COINJINJA Co., Ltd. Strategic partnership with NFT marketplace tofuNFT and Re.Monster-Play and Own’s BCG to train/battle and play-

NFT marketplace tofuNFT concludes strategic partnership with Re.Monster-Play and Own’s BCG to train/battle and play-
tofuNFT supports Re.Monster in many ways as an NFT marketplace specializing in blockchain games
COINJINJA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Co-founder & CEO: Xoraku), which is one of the largest multi-chain NFT marketplaces focusing on blockchain game projects and operates tofuNFT from Japan, is T2WEB Co., Ltd. has entered into a partnership with Re.Monster, a blockchain game provided by
About Re.Monster
Re.Monster is a Play and Own BCG that creates Monster NFTs from NFTs owned by users, trains and battles them. It was planned to reconsider the existing BCG concept with the aim of building an ecosystem that excels in sustainability and interoperability as a Blockchain Game (BCG).
Re.Monster will use the culture and nature of PublicBlockchain to collaborate with various NFT and game projects. Through this game, we aim to create an open economic zone by collaborating across projects. Website:
LitePaper-Ja: Comment from tofuNFT
We will provide Re.Monster with multiple solutions that can only be provided by tofuNFT, an NFT marketplace specializing in blockchain games. And we will do our best to contribute to the Re.Monster user ecosystem and community formation.
In addition, tofuNFT will continue to promote the mass adoption of blockchain game projects with Re.Monster. Starting with this partnership, all project members will strive to demonstrate a higher presence in the Japanese market and blockchain games.
■Founder of T2WEB Co., Ltd.
I am very honored to collaborate with tofuNFT. Users who missed out on the temporary sale at ZaifINO should purchase at tofuNFT. In addition, even if you purchase in the secondary distribution, the benefits of OAS are valid as in the primary distribution, but the amount of OAS that has already been given to other users, such as the initial unlocking amount, is not eligible. The Crypto market is cold, but I would like to boost the market together with tofuNFT.
■ tofuNFT Co-founder Yu Numazaki
It is very attractive to be able to collaborate with T2WEB and to handle Re.Monster with tofuNFT. The NFT marketplace is one of the important functions of blockchain games, and we will form this partnership to support the Re.Monster ecosystem and provide various support such as marketing and community formation.
■ T2WEB Co., Ltd. (Re.Monster development and management base) A BCG/GameFi development company that owns the Discord community of Yield Farming Lab (YFL) with more than 13,000 users, and manages offline communities and plans and holds events at Crypto Lounge Groove On X (GOX). We are a domestic blockchain contract development company that can consistently handle everything from production to PR by collaborating with OASYS, which major companies participate in, and collaborating with major game guilds.
T2WEB Website:
YFL Discord:
Crypto Lounge GOX Twitter:
About tofuNFT
tofuNFT is the world’s largest multi-chain NFT marketplace with over 30 EVM compatible chains. Most of the transaction volume consists of blockchain games, GameFi.
It will start on BSC in October 2021 and grow into the largest NFT marketplace on the chain from December. It is also already the largest NFT marketplace in Arbitrum, Metis, Boba, Aurora, Moonbeam and Astar, with Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, Optimism and other chains in the top 3 by volume. In September 2022, we announced a partnership with X2Y2, the NFT marketplace with the highest trading volume in the world.

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