Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Marie Iitoyo Fashionable x 2 autumn/winter loafers supervised “We aimed for something basic but not obvious (heart)”

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
Marie Iitoyo Supervised by 2 autumn/winter loafers with a focus on fashion lovers “I aimed for something basic but not ordinary (heart)” Realized by collaboration project of fashion magazine “Oggi” and TOD’S. For details, see the November issue of Oggi, which is on sale today. September 28, 2022 Shogakukan
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Talk about fashion! I want to see Iitoyo’s plain clothes!
The height of the sense is enough to pay attention to the editorial department. At “Oggi”, who works as an exclusive model, -fashion and topic! I want to see Iitoyo’s plain clothes! -A fashionable maniac who made a special feature. Actress and model Marie Iitoyo has supervised a special loafer in collaboration with the traditional Italian brand TOD’S. This autumn’s new work, Mr. Iitoyo’s version will be released. The collaboration project was realized by “Oggi” and TOD’S, who have been working on various projects, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Oggi”. Mr. Iitoyo, who has been a TOD’S fan for a long time, will be in charge of the design on behalf of the exclusive model. What I was particular about was the color, toe, and material “The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that I could collaborate with my favorite brand, TOD’S, was loafers. When I thought about what I wanted, I focused on the base color first, then the toe, and then the texture of the material.”
About 10 months of repeated meetings. Until the very last moment, I was worried about the material selection and combination. Seasonable corduroy for the upper. I think it’s finished with perfect balance!” The light all-brown color that you can love for a long time, the latest square toe with a modern impression, and the texture that excites the autumn and winter seasons, and the perfect compatibility with this autumn’s trends, “the ideal shoes you want right now” have been completed. did.
[Image 2d13640-1879-129ddd0c45c8d6315cee-1.jpg&s3=13640-1879-b80cf9b90ec49657a9b2928fdcd7ca97-246x328.jpg
[Image 3d13640-1879-5bd054f479ed177394d6-2.jpg&s3=13640-1879-f109ca9e1fb900c20ea83ea585955dac-358x268.jpg
[Image 4d13640-1879-0221be63188c1aaf0774-3.jpg&s3=13640-1879-505e44cc5bb002967e2710a54fadf962-1337x1733.jpg
how is it? “Isn’t it suitable for adult women’s “cool basics”?” In the November issue of “Oggi” on sale today, Mr. Iitoyo introduces the charm of such collaboration loafers with examples of how to wear them. Here are some of them!
[Image 5d13640-1879-2fb8b4bd1b784949fe60-4.jpg&s3=13640-1879-b2f1f48cb0c79c5083c11f181155b807-1273x1925.jpg

It goes well with thick pants that you see a lot this season. “Some people may shy away from loafers because they are traditional and warm. However, the latest square toe is modern, cool, and sharp. Not only pants, but also skirts are too sweet. It’s perfect for spices that don’t exist.” (Mr. Iitoyo)
A collaboration commemorative Instagram live will also be held! In addition, an Instagram live will be held where Mr. Iitoyo will talk about the appeal of the collaboration loafers! From 20:00 on Sunday, October 2nd, it will be distributed on the “Oggi” official Instagram account (@Oggi_mag). From the secret story of its birth, we plan to quickly change clothes for the new collection combined with loafers. Please also take a look.
-Product Name: Marie Iitoyo Collaboration Square Toe Loafers- Price: ¥84,700 (tax included)
SIZE: 34-39 (European size)
Purchases can be made at TOD’S stores nationwide.
For inquiries, Tod’s Japan (toll-free number 0120-102-578).
In addition, we recommend that you purchase early as the number of sales is limited.
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