Nippon Bungeisha Co., Ltd. “Visual Psychology Encyclopedia”, which explains the elusive object of “mind ” with colorful and beautiful illustrations, will be released on December 14th.

Nihon Bungeisha Co., Ltd.
“Visual Psychology Encyclopedia”, which explains the elusive object called “mind” with colorful and beautiful illustrations, will be released on December 14th.
From the “history of psychology” beginning with the research of ancient Greek philosophers, to the development of French psychiatry and the flow of modern scientific psychology in an easy-to-understand manner.
Nihon Bungeisha Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will release “Visual Psychology Encyclopedia” (written by Hélène Fresnel, supervised by Isami Saito) from December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) at bookstores nationwide.・Sold at online bookstores, etc.
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With full-color illustrations and beautiful design, it introduces the fascinating field of psychology, intertwined with philosophy, history, medicine, and scientific facts. This is one of the popular X graphics series in France.
・Philosophers Plato and Aristotle who worked on “the origin of psychology” ・Hippocrates’ theory of the four humors ・Herophis and Galen, who searched for the whereabouts of the soul
・Treatment of mental disorders in ancient and medieval times ・Trauma, illusions, unconsciousness, oedipus complex…The way of thinking and treatment that forms the foundation of psychoanalysis founded by Freud
・Adler’s “Individual Psychology”, Jung’s “Analytical Psychology”, Winnicott’s “Child Psychoanalysis”, Henri Eh and “Organic Dynamics” ・Treatment by “family therapy” and “cognitive behavioral therapy” ・Effects of Internet use on the brain and mind
・Characteristics and treatments of increasing anxiety disorders, depression, and addiction
・The spread of online therapy and the emergence of expert patients Introduces the history of psychology, theories of prominent
psychologists, coping methods for diseases such as phobias and depression, which are currently on the rise, future developments in the genre of psychology and psychiatry, and stories about psychology in Japan. . Psychological techniques that can be used in everyday life are also posted in Q&A format. It is a book that you can enjoy with your eyes with vivid illustrations.
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Contents of this book
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PART 1 The beginning of psychology Where does the soul go?
PART 2 How to get rid of mental pain From faith to science
PART 3 The Golden Age of Psychology From psychoanalysis to modern therapy PART 4 ​​Mental problems faced by modern society
PART 5 Future psychotherapy
Author profile
Author: Hélène Fresnel
Journalist and reporter for Psychology magazine (since 2008). After studying literature and journalism at university, he studied psychology and psychoanalysis. It covers all aspects of mental life, such as how society thinks and deals with joy, complexity, and suffering. He also does other research, writes essays, and produces television documentaries.
Illustrated by Sophie Della Corte
Illustrator, graphic designer. I studied graphic design at university. While adhering to the belief of presenting bold images through delicate illustrations, he has created an interaction between the viewer and the illustrations by paying attention to the viewer’s interpretation of the illustrations and their consistency. Combining figures and motifs, his works create ambivalent landscapes while evoking the contours of a story that leaves plenty of room for interpretation.
Supervisor: Isamu Saito
Doctor of Literature. Professor emeritus at Rissho University. President of the Japanese Society of Business Psychology. Completed doctoral course at Waseda University Graduate School of Letters. Specializes in interpersonal and social psychology. “Introduction to Illustrated Psychology” “Psychology of Illustrated Human
Relationships” (both published by Seishin Shobo), “Illustrations and illustrations can be read happily even with zero knowledge!
Psychology” (Seitosha) and many other books and supervised books. Bibliographic information
Book title: Visual psychology encyclopedia
Author: Hélène Fournel
Illustrated by Sophie Della Corte
Supervisor: Isamu Saito
Translated by Hiromi Higaki
List price: 2,860 yen (tax included)
Format: B5 variant format
Number of pages: 128 pages
ISBN: 978-4-537-22057-5
Release date: December 14, 2022
*E-books are also available
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