Cygames Co., Ltd. Information on the release of 4 paper books in September of “Psycomi” including volume 19 of “TSUYOSHI No one can beat him” which has sold over 2.5 million copies!

Cygames Co., Ltd.
Information on the release of 4 paper books of “Saikomi” in September, including volume 19 of “TSUYOSHI: No one can beat him”, which has sold over 2.5 million copies!
Cygames Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Koichi Watanabe) has released the manga “TSUYOSHI No One Can Win, For Him,” which is currently being serialized on the smartphone and PC manga distribution service “Cycomi,” including volume 19. Paper books of the four titles will be released by Futabasha Co., Ltd. on Friday, September 8th, and from Shogakukan Co., Ltd. on Tuesday, September 19th.
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“The Sold Margrave’s Daughter is Doted on by the Crown Prince of a Neighboring Country” Volume 5 by An Ogura/COMIC ROOM [ISBN]
9784575417289 [Format] B6 size [Price] 792 yen A huge hit comic with over 1 million copies sold! Prince Kenneth advises his father, the king, to thwart Theo’s plot. However, the king doesn’t listen and approves of Theo, hinting that he will not allow Prince Kenneth to inherit the throne. Prince Kenneth, who understood that the king had become a puppet, quietly made up his mind. Everything will be decided at the “Big Tea Party” where a big brawl is inevitable! Publisher: Futabasha
List of titles released on Friday, September 19th
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“The Exorcist of the End – Ender Geister -” Volume 12 Takashi Shimoyama [ISBN] 9784098528127 [Format] B6 size [List price] 880 yen “I’ll show you how to fight” Immortal werewolf vs. the strongest man in the Philippines The battle broke out. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of the heated battle, Akira and Chikage begin to formulate a detailed plan to subjugate the demon. In the Philippines edition, a battle of wits between the devil and the exorcist finally begins! Released by: Shogakukan
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“TSUYOSHI No one can win against him” Volume 19 Kyosuke Maruyama Original draft cooperation: Zoo [ISBN] 9784098528134 [Format] B6 size [List price] 880 yen I actually tried “How to destroy someone”. The man that all martial artists and fighters who seek to be the “strongest” can reach. The name is TSUYOSHI — the second match against OC (Okochi Collection). The person standing in Nikita’s way is Kagimiya, a man whose abilities are still unknown. This man doesn’t even defend himself and keeps getting attacked with a creepy look on his face. He finally prepared! The battle between Top Gear’s Nikita and Kagimiya comes to an unexpected end…! ! Released by: Shogakukan [Image 5

“I unexpectedly fell in love. ” Volume 5 Saki Omura [ISBN]
9784098528141 [Format] B6 size [List price] 880 yen A dead woman is doted on by her handsome childhood friend? ! A handsome young man with high specs who is the heir of a wealthy family looks like a fish man to me!? Age = History of not having a boyfriend! Shiori Iwai (35), a dead woman, and Mizuki Date (27), a fish man, spend a drunken night together… The next morning, Date apologizes, saying, “I didn’t mean it like that…” and Shiori, who was enjoying the peak of happiness, falls into the depths of disappointment…? Released by: Shogakukan What is “Saikomi”?
It is a manga distribution service where you can read original manga titles, and the cumulative number of downloads has exceeded 19 million.
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Title: Cycomi Distribution start date: May 8, 2016 Developed and operated by: Cygames Co., Ltd. Download URL:
Google Play Store version: https://cycomi. com official Twitter: *Please see here ( for the recommended environment.

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