NHK Publishing Co., Ltd. Make a good walker with this one! Michiya Tanimoto of NHK “Muscle Gymnastics” recom mends the best muscle training for middle-aged and older people

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Get healthy legs with this one! Michiya Tanimoto of NHK “Muscle Gymnastics” recommends the best muscle training for middle-aged and older people
“Separate Volume NHK Today’s Health Let’s Get Started Lunge Muscle Training-With a ‘strong leg effect’ beyond squats, you won’t stumble or fall! ] will be released on October 19th!
~ 100 years of life. In order to walk in good health all the time, middle-aged and elderly people should do muscle training! ~
Muscles begin to weaken with age from around the age of 40, causing stumbling, falling, and a decline in quality of life (QOL). On the other hand, it is also a feature of muscles that if you train them, you can grow big at any age. The muscles of the lower body (iliopsoas, gluteus maximus, and quadriceps femoris) are especially important but easily weakened. However, squats, which are representative of muscle training that trains the legs, cannot train everything at once. “Lunge muscle training” can train these three muscles as a whole. It is also effective in increasing walking speed and preventing stumbling and falling. It’s only one type, so you can easily do it anytime. In this magazine, we will introduce “recommended muscle training for middle-aged and elderly people” that improves physical disorders, focusing on this “lunge muscle training”.
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“Separate Volume NHK Today’s Health Let’s Get Started Lunge Muscle Training-With a ‘strong leg effect’ beyond squats, you won’t stumble or fall! 』

muscle weakens with age
100 years of life. While people can live longer, the number of people with various physical disorders is increasing. “I stumble more often,” “I have difficulty keeping my balance and am afraid to go down stairs,” and “I can’t walk faster than I used to.” These backgrounds are actually muscle weakness.
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Muscles are the foundation of every movement in everyday life. However, if left untreated, it will deteriorate with age.
The muscles of the lower body, which support the body and are involved in walking, are especially susceptible to damage. It peaks in the 20s and begins to decline in the 30s and 40s, and by the age of 80 it is about half of the peak.
When this happens, you may not be able to do the things you used to take for granted, and you may not be able to enjoy life that much. On the other hand, muscles can be trained at any time
Muscle training, which restores strong muscles, is very useful in order to live happily in the age of 100 years of life.
Muscle is a tissue that tends to weaken with age, but on the other hand, it has a high adaptability, and it is possible to grow strong and large at any age. In addition, the load can be adjusted by moving the body according to the strength of each individual, so it can be done regardless of age.
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We will also introduce how to adjust the load, such as using a desk

The effect is beyond the squat! Recommendations for “lunge muscle training” Once you start working out, aim to make it a habit to maintain the benefits. However, it can be difficult to continue.
One of the tricks to keep going is to “prioritize and practice.” Instead of doing multiple exercises, start with just one exercise. In addition, it is better to choose exercises that train the important but easily weakened lower body muscles (iliopsoas, gluteus maximus, quadriceps).
The squat is the representative muscle training for the lower body, but squats mainly train the gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles. The iliopsoas, which is involved in walking speed and stumbling prevention, is not trained.
That’s why I recommend “lunge muscle training (lunge)”. Almost all of the muscles that are important for supporting and walking fast, including the three important lower body muscles (iliopsoas, gluteus maximus, and quadriceps), can be worked through lunges alone. [Image 4d18219-560-0a548a71be96e62d7f26-2.jpg&s3=18219-560-10bef2074a12e600ffae6aafe068a0bd-3432x1964.jpg
lunge muscle training
Lunge muscle training is a muscle training in which you take a big step forward with one leg and drop your hips. It looks unstable, but you can do it without falling by putting your hand on the desk. Also, anyone can do it by adjusting the stepping distance.
In addition, “Muscle training by worry” solves physical disorders! If you want to try something other than lunge muscle training, do muscle training and gymnastics according to your physical condition. In this magazine, we introduce the specific method of lunge muscle training and muscle training and gymnastics to improve discomfort according to body concerns.
Through this magazine, let’s create a healthy body for the 100-year life era and the 110-year life era beyond that.
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Choking, knee pain, bad posture, etc. are also improved!
[Image 6d18219-560-ee47b1ae021869dc8740-3.jpg&s3=18219-560-1133e4eb2b1cf2e5156b229f87a3d06f-1080x766.jpg
Choking, knee pain, bad posture, etc. are also improved!
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Choking, knee pain, bad posture, etc. are also improved!
About the author
Michiya Tanimoto
Senior Associate Professor, Graduate School of Sports and Health Science, Juntendo University
In 2006, completed the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. PhD (academic). After working as a special researcher at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition, a postdoctoral researcher at Juntendo University, and an associate professor at Kinki University’s Department of Applied Physics, he assumed his current position. Specializes in physical exercise science and muscle physiology. He has also made many media appearances, conveying the importance of working muscles and training the body in numerous programs such as NHK’s “Muscle Gymnastics”, “Good Morning Japan, Oha SPO x Muscle Gymnastics”, and TV Asahi’s “Morning Show”. .
Main contents
Introduction In an era of 100-year lifespans, middle-aged and older people need muscle training
Chapter 1 ~The effect exceeds the squat! “Lunge muscle training” that trains the whole leg muscles
 The more important muscles are, the better they fall/That’s why lunges are necessary/How to safely perform lunge muscle training, etc. Practical Lunge Muscle Training Basics ~ Lunge Muscle Training (Basic/Weak Load/Strong Load)
Practical Lunge Muscle Training – Walking – Lunge Walk/Long Stride/Brisk Walk Practical Lunge Muscle Training Arrangement Edition ~Lunge just to pull down / Lunge on the spot / Lunge “bouncy” on the spot
Chapter 2 ~We will solve your worries! By region/first muscle training~ Concern 1: I’m starting to walk slower than my friends of the same age… Concern 2 My posture is getting worse, and I’m worried about how I dress… Concern 3 I’m worried about my stomach becoming bloated
Concern 4 When I stand up with my hands on my hands, my arms don’t feel strong Concern 5 I can’t open the lid of the bottle…
Concern 6 Recently, I tend to choke… I want to enjoy my meal without feeling choked
Concern 7 I have bad shoulders and lower back… in trouble
Concern 8 My knee hurts and I’m afraid to go outside…
Bonus bow squat
Conclusion Towards an era of 110 years of life ~ What I really want to do with gymnastics ~
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Product name: Separate volume NHK Kyou no Kenko Hajimeyo Lunge muscle training With a “good leg effect” that goes beyond squats, you won’t stumble or fall!
Author: Michiya Tanimoto
Publisher: NHK Publishing
Release date: October 19, 2022
List price: 990 yen (tax included)
Format: B5 size average
Number of pages: 96 pages (including 48 color pages)
ISBN: 978-4-14-794195-2
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