NEOWIZ Press Release Soul-like action RPG “Lies of P” finally released today on all compatible platforms w orldwide!

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[NEOWIZ Press Release] Soul-like action RPG “Lies of P” finally released today on all compatible platforms worldwide!
~ Compatible with Macs equipped with Apple Silicon! A release commemorative video has also been released! ~
NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, co-representatives: Kim Seung-chul/Bae Tae-geun) announced today, September 19, 2023, that it will launch all compatible platforms worldwide. We have released the soul-like action RPG “Lies of P”. [Image 1

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Inspired by the story of Pinocchio, “Lies of P” is a soul-like action game set in the Belle Époque-style dark town of Krat.
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Starting today, September 19, 2023 (Tuesday), the regular version of “Lies of P” will be released simultaneously worldwide on all supported platforms including Steam, PS4, PS5, and Xbox series S/X. You can also enjoy it in the Mac app store with Apple Silicon. You can choose to purchase the download from the store of each platform or purchase the packaged version at a game store such as a consumer electronics retailer. Please purchase “Lies of P” and experience the fun of the fairy tale “Pinocchio” x dark fantasy story and soul-like action battles that will keep your hands sweating.
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The latest information on “Lies of P” will be posted on X (formerly Twitter) and the official YouTube channel. We will continue to actively disseminate information, so please follow us and subscribe to our channel.
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A launch trailer ( commemorating the worldwide release of “Lies of P” has also been released on the official YouTube channel. In-game footage of Lies of P, you can see how the battles have become more colorful and powerful. The main character wears a new costume and is equipped with various weapons and legion arms, and the characters’ tense voices and magnificent BGM are added to create a production that feels like watching a movie. [Image 2

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Even before its release, “Lies of P” had achieved great results, becoming the first Korean game company to win 3 titles at ‘Gamescom 2022’ and receiving over 1 million views within 3 days of its demo release. A Metacritic review published on the 14th praised the “attractive story,” “solid worldview,” “excellent weapon combination system,” and “the best Souls-like game released this year.” The evaluation continued. Even in Japan, it was inducted into the Gold Hall of Fame in the “Weekly Famitsu” cross review. A NEOWIZ official commented, “Through ‘Lies of P,’ you will be able to experience the joy of combat like you’ve never experienced before, and the pleasure of the story of Pinocchio reborn as a cruel fairy tale.” We hope that “Lies of P” will become Korea’s leading Souls-like game.” ▽【Lies of P】Digital version product information
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▽Package version product information
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▲Special booklet “Famitsu faet.Lies of P” distributed in limited quantities [Image 10
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