That sleeping picture book, “Good night, Roger” has exceeded 1 million copies!

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That sleeping picture book, “Good night, Roger” has exceeded 1 million copies! Achieved in an unusually short period of time for a picture book! Now a staple item for raising children
Asuka Shinsha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kunioki Oyama) is pleased to announce that the book “Good night, Roger’s Magical Sound Picture Book” has exceeded 1 million copies. The book was released in November 2015. It became a hot topic as “You can put yourself to sleep in just 10 minutes”, and it was featured on many TV programs, and in the 2016 annual bestseller ranking, this book won the second place overall (according to Nikkei and Tohan research). In 2017, it won the Japan Gift Award for the first time as a book. While accumulating an exceptional track record, it has solidified its support, and for a picture book that often takes time to become a bestseller, it reached 1 million copies in 7 years after its publication, which is unusual.
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Many posts on SNS
“Good night, Roger” is a picture book that puts your child to sleep just by reading it, using a psychological approach.
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It starts with a note that “Do not read near the person driving” It is also a hot topic that it starts with a warning that “Never read aloud near a person who is driving a car.”
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Instructions such as “yawn” and “name”
In the story, there are many tricks that invite you to sleep. The parent yawns in the [yawning] part, and the child’s name is actually written in [name].
In the story of meeting “Uncle Yawn” who can put anyone to sleep with Roger the rabbit, you will gradually relax and reach a comfortable sleep.
[1 million copies commemorative campaign]
To commemorate the 1 million copies sold, we will hold a lottery campaign where 100 people will win a special book card worth 1000 yen! *Please note that it is limited to those who have purchased a book with an “obi with an application ticket”. Some books are also distributed without application tickets.
[From a reader’s postcard]
Not only moms and dads, but also nursery teachers are using it! “Usually it takes me more than an hour to put him to sleep, but after reading this book, he fell asleep in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, he was in the middle of the story.”
“Sisters who are too energetic to play with me forever and won’t get into the futon… But they liked it so much that they said, ‘Read Roger in the futon,’ and they began to enjoy sleeping.” (5 29-year-old housewife)
“I use it to put 20 children to sleep at a nursery school. Many of them fall asleep in the middle, and I’m frustrated because I want to know the end!” (27-year-old nursery teacher)
[Records of media introductions]
“Asaichi” (NHK), “King’s Brunch” (TBS series)
“The class you want to take the most in the world” “Sukkiri!!” “NEWS ZERO” (NTV) “Nonstop!” “Mezamashi TV” “Tokudane!” “Oja MAP!!” (Fuji TV)
Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, etc.
[Related series products]
Related series are also being developed!
“Good night, Roger reading aloud CD book”
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A CD that puts you to sleep with the voices of popular voice actors Nana Mizuki, Yuichi Nakamura: Fall asleep with the voice of a popular voice actor!
It is also popular among adults seeking a good night’s sleep. “Good night, Ellen, a picture book of magic”
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The second in the series is Mr. Elephant
The second in the series is Mr. Elephant!
Put yourself to sleep with a cuter picture.
“It’s okay, Morris A picture book that eliminates ‘scary’ and ‘hate'” [Image 6

The third step to solve children’s anxiety
Translated by Atsuhiko Nakata.
An epoch-making picture book that solves children’s anxiety, such as “disliked food” and “lonely feeling”
[Translator profile]
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The author is a behavioral science expert
Author: Karl-Johann Elin
Behavioral science expert. Lecturer in communication studies at a Swedish university. Using his knowledge of psychology and behavioral science, he wrote Good Night Roger, self-published in Sweden in 2010. When it was translated into English in 2014, it became a hot topic by word of mouth because it was so effective that it became the first self-published book in the history of Amazon in the UK to be ranked number one overall. With that as a start, it won Amazon’s overall number one in the United States, France, Spain, etc. one after another, and influential media set up unusual special features one after another, and it suddenly became a global bestseller.
Supervised translator: Miho Mitsuhashi
sleep therapist. Full member of the Japanese Society of Sleep Research. Became independent after working as the research and development manager of a bedding manufacturer. Practical advice that captures sleep from multiple angles and easy sleep methods have attracted support on TV and magazines, etc., and are active in many fields as a sleep specialist. In addition to giving lectures and individual consultations, he also consults with bed makers, produces goods for good sleep, and coordinates guest rooms at hotels and inns. [Publisher information]
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