Infinite Co., Ltd. Popularly broadcast from July 2023! TV anime “Hataraku Maou-sama!!” 2nd Season Episode 23 “The Hero Dances in the Battlefield” synopsis and scene photos released!

Infinite Co., Ltd.
Now on air from July 2023! TV anime “Hataraku Maou-sama!!” 2nd Season Episode 23 “The Hero Dances in the Battlefield” synopsis and scene photos released!
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Episode 23 “The Hero Dances on the Battlefield”
In order to protect humans and demons, the Demon King and the Heroes gathered in the imperial capital of Efsahan, the Blue Canopy. Suzuno and Albert confront Gabriel, who has been waiting to try to contact the Unified Blue Emperor. Ashiya commands Maleblanque and the Eight Band Knights to attack the volunteer army led by Emi and Orba. They choose to hold each other out until Maoku gets there. And then, Maoku and Asies use their full-throttle scooters to make a difference in the conflict in the blue canopy that is about to begin!
Screenplay: Sumika Hayakawa
Storyboard: Hirohide Shikishima
Direction: Huizhen Xu
Animation director: Tomoyuki Kameda, Ayako Kanemaru, Ai Yamazaki Original audio preview: Episode 23 “The brave dances on the
battlefield” ~From Sadao Maoku and Emi Yusa~
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Episodes 1 to 12 of the TV anime “Hataraku Maou-sama!!”, which was broadcast from July 2022, are now being distributed on various distribution services from 24:00 on Saturday, July 15, 2023. . Please enjoy the second act of the popular fantasy TV anime by Freeter Demon King on each distribution service.
Please check the anime website for information on distribution services and other details.
music information
TV anime “Hataraku Maou-sama!!” 2nd Season
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OP theme nano.RIPE “City without light”
[CD information]
mini Album “City without Light” / nano.RIPE
[nano.RIPE version] LACA-25066 ¥3,520 (tax included)
[Demon King at Work! ! Board] LACA-25067 ¥2,200 (tax included) nano.RIPE OFFICIAL SITE
nano.RIPE Official Channel OP theme nano.RIPE “City without Light” Anime non-credit video
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ED theme Liyuu “bloomin’”
[CD information]
4th Single “bloomin’” / Liyuu
[First limited edition] LACA-34413 ¥2,640 (tax included)
[Regular Edition] LACA-24413 ¥1,320 (tax included)
Liyuu Official Web Site.
ED theme Liyuu “bloomin’” anime non-credit video
[Video 6:] Please check the anime website for other details.
radio information
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[Program name] “The Demon King Who Works on the Radio!” ! 』2nd Season [Personality] Yoko Hikasa as Emi Yusa/Brave Emilia, Nao Higashiyama as Chiho Sasaki
[Broadcast] Every Saturday from 19:00 to 19:30 on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Cho!A&G+
[Archive with bonus talk] BS11 YouTube: [Program hashtag] #maousama
Blu-ray information
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Blu-ray volumes 3 and 4 containing the contents of the 2nd Season of the TV anime “Hataraku Maou-sama!!” will be released! !
Product name: The Hataraku Maou-sama! ! 3 (BIXA-1363)
The Demon King at Work! ! 4 (BIXA-1364)
Release date: Volume 3 October 18, 2023 (Wednesday)
Volume 4 Wednesday, December 6, 2023 8
Price: 22,000 yen each volume (tax included)
Included stories: Volume 3 Episodes 13 to 18
Volume 4 Episodes 19 to 24
Original novel written by Satoshi Wagahara
Original character design 029 Lots of benefits, including a newly drawn three-sided back case!
For other details, please check the anime official website.
Work summary
[Image 13 Anime official website:
Anime official Twitter: @anime_maousama (hashtag #maousama)
(C)2021 Satoshi Wagahara/KADOKAWA/MAOUSAMA Project
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