Prior to the holding of “Art Week Tokyo,” where Tokyo’s art scene is connected as one, a press conference was held with the appearance of AWT Ambassador Kyoka Suzuki.

General Incorporated Association Contemporary Art Platform
Prior to the holding of “Art Week Tokyo,” where Tokyo’s art scene is connected as one, a press conference was held with the appearance of AWT Ambassador Kyoka Suzuki.
Ms. Kyoka Suzuki talks about her love for art, “For me, art is a source of inspiration that gives me a hint when I express myself. I hope Art Week Tokyo will be a catalyst for contemporary art in the city of Tokyo, which I love.”
The General Incorporated Association Contemporary Art Platform has partnered with Art Basel, the world’s premier art fair, to hold Art Week Tokyo, an international art event that introduces the creativity and diversity of Japanese contemporary art and its community both domestically and internationally. (AWT)” will be held for four days from November 3 (Thursday) to 6 (Sunday), 2022.
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Art Week Tokyo Press Conference Official Material: At Art Week Tokyo, which connects more than 50 art spaces spread throughout the city, such as museums and galleries that lead contemporary art in Tokyo, the AWT BUS operates on six routes, and a free official app equipped with various services and functions. In addition to AWT PASS, an online talk series that focuses on the art historical context and ecosystem of Japanese contemporary art, this year’s program will include a video program that carefully selects video works by artists active in Japan and overseas, and curators who are active internationally. Through a multi-faceted approach, such as a round table inviting , a virtual booth where you can experience art works, and the opening of an online art platform where you can purchase them, you can experience a special 4 days where you can feel the “now” of Tokyo through art.
Prior to the opening, the “Art Week Tokyo Press Conference” was held at The Okura Tokyo (formerly Hotel Okura Tokyo) on Thursday, October 27th. A talk session was held by Mr.
Kyoka Suzuki appeared at the call of the MC. “It is presumptuous, but I have been appointed as an ambassador because I love art and am very interested in it. Thank you very much.”
Known as an avid art fan, she has visited various exhibitions and art fairs both in Japan and abroad, and has collected works of art herself. I loved spending time in galleries.I am grateful for art because it can give me a hint when I express myself.” In addition, there are 6 AWT BUS tour routes at Art Week Tokyo, so when asked about the route that interests him, he said, “I’m particularly interested in the C route, which allows you to go to galleries such as Ryogoku and Kiyosumi Shirakawa, which are not very familiar. On the contrary, Route A and Route D are familiar routes.”
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Shuttle bus “AWT BUS” 6 route map
Furthermore, when asked what art is to Mr. Suzuki, he said, “It’s a source of inspiration. It’s true that there are times when I just immerse myself in art, but more often than not, I am inspired.” Finally, for those who are thinking about participating in Art Week Tokyo, which is just before the opening, “I don’t think there are many opportunities like this, so I would like you to immerse yourself in autumn while feeling the art. I hope that there will be an encounter with ”, and concluded the talk session.
Diversity and creativity of the Tokyo art scene connected by AWT BUS This year’s AWT will feature 10 museums/institutions and 41 galleries that are leading contemporary art in Japan. The diversity of the Tokyo art scene includes high-quality programs provided by AWT participating facilities, exploration of post-pandemic art possibilities,
large-scale retrospective exhibitions of internationally active artists, and presence of female artists of a wide range of
generations. And one end of creativity is projected.
Exploring the Possibilities of Art After the Pandemic
In 2020 and beyond, how can art respond to the changing landscape brought about by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)? The Mori Art Museum’s “Listening to the Sound of the Earth Spinning:
Post-Pandemic Well-Being” presents works by 16 artists from Japan and overseas to answer this question that the world shares in common. Through products, we face the essence of human life. At the Shiseido Gallery, “The 8th Tsubakikai Tsubaki Kai 8 This New World” will be held. The members of the 8th Tsubakikai, which was formed in 2021 under the corona crisis, will participate in the after corona We will develop various attempts to think about a new world. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, now that we have experienced the situation where free movement is restricted under the corona disaster, we will reconsider the charm of “travel” through works by contemporary artists.
Zuko will be on your journey someday.
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Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum “Journey and Imagination/Creation: It Will Be Your Journey Someday” Installation view 2022 Photo by Ken Kato
Large-scale retrospective exhibition of internationally active artists For the first time in 17 years in Japan, Lee Ufan, the leader of Mono-ha, an important movement in Japanese art history, has attracted a great deal of attention internationally. Shinro Ohtake, who has been invited to the Biennale, the world’s highest international exhibition, and boasts wide popularity for his overwhelmingly large number of works consisting of a wide variety of expressions centered on painting, will hold a large-scale retrospective exhibition in Tokyo for the first time in 16 years. Held at the National Museum of Modern Art. It will be a valuable opportunity to get an overview of the activities of two of Japan’s leading artists.
Presence of female artists from a wide range of generations
[Image 5

Junko Oki, summer dress (detail), 2022 (C) Junko Oki, photo by Keizo Kioku, courtesy of KOSAKU KANECHIKA
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of exhibitions that give fair recognition to the activities of female artists, and this trend naturally has an impact on the programs of AWT participating institutions. From the solo exhibitions of Mitsuko Miwa (Skai the Bathhouse) and Junko Oki (KOSAKU KANECHIKA), who have built up long careers and are still active today, to Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery’s “Rinko Kawauchi: M/E Above the Sphere – Endless
Continuation”. ”, Yumiko Chiba Associates’ “Ryudai Takano and Chikako Yamashiro Duo Exhibition “The Cave of Distance””, Yutaka Kikutake Gallery’s Yuko Mohri’s solo exhibition “Neue Fruchtige Tanzmusik”, etc. Naho Kawabe, Hanae Utamura (WAITINGROOM), Emi Otaguro (Yuki Kayoko), Yuka Shiobara, Yuka Ishii (Satoko OeContemporary), Nao Osada (Maki Fine Arts), and other female artists from a wide range of generations develop diverse expressions. You can see that there are Other exhibitions include “Visitors” Christian Hidaka & Takeshi Murata at Ginza Maison Hermès Forum, Lionel Esteve’s solo exhibition at Perrotin Tokyo, “Liding in the Sun, Appearing in the Night”, Nichido Contemporary Art’s Storyteller – Video The current state of
expression-” and other overseas-based artists’ programs are also an essential element in the diversity and creativity of the Tokyo art scene.
Download the free official app “AWT PASS” and enjoy Art Week Tokyo AWT PASS
The free official app AWT PASS is essential for enjoying Art Week Tokyo. By presenting it when boarding, not only can you use the AWT BUS, which connects more than 50 museums, galleries, and exhibition venues on 6 routes, as many times as you like, but you can also customize the map and check the locations of participating facilities and bus stops. By utilizing real-time location information, you can enjoy a more comfortable tour of the art space. In addition, Art Week Tokyo offers discounts on admission to participating museums, admission to AWTBAR, which is open only for four days, participation in a stamp rally where you can receive original goods, and check out various events during the exhibition, including exhibition
information. It is full of functions that you can fully enjoy. [Image 6

Art Week Tokyo official app “AWT PASS” map screen
Six functions of AWT PASS
1. Use AWT BUS that connects AWT participating facilities with 6 routes (free) 2. Receive benefits such as discounts on admission fees at AWT participating museums
3. Enter the AWT BAR designed by architect Motosuke Bandai for a limited time 4. Display and customize AWT participating facilities, bus routes, bus stops, and check real-time location information of AWT BUS
5. Find information on exhibitions at AWT participating facilities and information on events during the AWT
6. Participate in a stamp rally where you can get an original tote bag designed by Atsumi Kikuchi
How to get AWT PASS
Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. *Please check the website and app for a list of discounts at participating museums upon presentation of the AWT PASS.
*AWT PASS must be presented to use AWT BUS.
*If you cannot download the app, please contact [Image 7

Art Week Tokyo official app “AWT PASS” pass screen
The AWT BUS, which connects more than 50 art spaces on 6 routes, runs every 15 minutes from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. By showing your AWT PASS, you can board the bus as many times as you like at any bus stop. The Roppongi area, which is lined with large art museums, the Ginza area, which is crowded with long-established galleries, the Ikebukuro and East Tokyo areas, which are dotted with emerging galleries and spaces operated by artists themselves, and the Tennoz area, which has a notable art complex. Using real-time location information, you can freely move around the art scene in Tokyo.
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Shuttle bus “AWT BUS” connecting each participating facility during the exhibition
Designed by up-and-coming architect Motosuke Bandai, the AWT BAR, which will open in Minami Aoyama for a limited time only, will sell original cocktails created in collaboration with four artists. Enjoy a special experience with cocktails of colors and tastes inspired by each work and word.
[Image 9

“AWT BAR” designed by Kisuke Mandai to be specially installed in Minami Aoyama during the exhibition (C) Mandai Architects Production cooperation: Takahashi Kogyo Co., Ltd., SQUARE
5-4-30 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward
emergence aoyama complex 1F mosaic
Business hours: 18:00-24:00 during the exhibition period (L.O.23:30) *AWT PASS must be presented upon entry.
[Image 10

“AWT BAR” original cocktail “photogenic drawing” in collaboration with Hideo Anse
[Image 11

“AWT BAR” original cocktail “ME” in collaboration with Rinko Kawauchi [Image 12

“AWT BAR” original cocktail “Serenade” in collaboration with Miyagi Futoshi From the left, a cocktail made in collaboration with Hideo Anse, Rinko Kawauchi, Yuichiro Tamura, and Futoshi Miyagi.
Online talk for those who want to know more about the charm of contemporary art A total of four online talk programs will be held focusing on the art historical context and history of Japanese contemporary art. As the first installment, art historian Reiko Tomii gave a lecture titled “Where is Tokyo? -Thinking about Japan’s 1960s art from the concept of ‘operation’.”The second installment was a talk by four members who were also active in dumb type. “Expression and ‘my’ body-dumb type “S/N” performers, THE OK GIRLS and Bubu de la Madeleine talk” is distributed. After this, Kazuko Koike and Atsumi Kikuchi on October 28th, “Making What You Need Yourself – The Glass Roots of Contemporary Art and Design Since the Late 1970s”, and Roger Macdonald on November 1st. and Andrew Markle as guests. Planning and operation is handled by Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT], a non-profit group that has been in charge of alternative arts education. (URL:
A place for discussions and exchanges between domestic and
international curators, a roundtable that disseminates international discourses on contemporary art from Japan.
AWT held a roundtable “Curatorial Vision(s)”, inviting five
internationally active curators, as a first step toward disseminating international discourse on contemporary art from Japan. We will create a place for discussion and exchange with curators and students based in Japan. What is the vision of a curator in this era of multiple art history? In the ever-changing world situation and the complicated and difficult times of the 21st century, what kind of vision will the exhibition be created? Through what perspectives and frameworks can art be curated and historicalized? What kind of new axis for understanding art will be different from the conventional country, era, and theme? This event will be an opportunity to hear the ongoing, undefined, and raw thoughts of each speaker and to exchange new ideas and possibilities.
Roundtable “Curatorial Vision(s)” *Not open to the public, no online distribution
Organizer: Art Week Tokyo, Keio University Art Center
Date: Friday, November 4, 2022, 13:00-15:30
Speakers: Adam Szymczyk (Curator, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Artistic Director, Documenta 14), Su Kyung Lee (Senior Curator, Tate Modern), Leslie Ma (Associate Curator, Ming Chu Shu & Daniel Shu, Asian Art Department, Metropolitan Museum of Art) , Gabriel Ritter (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara; Director, University Museum), Chus Martinez (Director, Institute of Arts, University of Applied Sciences and Arts,
Northwestern Switzerland) Moderator: Aki Hoashi (Assistant General Director, Yokohama Triennale Organizing Committee)
Venue: Former Noguchi Room, Mita Campus, Keio University (2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku)
Target / Capacity: 40 curators, critics and students *Closed SMBC Group, The Okura Tokyo, On and others participate as AWT Partners. Offering a variety of programs to make AWT even more enjoyable
SMBC Group, The Okura Tokyo, and On will participate in AWT 2022 as Official Partners, and Ruinart, Artsy, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Tokyo will participate as Supporting Partners. On the occasion of the AWT, we will provide a special venue for the AWT-hosted video program that introduces excellent domestic and international video works, open an online viewing room where you can experience and purchase works from AWT participating galleries at virtual booths, A wide variety of programs will be held, including dialogues on the relationship between ecology, participatory art exhibitions in collaboration with artists, and the creation of limited-edition cocktails served in a
sophisticated space.
SMBC Group
The SMBC Group’s private banking brand, SMBC Private Wealth, is increasing its presence as part of Tokyo’s art ecosystem by launching the new SMBC ART HQ. AWT will provide the Earth Garden on the 1st floor of the East Building of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation as a special venue for AWT-sponsored video programs and information centers.
Video program “Working, Crawling”
Period: November 2nd (Wednesday) to November 6th (Sunday), 2022 Location: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation East Building 1F Earth Garden (1-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, AWT BUS bus stop: C4)
The Okura Tokyo
Designed by Yoshio Taniguchi, one of Japan’s leading architects, the new The Okura Tokyo has been reborn in a way that inherits Japan’s traditional aesthetic sense to the future. AWT will offer an original cocktail, “Fusion ~The Trajectory of Spinning Okura~” at the bar lounge “Starlight” on the 41st floor of the Prestige Tower.
Original Cocktail “Fusion ~Trajectory of Spinning Okura~”
Period: October 31 (Monday) to November 6 (Sunday), 2022 *Limited to 7 days Location: Okura Prestige Tower 41st Floor Bar Lounge Starlight (2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku)
Founded in 2010, the Zurich-based sports brand On is known for its sophisticated Swiss design and cutting-edge eco-friendly technology. At AWT, we held a dialogue with Martin Gelman, adjunct curator of the Mori Art Museum, on the theme of “Flow State.” The dialogue will be screened at the Asia’s first flagship store “On Tokyo” which opened in Harajuku from November 4th.
In addition, to commemorate AWT, we will develop a limited edition product in collaboration with graphic designer and art director Toru Kase, and develop a project for the Tokyo Marathon.
Conversation Martin Gelman x John-Philip Polken
Period: November 3, 2022 (Thursday) 14: 00-15: 00
Location: On Tokyo 3rd floor
Capacity: 15 people (first-come-first-served basis)
Pre-registration required: Interview record screening: November 4th (Friday) to November 6th (Sunday) On Tokyo 3rd floor
The world’s oldest Champagne Maison, Ruinart, which is said to be the “Jewel of Champagne”, boasts experience and achievements in
partnerships with art events around the world. AWT is collaborating with Danish artist Yeppe Hein to present a participatory installation “Right Here, Right Now” at a special venue at La Collezione in Omotesando.
Ruinart x Jeppe Hein 《Right Here, Right Now》
Period: November 3 (Thursday) to November 6 (Sunday), 2022
Location: La Collezione 1F (6-1-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, AWT BUS bus stop: F3)
Artsy is the world’s largest online art platform for the purchase and sale of artworks, boasting a network of over 4,000 art institutions in over 100 countries around the world. AWT will provide a special opportunity for Artsy users around the world to experience and purchase works from AWT participating galleries at a virtual booth. AWT special page
Period: November 3 (Thursday) to November 20 (Sunday), 2022 *VIP preview is November 2 (Wednesday)
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Tokyo
With over 100 years of tradition of exploration and experimentation, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has established an international presence for Japanese contemporary art that excels in creativity and diversity, with the philosophy of “evoking greatness.” We will support the holding of AWT aiming for The world’s finest sedan “Black Badge Ghost” will be exhibited at Earth Garden on the 1st floor of the East Building of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation during the AWT exhibition period.
Official Partners: SMBC Group/The Okura Tokyo/On
Supporting Partners: Ruinart/Artsy/Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Tokyo Details about this release:

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