Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Volume 12 of the blockbuster comic “Koi to Bullet”, which is currently being broadcas t on a TV drama and has sold over 5 million copies, has been released! !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
The 12th volume of the blockbuster comic “Koi to Bullet”, which is currently airing on a TV drama and has sold over 5 million copies, is now on sale! !
Drama cast gravure in the January issue of “Cheese!” Released on November 24, 2022!
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The girls’ manga “Koi to Bullet” (Nozomi Mino/Shogakukan) is a huge hit with a cumulative total of over 5 million copies, and a TV drama is being aired to acclaim. The 12th volume, which is the final volume of this work, which depicts the fateful love of Yakuza Wakagashira Sakuraya Saiomi and female college student Yuri, was released today [November 25th (Friday)]. Affection, romance, conflict… What ending did the two choose before all of this…!? ? (*Some regions have different release dates)
To commemorate the completion, a special edition with luxurious benefits will be released at the same time! Click here for benefits such as limited manga and goods.
■Bonus 1 Saomi Sakuraya acrylic key chain drawn down
■Bonus 2 Sakurayofu pin badge
Privilege 3 A newly drawn comic, a super beautiful postcard, and a book full of secret information [includes a newly drawn short comic, delusional illustration collection, an interview with Nozomi Mino, and 8 postcards]
■ Privilege 4 Limited sparkling cover
■ Privilege 5: Commemorating the new serialization of Nozomi Minano Everyone gift application ticket
* The content of the comic is the same as the regular version. * Bonus 5 is also included in the regular version.
[Image 2d13640-1957-49ba0506b5f64c3be572-1.jpg&s3=13640-1957-9826123454ceb6148e4cbea10862b420-1795x1231.jpg
In addition, in the January issue of the monthly “Cheese!” which is currently on sale (Thursday, November 24, 2022), there will be gravure photos of Mario Kurobane and Keito Kimura (FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE) who are appearing in the drama. publish! In addition, an interview with the two is now available on the “Cheese!” official website.
“Cheese!” Official Website
In addition, in the electronic version of “Cheese!” January issue, you can enjoy 6 unpublished gravures as a bonus.
[Image 3d13640-1957-ec252115b620542cb528-4.jpg&s3=13640-1957-3097422b9db4d4680037b38b6de25652-300x450.jpg
Please watch the finale of the blockbuster comic “Koi to Bullet”! FC “Koi to Bullet” complete 12 volumes
Nozomi Mino
Released on Friday, November 25, 2022 (*Some regions have different release dates)
[Image 4d13640-1957-8f084f01db82d3ac3487-0.jpg&s3=13640-1957-250c02a11fc649ac7367a92f47ef415d-1557x2426.jpg
normal version
List price: 528 yen (tax included)
[Image 5d13640-1957-b4ffd660fca669f29964-2.jpg&s3=13640-1957-f884e49e7d8390833c674f4c873076e8-667x1045.jpg
special edition
Price: 1,950 yen (tax included)
[Image 6d13640-1957-31fec744010eca5b0f02-3.jpg&s3=13640-1957-b15c9d5fa86aab6f7ecf7847f1ec8f49-1409x2025.jpg
“Cheese!” January issue
Released on Thursday, November 24, 2022
Price: 570 yen (tax included)
*Cheese! It is open to the public on the official website.
* The number of gravure publications differs between the paper version and the electronic version. (Paper version unpublished cuts have been added as electronic version limited benefits)
★ MBS Drama Special Zone “Love and Bullets” now on air★
[Image 7d13640-1957-125370eae93901748d62-5.jpg&s3=13640-1957-0112d1c6ef5ac17baab2beed9e33696b-1880x1330.jpg
(C) “Love and Bullets” Production Committee / MBS
(C) Nozomi Mino/Shogakukan
Yudai Furukawa Fumika Baba
Shizuka Nakamura Keito Kimura / Jutaro Yamanaka Kou Nanase Maira Arai Yuga Nakao Manami Hashimoto as Kenya Osumi / Mario Kurobane
MBS (daily broadcast) Every Thursday midnight 0:50~
Television Kanagawa every Thursday from 11:00
Cibatele every Friday from 11:00
Tochi Tele every Thursday from 10:30
Teledama every Thursday from 11:30
Gunma TV every Thursday from 11:30
Unlimited viewing exclusive distribution on Disney Plus
Missed delivery on TVer, GYAO!, MBS video ism
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