Pia Corporation Released today #Hanryu Pia December issue, Hwang Minhyun on the cover! The video is also rel eased

Pia Corporation
On sale today #Hanryu Pia December issue Hwang Minhyun on the cover! The video is also released
As the only monthly magazine among Korean entertainment information magazines, “Hanryu Pia” (published by Pia Inc.) has been in its 17th year and delivers seasonal Korean entertainment information every issue. The December 2022 issue is on sale today, and the video has also been released.
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Hallyu Pia December issue cover Hwang Minhyun
Hwang Min-hyun blossomed as an actor in ‘Return of the Soul’ ◆ Lee Joon Gi, Park Min Young, Kim Go Eun, and other topical interviews ◆ “MIRACLE” special interview for 3 consecutive months Vol.3 Kang Mina KANGDANIEL 2nd consecutive interview [Part 2]
●Tower Records Limited Edition
-KANGDANIEL 2L size photo included-
* “Raw photo” is limited to Shibuya store and online, “Postcard sheet” is for multiple stores
●7net limited edition
-Chani & Hwiyoung (SF9) & Kang Mina with 2L photo-
●HMV Limited Edition
-Rocket Punch 2L with life photo-
● LINE Hanryu Pia SHOP limited edition
-With Lee Joon Gi 2L photo-
Hwang Min-hyun, who made his debut with NU’EST in 2012 and is currently attracting attention as an actor after working with Wanna One, will be on the cover of the December 2022 issue. In this magazine, we will decorate the first cover page. A 12-page special feature on Hwang Min-hyun, who has blossomed as an actor with a sorrowful performance in the fantasy romance “Return of the Soul”. Please enjoy not only the work, but also the interview that looks back on the entertainment activities of the debut 10 years, and the beautiful gravure with a bewitching and profound feeling.
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hwang min hyun
hwang min hyun
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=RahI1ofvqQU] This issue is full of interviews with actors who appear in topical works. Interviews with Lee Joon-gi “Again My Life-Prosecutor Who Challenges the Great Evil-“, Park Min-young and others “Month, Wed, Fri, Thu, Thu-Sat”, Kim Go-eun and others “Sisters”, Ha Jung-woo and others “Narco’s God”, etc. I will approach the reason why the work became a hit through.
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Lee Joon Gi
Next, the youth romantic comedy “MIRACLE”, which depicts the friendship and love of young people set in the Korean entertainment world, has been posting interviews with the cast for three consecutive months. In the 3rd installment, Kang Mina, who played the positive and beloved heroine Sorin, who did not give up even after her dream was cut off, appeared. Short-term intensive series “You will witness a miracle! ] also introduces the charm of Sorin.
KANGDANIEL, who debuted in Japan with the EP “Joy Ride” in October, will feature music at the end of the book.
In the second part of the 2nd consecutive interview, we asked about his impressions of his first live performance in Japan and about his first performance challenge this year. In addition, there is also a talk where you can get a glimpse of your private life! We will deliver the charm of “natural” Kang Daniel.
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Rocket Punch, who released their first Japanese full-length album “Dokidoki LOVE” in October, will also make an appearance. Girls talk full of “throb” and “LOVE” is a must-read.
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Rocket Punch
In addition, don’t miss the interview with Yeon Woo-jin, special projects related to Park Min-young, THE BOYZ, and live and event reports of the Busan International Film Festival.
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27th Busan International Film Festival Report
The December issue of “Hanryu Pia” full of the latest topical information will be released on November 22nd (Tuesday) at major EC sites such as nationwide bookstores, amazon, Tower Records Online, 7net shopping, HMV, Rakuten Books, etc. Hanryu Pia SHOP (LINE) Released at. In addition, some bookstores and EC site pre-purchasers will receive a special postcard (Lee Joon Gi + KANGDANIEL + Rocket Punch + Chani & Hwiyoung (SF9) & Kang Mina) made by Hallyu Pia. In addition, Tower Records, HMV, 7net, and Hanryu Pia SHOP will also prepare a 2L-sized version of the magazine with a photo of the actor or artist. Please look forward to “Hanryu Pia”, which is full of topics every issue!
binding poster
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Binding poster Lee Joon Gi
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Binding poster KANGDANIEL
●[Tower Records Online, HMV, some bookstore purchaser benefits] Postcard: Lee Joon Gi + KANGDANIEL + Rocket Punch + Chani & Hwiyoung (SF9) & Kang Mina
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Purchaser bonus postcard
◆◇◆◇◆◇ Limited edition with raw photo ◇◆◇◆◇◆
-Tower Records Limited Edition -KANGDANIEL 2L photo included- “Hanryu Pia” + KANGDANILE 2L size photo (1 piece) + postcard List price: 1,200 yen (main unit 1,091 yen + tax)
http://bit.ly/3EpmJyX * “Raw photo” is limited to Shibuya store and online, “Postcard sheet” is for multiple stores
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Tower Records Limited 2L size raw photo KANGDANIEL
●7net Limited Edition -Chani & Hwiyoung (SF9) & Kang Mina with 2L photo- “Hanryu Pia” + Chani & Hwiyoung (SF9) & Kang Mina 2L size photo (1 sheet) List price: 1,200 yen (main unit 1,091 yen + tax)
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7net limited 2L photo Channie & Hwiyoung (SF9) & Kang Mina
-HMV limited edition -Rocket Punch 2L photo included-
“Hanryu Pia” + Rocket Punch 2L photo (1 sheet) List price: 1,200 yen (main unit 1,091 yen + tax)
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Hanryu Pia SHOP limited 2L size photo Lee Joon Gi
* Please note that the number of bonus items at each store is limited and will end as soon as they are gone.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/11710/table/2489_1_c6d0bf4b2586ea4ac5da196b5278154e.jpg ]
hwang min hyun
“Again My Life ~ Public Prosecutor Challenges Great Evil ~”
Lee Joon Gi
Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun,
Park Ji Hoo, Wi Ha Jun
“God of Narco”
Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min,
Park Hye-soo, Jo Woo-jin,
Directed by Yoo Yeon-seok and Yoon Jong-bin
“Mon, Wed, Fri, Thu, Thu, Sat”
Park Min Young, Ko Kyung Pyo,
Kim Jae Young
“Dawn Poetry”
Directed by Yeon Woo Jin, Kim Jong Kwang
Kang Mina
Rocket Punch
■ Latest entertainment information
Catch all the latest information about stars! star wide 100
*This month, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we will deliver the latest status of 50 groups of stars.
Featured drama detailed guide
“Hyakuninriki Butler ~Wishes can be granted~” Jun (U-KISS), Hyeri (Girl’s Day) “Serious Game” Do Kyungsoo (EXO- D.O.), Lee Se Hee
“Curtain Call” Ha Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul
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“MIRACLE” short-term intensive series You will witness a miracle! I will tell you the back side of the drama you care about! “Evil Flower” “Hanryu Pia” Survey Team Goes! Find the Next Break Park Ji Hoo Aiming for K-POP Banchou! Soundtrack Master “Our Blues”
Masayuki Furuya’s Korean Wave “Consideration”
In “Senior, don’t put that lipstick on” Rowoon stole my heart! No first glance! Sung Si Kyung’s days are good days
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I tried fortune-telling the person on the cover ~ Hwang Minhyun

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