Let’s enjoy the winter scenery of the port town of Yokohama, the light art and illuminations around the city!

Yokohama Arts Foundation
Let’s enjoy the winter scenery of the port town of Yokohama, the light art and illuminations around the city!
 Yokohama is bustling for Christmas. From December 6th, we will be developing a “light art program that makes you want to take a walk through the streets of Yokohama at night” throughout the city. As part of Yokohama’s largest illumination event “Yorunoyo”, art bases and organizations in Yokohama collaborate. You can appreciate and experience art, film, theater, and street decorations for free in places where you can feel the atmosphere of a port town, such as seaside wharves, parks, roads, and historical buildings.
During the “Yorunoyo” period when the entire city is illuminated, there are many arts and performances that you can see while enjoying the night view. Please enjoy night events unique to Yokohama. “Elegant Night Tour”
[Image 1

Elegant night tour
Together with the members of the Yokohama-Erei Kishito (Elegant) Union, a “participatory tour theater” will take you from Nihon Odori to Osanbashi Wharf while pulling the “Decoria Car” that shines in the dark night and enjoying the surrounding illumination. The director is Kinuyo Nogami, who is active in a wide range of fields including theater, dance, film, and fashion shows. Why don’t you take a stroll through the elegant streets of Yokohama with hot and fun friends?

[Date and time] December 9th (Friday) to 11th (Sunday), 2022, 19:00 to 20:05 each day
[Venue] Nihon Odori (Meeting at Kanagawa Unjosho Ruins/Prefectural Office side of Minato Post Office Intersection) – Zou-no-hana Park – Osanbashi Wharf
[Participation fee] Free (Advance application required, capacity 20 people / per session)
[Homepage] https://acy.yafjp.org/projects/2022/74541/
[Organizer/Inquiries] Arts Commission Yokohama (Yokohama Arts Foundation) (TEL) 045-221-0212, (E-mail) acy@yaf.or.jp
Star Road
[Image 2

Star Road
An object that emits a soft star-like light will appear on Nihon Odori. Thinking about the days you’ve spent this year and the new days you’ll have next year, why don’t you take a moment to look up at the night sky among the stars that have descended on the street? Take a stroll while gazing at the stars, or sit back and relax. Designed by Hiroaki Harasaki, Chie Hoshino, Keisuke Nishimura (CHA), Sho Murakami (SCALA Design Engineers), and the lighting plan by Takafumi Kubo (Mantle Inc.), a creative team working in Yokohama.
[Date and Time] December 6 (Tue)-11 (Sun), 2022 16:00-21:00
[Venue] Nihon Odori (outdoors in front of the Kanagawa Prefectural Office) [Homepage] https://acy.yafjp.org/projects/2022/74508/
[Organizer/Inquiries] Arts Commission Yokohama (Yokohama Arts Foundation) (TEL) 045-221-0212, (E-mail) acy@yaf.or.jp
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 ZOU-NO-HANA FUTURESCAPE PROJECT is a social experiment project that uses the creativity of art to propose new uses for public spaces. In 2022, enjoy the art of light with the theme of “next normal
Koichiro Higashi, Yuga Ueno, L PACK., Kyota Takahashi, and WA!moto. Night Marche & Music” was held. You can enjoy various experiences such as making, moving your body, drinking, not just watching. A “Photo Contest” will also be held at the same time, with the theme being “Lights of Yokohama”. It is an attempt to co-create a new attractive night view of Yokohama through the eyes of the participants. [Date and time] December 9th (Friday) to 11th (Sunday), 2022 16:30-21:30 [Venue] Zou-no-hana Park, Zou-no-hana Terrace (1 Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa)
[Admission fee] Free (some participation programs are charged) [Homepage] https://fsp.zounohana.jp/2022
[Organizer/Inquiries] ZOU-NO-HANA TERRACE
(TEL) 045-661-0602, (E-mail) press@fsp.zounohana.jp
light stories
[Image 4

light stories
“Pick up small stories scattered around the city while enjoying the night view”. A performer standing in the city will talk about an essay written by an up-and-coming writer who is active in a wide range of fields such as the stage, drama, and movies. Please visit the place that became the stage of the “Story (Light Stories)”. When the city and buildings in front of you overlap with the memories of someone in the story, you may be able to see a night view of Yokohama that only you can see!
[Date and time] December 9th (Fri)-11th (Sun), 2022 17:00-20:00 [Venue] Undecided
[Fee] Free (How to participate, will be announced at a later date) [Homepage] https://kyunasaka.jp/
[Organizer/Inquiries] Steep Slope Studio
(TEL) 045-250-5388, (E-mail) toiawase@kyunasaka.jp
Keisuke Takahashi “Image of red and blue”
[Image 5

Keisuke Takahashi “Image of red and blue”
 The historic building “Former Daiichi Bank Yokohama Branch” stands above Bashamichi Station. The uniquely shaped windows of this building will be used as screens to project the works of filmmaker Keisuke Takahashi. Takahashi is also active in video, lighting, and art for Nibroll, and has presented various works in Japan and overseas, including the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. In this work, please see how the building is wrapped in light like a lantern that illuminates the city.
[Date and time] December 6 (Tue)-25 (Sun), 2022 17: 00-23: 00 [Venue] Former Daiichi Bank Yokohama Branch (6-50-1 Honmachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama) [Fee] Free (outdoor viewing)
[Homepage] http://www.bankart1929.com/
[Organizer/Contact] BankART1929
 (TEL) 045-663-2812, (Email) info@bankart1929.com
Kaihatsu Yoshiaki “Foam Ruins”
[Image 6

Development Yoshiaki
 KITANAKA BRICK & WHITE, a restoration facility of the former Yokohama Raw Silk Inspection Center’s dedicated warehouse, allows you to see the partial remains of the old building stored in the basement from the glass floor. Inspired by this, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu’s Styrofoam works of light will be exhibited in the underground space of the
glass-enclosed dry area of ​​the Historical Plaza. Mr. Kaihatsu’s foaming series has been exhibited in various places in Japan and overseas, including the Venice Biennale.

[Date and time] December 9, 2022 (Friday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) 17: 00-23: 00
[Venue] KITANAKA BRICK & WHITE Historical Square (5-57-2 Kitanakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
[Fee] Free (outdoor viewing)
[Homepage] http://www.bankart1929.com/
[Organizer/Contact] BankART1929
 (TEL) 045-663-2812, (Email) info@bankart1929.com
Koganecho Lantern Watching
[Image 7

Koganecho Lantern Watching
At the plaza “Rokkaku” located under the Keihin Kyuko railway tracks in the Hatsukou/Hinodecho district, a fantastic view of colorful lanterns will appear. The geoglyphs woven by thousands of paper lamps and the flickering faint lights create an extraordinary atmosphere in the city.
[Date and Time] December 9, 2022 (Friday) 16:00-21:00
[Venue] Koganecho Underpass Plaza (Rokkaku) (2-69 Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama) *Scheduled
[Price] Free
[Homepage] https://koganecho.net
[Organizer/Contact] Koganecho Area Management Center
(TEL) 045-261-5467 (Email) info@koganecho.net
《About the contents of this release》
Each program is a project to improve nighttime mobility through art in the city center seaside area. Terrace, BankART1929, Steep Slope Studio) co-sponsored. In addition, the Koganecho Area Management Center is a public relations collaboration. Each art program is conducted under the responsibility of each organizer described in this release.

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