Why is “Nordic design” loved? A book that unravels the reason and charm is on sale.

Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd.
Why is “Nordic design” loved? A book that unravels the reason and charm is on sale.
Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) announced on October 12, 2022 (Wednesday), “The idea of ​​’Nordic design’-products, architecture, and textiles: the people who created masterpieces, the times, and their identity.” will be released.
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Scandinavian design continues to be loved by people of all ages in Japan, with its simple and sophisticated design furniture and daily necessities.
In recent years, the ideas and values ​​of Scandinavian manufacturing, such as the selection of materials and production systems that take into consideration the environment and social welfare, have been widely permeated as a modern design lifestyle called “Nordic design.” [Image 2

On the other hand, although I see commentary books on individual brands and products such as Aalto, Jacobsen, Marimekko, Arabia, etc., I see connections between designers and comprehensive genres of Nordic design such as furniture, architecture, textiles, crafts, and graphics. I didn’t find any books in Japanese that would explain it properly.
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In this book, in order to explain the overall picture of such Nordic design, topics are carefully selected by cross-sectional chapters. We will read and understand the background of the birth of
Scandinavian design that we are familiar with, with commentary with illustrations and abundant photographs and texts.
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It is a book that you can learn the past and future of “Nordic design” loved by the world.
【table of contents】
Before unraveling Scandinavian design ……
Data for Nordic countries
[Chapter 1] Awakening of Scandinavian design
1-1: Emergence of Design Consciousness in Northern Europe
1-2: Textile design started from women’s work
1-3: Flowering of modernism in the fields of ceramics and glass [Chapter 2] Scandinavian countries entering the golden age
2-1: Scandinavian design in America
2-2: Design in Scandinavia Exhibition
2-3: Furniture made by craftsmen
2-4: Organic form aimed at by Arne Jacobsen
2-5: Long-lived products created by Alvar & Aino Aalto
2-6: The Conscience of Finnish Design Kaj Franck’s Philosophy 2-7: Scandinavian graphics that connect the local and the global 2-8: Innovation and design brought by Marimekko
2-9: Numerous lights loved by people in Northern Europe
2-10: Nordic toy design that is not fancy
2-11: Connection between Japanese Folk Art Movement and Scandinavian Design [Chapter 3] Towards a new Nordic design
3-1: What is Scandinavian design that appears in mass-produced products? 3-2: Possibilities of plastics that have evolved with technology 3-3: Nordic ergonomics design
3-4: Lifestyle design since 2000
3-5: Treasure trove of outdoor activities Design developed in Northern Europe 3-5: Design that pursues Scandinavian style
1: 1930 Stockholm Expo
2: Gustavsberg Studio and Lisa Larson
3: Birger Kaipiainen and Route Bruck
4: About H55
5: Spread of ornaments and happiness of Scandinavian design
6: Swedish glass and Eric Hoglan
7: Scandinavian design education
・Photo credit
·in conclusion
・List of major references
[Author profile]
Chiharu Watabe
Born in 1969. design journalist. Associate professor at Tokyo Zokei University. His publications include “Nordic Design 1-3” (Petitgra Publishing, 2003-2004) and “Who designed this?” (Bijutsu Shuppan, 2004), “20th Century Design History” (Petitgra Publishing, 2005), “Know Nordic Design” (NHK Publishing, 2006).
[Book overview]
Book title: The concept of “Nordic design”
Author: Chiharu Watanabe
Specifications: A5 format, 224 pages
Regular price: 2,970 yen (tax included)
Release date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022
ISBN: 978-4-416-62129-5
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