Calton Tokyo Co., Ltd. A newly opened entertainment art gallery in Shibuya. Exhibition artists are decided one after another!

Calton Tokyo Co., Ltd.
A newly opened entertainment art gallery in Shibuya. Exhibition artists are decided one after another!
“9DAYS GALLERY”, newly opened in Shibuya, presents the beauty of entertainment and art. Featuring short-term exhibitions of nine days, we will introduce the works of various artists. Following the opening Eisaku Kubonouchi, three artists, Tamaki, TAO, and sakutaro, will be exhibited.
All exhibition periods consist of 9 days, and the exhibited works are carefully selected. Each piece is displayed in a large size so that the viewer can enjoy every detail of the work. At the same time, we have a wide variety of light goods such as stickers and postcards that can be easily purchased, including art products such as autographed works and giclees.
The feature of this gallery is that it curates artists who work on beautiful works from Japan and overseas without being bound by numerical values ​​such as the number of followers or popularity of artists. You should be able to meet the works of artists with various potential, such as next-generation artists who are not yet well known, and overseas artists. Of course, we will also actively hold
exhibitions of well-known artists.
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Tamaki / TAO / sakutaro × 9DAYS GALLERY
Exhibition artists are decided one after another. Following the opening Eisaku Kubonouchi, Tamaki, TAO, and sakutaro will exhibit for 9 days.
■ Tamaki (11/26 (Sat) – 12/4 (Sun))
An artist who draws works that skillfully use detailed and emotional composition and perspective. By placing a woman with a blurred expression in an everyday scene, it gives the viewer a lot of imagination. In addition to working on many cover illustrations for novels, he is in charge of concept art for the TV anime “Bull Buster” concept book scheduled to be broadcast in 2023. The style that is liked by both men and women is supported by many deep-rooted fans. -Reference site-
■ TAO (12/10 (Sat) – 12/18 (Sun))
Living in Hokkaido. I mainly create digital illustrations of girls and everyday messy backgrounds. Specializes in detailed drawings. I started drawing digital illustrations when I was in elementary school, and started working as an illustrator in January 2020. Currently in charge of advertisements for various companies and main visuals for websites.
– Reference site –
■ sakutaro (2023.1/7 (Sat)-1/15 (Sun))
Born in Kyoto in 1997. In 2020, graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design, illustration course. She uses illustrations, photographs, etc. to record landscapes that she finds beautiful and makes them into her works. Illustrative expressions that exaggerate colors and shapes give priority to the feeling when they are seen, rather than the scenery that is actually left in photographs, etc., and express them as real things for me.
– Reference site –
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[Overview of 9DAYS GALLERY]
・Location: 4th floor of Shibuya Modi
・Operation: CARTON Tokyo Inc.
・Opening date: Saturday, November 12, 2022
・ Composition: Permanent product sales space, exhibition & related goods space ・ Exhibition period and number of works: 2 in the first half, 2 in the middle, 2 in the second half, 6 in total
・ Website
[CARTON Tokyo EC site]
This is an EC site that handles some of the products sold at 9DAYS GALLERY, as well as online-only products.
Exhibition goods will also be sold here from the same time.
Domestic site:
Overseas site:
(* Only customers from overseas can purchase. Some products are limited to overseas.)
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