”.
【Installation location】
“Tabijo” is installed in cafes and universities in Tokyo, and guest houses nationwide, and free delivery is also available.
The installation location is published on the HP at any time. [Group overview]
Group name: Student group mof.
Representative: Ayano Oku
Established: April 2010
Business: Publishing free papers, partnerships with other companies, holding travel events
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
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