LINE FRIENDS’ virtual artist “WADE” appears at “ComplexCon” where street fashion and trends from around the world gather

LINE Friends Japan Co., Ltd.
LINE FRIENDS virtual artist “WADE” appears at “ComplexCon” where street fashion and trends from around the world gather
Attracting attention as an IP that encompasses “entertainment, fashion, and the Web 3.0”
・ LINE FRIENDS (head office name: IPX) virtual artist “WADE” participated in “ComplexCon 2022” held in Long Beach, LA, USA from November 19th to 20th. Released the first offline project that embodies the world where “difference” is “natural”
・About 15,000 people attended, starting with the exhibition of the 4m sleeping “Mega WADE”, the announcement of limited editions in collaboration with the street fashion brand “POST ARCHIVE FACTION” and “(C)SAINT Mxxxxxx”, and the release of the new NFT project. Attracting more than 100 visitors
・ Brands and celebrities such as G-DRAGON of “Peace Minus One”, who formed a partnership in September, visited the booth one after another.

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Photo G-DRAGON @worldwide.wade visiting the WADE booth at Complexcon LINE FRIENDS (head office name: IPX) virtual artist and producer “WADE” will participate in “ComplexCon 2022”, and through a unique booth covering entertainment, fashion, and web 3.0, 1 It attracted the attention of more than 5,000 spectators and global artists.
‘ComplexCon’ held in Long Beach, LA, USA from November 19th to 20th is a global street fashion festival where various cultures such as fashion, music, and food come together. Fashion icons such as Takashi Murakami, a contemporary artist, and Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off White, visit every year to become a hot topic. It’s an event people pay attention to.
“WADE” unveiled its first offline project at this “Complex Con” with the theme “A Dream Within A Dream”, which embodies the world where the “difference” that you dream of becomes “natural”. Beginning with the exhibition of the 4m sleeping “Mega WADE”, the limited collection with “POST ARCHIVE FACTION” and “(C) SAINT Mxxxxxx”, which are attracting attention in the street fashion world in the United States and Japan, has attracted attention. rice field. Among them, many celebrities such as G-Dragon and brands visited the booth and showed their keen interest in WADE. In September, WADE announced a partnership with G-Dragon’s ‘Peace Minus One’, an effort to go back and forth between digital and offline, such as fashion, culture, and art.
LINE FRIENDS (head office name: IPX) planned the creative of this exhibition together with “POST ARCHIVE FACTION”, which pursues deconstructionist design and experimental spirit, and inspired by the color and style of WADE’s skin made of water. A limited collection of technical jackets, balaclava (balaclava), and T-shirts was released. In addition, for the NFT holders of the ‘WADE’ F&F project, which recorded the highest transaction volume in ‘OpenSea’ and ‘Magic Eden’, we have released new NFTs of this limited collection. We also announced collections with global street brands “Emotionally Unavailable” and “Clot”.
Visitors to the “WADE” booth commented, “The idea that expresses WADE’s worldview, which goes back and forth between the digital and the real, is unique. It was impressive to be able to meet virtual characters at a complex con centered on fashion and music,” and “What a meeting between the virtual and the balaclavas that are trending in the hip-hop scene these days. It was unique and made me want it even more.”
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At the street culture festival “Complex Con” that attracts attention from all over the world, “WADE” received more than expected praise from world-famous artists and brands, including G-DRAGON. Going forward, we will continue to pursue unique developments that go back and forth between the digital world and the real world, together with various fashion, music, and entertainment brands that the world is passionate about.
In addition, Verdy, known for “Girls Don’t Cry”, will participate in “Complexcon 2022” as a host and art director, and Nigo of street brand “Human Made”, global sports brand “Nike”, Various celebrities and brands such as “Undercover”, hip-hop musician Lil Uzi Vert, label “Soulection” leading the LA underground scene are participating.
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