LINE Games Corporation Hack and slash action RPG “UNDECEMBER” to be released globally on October 12th! Ad vance reservations are being accepted!!

LINE Games Corporation
Hack and slash action RPG “UNDECEMBER” to be released globally on October 12th! Advance reservations are being accepted!!
-PC-mobile multi-platform service planned…Playable on Steam
– Participation in “Steam Next Fest” from October 3rd (October 4th Japan time) … You can play the trial version of “Andy Sember” for one week
-The latest hack and slash anticipation with multi-platform
utilization, unlimited growth and diverse content
LINE Games Corporation (LINE Games, Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea, Representative Kim Minkyu) is pleased to announce that Needs Games (Representative Gu Inyoung) has developed a multi-platform hack and slash action RPG “UNDECEMBER” (hereafter, Andy Cember). We are pleased to inform you that the official release will start globally on October 12, 2022 (Wednesday).
Please pay attention to “Andy Sember”.
――― Hack and slash action RPG “Andy Cember” grand release! ――― [Image 1

“Andy Cember” is a new type of hack and slash genre title with a more original system based on combat and farming. In particular, it can be grown without class (job) classification through PC and mobile multi-platform, and a unique rune system (skill rune, link rune) is applied so that you can freely enjoy playing combining various skills. is characterized by
In addition, you can play a variety of content such as challenging content such as “Chaos Dungeon” that allows you to grow your character strongly and collaborate with other users to enjoy “Raid”. ‘Andy Sember’ is gaining great interest and popularity, with 3 million people participating in pre-order events in Korea and rising to the top 10 mobile store popularity rankings.
――”Andy Sember” will participate in the Steam sponsored event “Steam Next Fest”! ! ―――
[Image 2

“Andy Cember” will participate in the “Steam Next Fest” event hosted by Steam! During this event period, you can experience the trial version of “Andy Sember” in advance. Note) The experience data will be initialized after the event ends.
[Holding period]
(UTC) From October 3, 2022 (Monday) to October 10, 2022 (Monday) (Japan time) From Tuesday, October 4, 2022 to Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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