Nishijin, Kyoto Myorenji Special Visit “The Chroma and Transparency of the World of One Day and the Dried Insects of the Temple Treasure Exhibition” will be held! A collaboration between glass sculptures by descendants of the Honami family and handic

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Nishijin, Kyoto Myorenji Special Visit “The Chroma and Transparency of the World of One Day and the Dried Insects of the Temple Treasure Exhibition” will be held! A collaboration between glass sculptures by descendants of the Honami family and handicapped art!
The highlight is the mysterious space created by the 17th generation Honami, who inherited the mind of the rare creator Honami, and the art of people with disabilities in the temple. From November 19th to December 4th. On December 3rd and 4th, an exhibition of dried insects, a treasure of the temple, will be held at the main hall.
A special exhibition in the fall of 2022 is being held at Myorenji Temple, the main temple of the Honmon Hokke sect in Nishijin, Kyoto. This exhibition is co-organized by Myorenji Temple and the regional revitalization organization Marugoto Museum, and is planned by Kotokurasu LLC. The highlight is the collaboration between
contemporary glass sculpture art works by Mr. Honami, a descendant of the Honami family, who descended from the rare creator Koetsu Honami, and “Genius Art,” which supports people with disabilities in Nishijin. Both are unique works, but you can spend a mysterious time in harmony with the quiet space of the temple. Also, on December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun), the “Treasures of Myorenji Temple Treasures Exhibition” will be held in the main hall, which is not usually open to the public. Various cultural assets such as the hanging scroll of the Kano School and the “Rissho Ankoku Ron” written by Koetsu Honami will be on display.
[Image 1d112465-1-a866c8a46f096fdd8e01-3.jpg&s3=112465-1-d3709d2a7877b083e6ecd0b2455362f3-1401x1000.jpg
statement /
Since 2020, the first summer without restrictions on movement has arrived, and the sea opening and fireworks festivals have been held. 2022 has been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy the season. The cherry blossoms, the sea, the fresh greenery, the autumn leaves, the festivals, and the nature that makes up the world, and the social activities that make up the world, made me feel grateful.
The gratitude of the world that was normally enjoyed before 2020. I would like to visually contemplate such precious sensations from the passage of time in a single day, and so I am holding this exhibition. One of the world’s only life crafts using glass, a work depicting the world in rich colors. Using natural light and countless mirrors, visitors will be able to appreciate these works in a space that changes over the course of the day. Time is involved in the
appreciation of the world. At first glance, his paintings seem to be stationary, but time interferes with them, giving birth to new colors and light.
It may be possible to reconstruct the rich emotions inside each of us, just like Japan in 2022, when restrictions on movement have been lifted and we can enjoy a vivid world.
Overview /
Dates: November 19th (Sat) – December 4th (Sun)
10:00 – 16:00 (last entry)
*December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun) will hold an insect drying exhibition of temple treasures in the main hall (no additional charge) Entrance fee: 800 yen (elementary school students and younger, free for the person with a disability and one supporter upon presentation of a disability certificate)
Closed: November 30th *May be closed due to temple events, etc. note that. Venue: Daihonzan Myorenji Temple 875 Myorenji Maemachi, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 602-8418
Contact 050-6870-8794
Writer /
Honami Sho 17th generation Honami
glass artist
17th Honami. A glass artist and representative of “GLASS FISH”, which has a workshop in Minamiboso. His grandfather is the 15th Honami, a direct line. Following the idea of ​​a rare multi-creator, which is also his roots, he faces glass as a material while respecting Japanese nature and culture.
This time, instead of everyday crafts, we will exhibit works of contemporary art.
work name /
border line
[Image 2d112465-1-5562a2c6b73aace747ad-4.jpg&s3=112465-1-7287e2132036eaffd70be093d26e95ed-1500x1000.jpg
Everyone has invisible boundaries. It’s like you’re hiding under water. Yen with hanging flower
[Image 3d112465-1-f36944e8c4b0ba7e30ad-16.jpg&s3=112465-1-de2cb6ebefc230d7809d93ba555d5934-1500x1000.jpg
OTO sound
[Image 4d112465-1-a4c3113132dad5365447-18.jpg&s3=112465-1-1ff677b56251a5991e59c0bedb4a67e3-1500x1000.jpg
Vessels piled up in mountains are everyday words, fragments of memories. [Image 5d112465-1-181a0a7594549a60fc8a-11.jpg&s3=112465-1-fd7b3b738533b2cc2c7091e830dbeacb-1500x978.jpg
genius art
Genius Art KYOTO – NPO Institute for the Promotion of Arts for the Disabled was established in 2011 with the aim of promoting,
supporting, and producing artistic creative activities by people with disabilities. In addition to collecting works created in the atelier and holding numerous exhibitions, we aim to contribute to the development of art around the world by disclosing the results to the world through the design utilization of archive image utilization projects. .
Ishii Kouta
[Image 6d112465-1-b668a545d09fc4aacdf6-19.jpg&s3=112465-1-c8069e098ee57fa77304f46f553fe6f1-1500x1000.jpg
Mika Takahashi
[Image 7d112465-1-47818c1de93c0c5a69c0-9.jpg&s3=112465-1-c538f3e5484f01653175a79e97aa7944-1500x1000.jpg
Gestalt collapse flag
[Image 8d112465-1-854c0a5bdb41374113cf-17.jpg&s3=112465-1-a291d541c155b365bda49b322aa33e4c-1147x1000.jpg
As a production that connects the works and harmonizes with the space, we are performing a production that incorporates light.
[Image 9d112465-1-64444d5caab020ccb757-15.jpg&s3=112465-1-719d2c2b66768d647721063bc690d6a4-1500x1000.jpg
[Image 10d112465-1-0e27183fa7a018cca3f6-14.jpg&s3=112465-1-61a9b45323688c4189ae6c3c99aeea0b-1500x869.jpg
[Image 11d112465-1-60003646bda2764451c2-0.jpg&s3=112465-1-af9d019fca4bb49681197822b0a96eb4-1446x1000.jpg
Natural light sometimes interferes with the work from countless small mirrors placed in the museum.

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